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@iambeckyg just gets us 🥰❤️ #FBF to this wonderful moment during the @zincommunity #FitnessConcert. Thank you, for your kind words and giving it your all on stage. You moved #ZINCON!

When it comes to #ZINCON it can go from zero to 100 real fast! Check out how @betsydcuba_, @samyhawk and @valeria.sandovall made #Orlando shake to @cncomusic’s latest hit “De Cero”

We are forever inspired by our @zincommunity 💕 Thank you to @ciclodanzachile for this beautiful performance ❤️ 🎵: ‘Con Calma’ by @daddyyankee @playnskillz #ZINCON

How to get rid of your #PostZINCON hangover? 👀 Step 1: Press Play. ▶️ Step 2: #LetItMoveYou. 🙌 🎶: Black Zombie by @thezombiekids_tzk 📷: @mizuki.z.love

Ella me dice que #Mondays are for dancin' 🎉 🎶: "Ella Me Dice" by @williamtws 💃: @jeimy.bueno @adriano_sosa

#TBT to baby bumps and dancin' to #JennyFromTheBlock 💋 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎶: "Medicine" by @jlo and @steveaoki

#Lunes? More like pachanga 🔥 🎶: “3G” by @wisin @donchezina @jonzmen 💃🕺: @jeimy.bueno @zumbabeto @patrick_health_fitness_

We wanna have this song on repeat 24/7 😍 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎶: "24 Horas" by @13pinto ft. @cncomusic 🎥: @gemma_marin @dan_puche @jessexposito

#Monday, we're comin' for you 👏 🎶: "Runaway" by @sebastianyatra @daddyyankee @nattinatasha @jonasbrothers 💃🕺: @mizuki.z.love @brothers_twinz @taniaginard @pobegalovsergey

@montanatucker and her squad are giving us life this #Monday 🤩 🎶: #larespuesta @iambeckyg @maluma #larespuestaeszumba 🎥- @ashleycmeverett @itsabiperl @klaudiaantos @arirosado @redllama.media 🎨@jessmelx

#WayBackWednesday to when we found out how our fave doctors unwind... with #Zumba 🙌 🎶: 'Fresco' by @zumbabeto 🎥: @berkguness

@iambeckyg this choreo is 🔥🔥🔥! We have it playing non-stop in our classes all over the 🌎 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Repost from @iambeckyg . . . . The @zumba crew dancing to #LaRespuesta is 🔥 Loving all of your dance videos! 💋 Link to watch the full video in my story! #LaRespuestaEsZumba 🎉: @amandalacount @izzycervantes_ @diegochantir @little_lesliezumba @jennifferduarte_1

Becky G, Pabllo Vittar, LALI and more of your fave artists spent #NationalDanceDay workin’ it all night long with your instructors! 😍🔥 What was your favorite #FitnessConcert moment?

This right here is straight 🔥🔥🔥 🎶: “HAUTE” by @tyga Ft. @jbalvin @chrisbrownofficial 💃🏻🕺🏾 @g2dance @dahriowonder 🎥 @jedwerbe 😎

All you need is @daddyyankee and the right moves to get those minis movin' 🎶: "Con Calma" 📸: @gemma_marin

#DanceMode 🔛 How are you spending your #weekend? 😍 @mattia_zenzola @julie.dance_ 🎶: "Instagram" by @daddyyankee @dimitrivegasandlikemike @nattinatasha @davidguetta

Splashing into #Friyay like... #AquaZumba 📷: @richard.go

We’ve danced, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried and worked up a sweat all week long. 😍 Thank you @alkawonder for keeping our @zincommunity hydrated through the biggest party of the year. #ZINCON

El #FinDeSemana means the #weekend is here and we're here 👏 for 👏 it 👏 🎶: 'La Respuesta' by @iambeckyg @maluma 📷: @valeria.sandovall @betsydcuba_ @camidance_ #LaRespuestaEsZumba

Chile, #LaRespuestaEsZumba 👏 🎶: 'La Respuesta' by @iambeckyg ft @maluma @vickyzagarra

No one: Me: Thinking about dancing 24/7 👏 🎶: '24 Horas' by @13pinto @cnco 🎥: @el_benna_salem @anna_voitsehovich

@yuhainelpz and @zjmauricio estan ricos and they know it. 👌👀 Move it like them and battle it out with your squad to join the #MiaChallenge. Tag @zumba, @badbunnypr + @champagnepapi for a chance to be featured. 🎶: @badbunnypr + @champagnepapi’s song “MIA” Choreo: @henrycedenozj

This is how we master the business of fun! 🎉 Stay tuned to see what happens when #ZumbaInstructors get together for the Zumba Instructor Convention #ZINCON!

#CurrentMood: ignoring the fact that #Summer is almost over 💁🏽‍♀️ 📸: @pobegalovsergey

So pumped to be a part of the #MedicineRemix movement! We have the song on repeat 🔁🎉 #Repost from: @jlo . . . Ok you guys are KILLING IT all over the world!!!!!! 🌍💙 I see you! #MedicineRemix @steveaoki

@gemma_marin, @dan_puche and @jessexposito have the answer, and #LaRespuestaEsZumba 😘 🎶: "La Respuesta" @iambeckyg @maluma

When @valeria.sandovall and @sherhanpr dance together… estamos bien. 😎 Battle it out with your squad to join the #MiaChallenge. Tag @zumba, @badbunnypr + @champagnepapi for a chance to be featured. 🎶: “MIA” by @badbunnypr + @champagnepapi’s 🕺: @henrycedenozj

When there are only 24 hours in a day and we want to spend them all dancing... 🤷‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🎶: "24 Horas" by @13pinto ft. @cncomusic 🎥: @valeria.sandovall

#ThatMomentWhen @titobambinoelpatron crashes a #ZumbaClass 😍😍 🎶 : ‘Pega Pega’ by the man himself, Tito El Bambino! 💃: @_tamararoy_ @nagoacademymiami

Here’s how we worked with music producer, Mike Sabath, to create two 🔥 🔥 tracks that you can only listen to in a #ZumbaClass near you!