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Just so cuffed to be here 😜

Remembered I snapped this pic at the Polo last week and had to share. So much fearsome style in one frame, it's almost too much to handle 🤩🤩🤩🤩 - can anyone help with tagging? #veuveclicquotpoloclassic

I've worn this fringed backpack for the last few weeks and can't decide if it just works with everything I own or if I'm just a lazy ass who can't be bothered to transfer all my oversized keyrings/wallet/random membership cards/86 receipts/kazoo/4 lipbalms/flattened Luna bar/spare phone case/miso soup packet/USB 2 cord/USB 3 cord/red sharpie/hotel bar matches/stained cotton twilly/4 lint covered tampons/airline headphones/broken neckchain/plastic comb/guitar pick/used movie tickets and various bits of tissue along many other important things, into a different handbag. 👜

#ZANITAPHOTOGRAPHY 📸📸📸 I photographed the amazing @__laurenchapman__ from @nextmodels in @alejandraalonsorojas and someone please give this girl a #Prada campaign 😍🤩😍🤩😍 #brows

Best thing about being Wallace's Mum, I'm never truly lonely - and I'm loved and adored even if I'm being a lazy asshole. Dogs are the best kind of therapy (and cats, albeit more divisive) and I hope my little man lives forever by my side. ❤️🐕

Get in my STUDIO! 📸 Over the 11 years of running my blog, shooting my friends and peers has been a content staple, these collaborations have been some of my proudest and most enjoyable work - and most likely, one of the reasons why many of you have discovered me. Today I'm sharing a snap from my recent editorial I shot with @catcherinthestyle, styled by @julianmack. I'm going to aim to find new collaborators in the coming months - and I'm really looking forward to sharing this work with you. The rest of this slideshow are snaps of some of my favourite people, close friends and women who I admire enormously, women who've pushed me to strive for higher standards and encouraged my sense of self belief. I'd love to hear if you remember any of these pics - or if you found my work through one of these collaborations! ☺️ Going forward I'm excited to share creative style viewpoints from a diverse range of talents - and I'd also love to hear of anyone (especially in NYC) that you'd love to see through the eye of my lens. Much love to those of you who've just discovered me - and to those who have followed all the way through my early days. I don't share as much of myself as many of my peers do, despite being such an early adopter, sharing so many details of my life doesn't come as naturally to me - but I appreciate you enormously. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, without you being here, I would have nothing 💙

"...And as she gazed thoughtfully across the urban wilderness of New York City, she pined for her tiny canine friend Wallace - though in her heart she knew that he could never comprehend the joy of a crisp glass of French champagne on a balmy summer evening. This was a #MoetMoment she must truly embrace as her very own. And hence, she did." 🥂 ☺️ 🐶 Thanks so much to @moetusa and @adaripp for inviting me atop this NYC perch to enjoy Moët Ice, a gorgeous good time despite the inclement weather. Nothing a glass of champers can't make well! #moetpartner ❤️

Little more of this from my interview with @theundonestore - link in bio!

Throw back look! I've had this vintage jacket for probably 7 years and it's still a favourite piece, I'll never part with it. @stylescrapbook found it for me in an Amsterdam vintage spot - that city is such a trove for vintage. The skirt is Balenciaga - a fave of mine too, also from a collection that's maybe 8 years past. I've had my bestie @chloebrinklow inherit it, I always get more satisfaction from gifting great pieces after some time and it just looks so bomb on her, felt like a shame to hoard it for myself. It's no secret that bloggers receive endless amounts of clothing - mostly from collaborations because of the immediate nature of our content, we get current collections instead of production samples and it's a better investment for brands to gift in the hope they'll get repeat coverage. I can't accept items that I won't wear repeatedly - but I'm aware of the hypocrisy that comes with preaching conservative consumerism and promoting clothing purchases on the same platform. Bloggers also get flack for loaning samples which I find a little bizarre, you get to return them - so personally - you aren't feeding a burgeoning wardrobe - and it's not any less creative if you have a consistant style identity, plus you're wearing an item that isn't available to purchase which is a rare opportunity, and something to be grateful for. I began my blog when i didn't exactly have money to burn on clothes, so creative styling was key to diversifying my content and my hope is to continue that expression today. I don't believe you need to have cash to have great style, you just gotta be resourceful and researched. It's also why I believe in trading clothes with your friends! And being less attached to the 'material'. Pun intended. 🧦👗🧤🧥

#tbt that one time I drove a 1974 Westfalia campervan up a bunch of mountains on New Zealand's South Island with my love, @gabriel.tick. It was perhaps one of the greatest meditative experiences of my life. Highlights included cooking perfect medium rare steaks on an open fire on Greymouth Beach (sidenote: I'm a master cook), witnessing @nicolewarne and @lukeshadbolt promise one another their lives atop a breathtaking middle earth perch, drinking in some of most majestic and untouched scenery to exist on this earth and being able to show Gabriel what the Milky Way really looks like, without the mass light pollution created by large populations. 'Hey babe, Welcome to Heaven.' It's such a humbling thing to witness, you can't help but shed a tear. There's no better reminder to live a life true to yourself and to not 'sweat the small stuff' than viewing the star-flooded sky and contemplating the sheer vastness of the universe and how insignificant we are within it. To me, it's a concept that spells freedom. 🌌

Happy Pride from NYC! Celebrating all that make us diverse, those who've fought for the right to live freely before us and those who are on the frontlines for #lgbtq equality today. Live and let love. ❤️ Stand up for freedom and oppose bigotry! #PRIDE 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈🏳️‍🌈

Maximalism meets minimalism, a love story. Check out the link in my bio to see my full interview for @theundonestore. 😎 So proud of take part in this collaboration - if you've been following me for some time, you'll know of my friendship with @harperandharley. We both began our respective blogs over decade ago - and have shared that long journey, as great friends, watching each other grow and cheering each other on - despite our utterly polar aesthetics. If we had a glimpse into the future all that time ago, with today, Sara in the position of being a Director of her own online fashion store and myself, with my own NYC based photostudio - we would never have believed in such possibilities... We've even taken part in two seasons of a tv show together! Big dreams become reality inch by inch, with the support of those who grow with us. Beyond honoured to call this lady my close friend ❤️

More of this! Another snap from my shoot with @catcherinthestyle and stylist @julianmack - and sharing even more throwbacks from my work with creative talents over the years. Thanks so much for your comments on my last post! It's a well-timed reminder to be grateful to those of you who contributed words of encouragement and even followed silently over all this time. It's too easy to feel the burden of competition in my industry, to become disillusioned by the shallow nature of content and unrewarded by the algorithmic system of likes and social validation. I see people complain about the changes in the system, those that mean long cultivated audiences simply won't get exposed to new work - but I feel like it's crying over spilt milk. The system won't change while it's working well for these social media giants - so why dwell on it. It is an opiate of the modern day, feeding addiction and numbing us against things to value in life. These changes haven't taken away my ability to create, and as long as some of you are seeing my work and still enjoying my progress, I will embrace what I have. Instagram is a game, and in playing it against your creative heart, content can become formulaic and homogeneous. I still see rule breakers and those who beat to their own drum making waves so it's a reminder to be truthful and take risks - and to strive to contribute more value than likes can measure. #tbt #instagramalgorithm

🥰 Your best friend KNOWS 🐶

Bringing the drama tonight in Paris tonight, I'm a velvet crusader en route to celebrate 50 years of @ralphlauren with @virginiemouzat and @vanityfairfrance. What is my life? 😍 Shout out to @garypeppergirl for styling me in this look... As if I could go wrong with her help! #RL50 #pfw


And the REAL question is - what came first? My love of oversized pink silk shirts or my love of @bts.bighitofficial? #fangirl

📸📸📸 Full editorial, link in bio #RL50 @ralphlauren @nicolewarne #zanitaphotography #ad

Two runaways... ♥️♥️ @gabriel.tick

May is Mental Health Awareness Month here in the USA, so in partnership with @the_upside and in support of the non-profit association, National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, I photographed this campaign featuring talents across the fashion, arts, culinary and self care industries. 25% of the proceeds from @the_upside Classic Logo Muscle Tees go to supporting this life saving charity. We all experience life-altering challenges to our mental health, either ourselves or someone we know. In the lowest points of my life, having someone to reach out to has been an essential saviour. Honoured to support this important cause. #upsidepartner #ad #mentalhealthawareness

Holy hole in a donut! There's just two days to go! My collaboration with @parisawangny - this sweet little bag/belt combo, goes live on Wednesday... But here's a new surprise - A GIVEAWAY 😍😍😍 Here's the DL on how to win the Limited Edition Belt Bag #ParisaxZanita: 1. Follow @zanitazanita and @parisawangny 2. Tag two friends in the comments. 3. You're in!! BONUS! Get an extra entry by sharing on Facebook. 🎉 Winner announced in a week. Good luck lovers! ♥️

New season - new peachy fresh hair! See the whole journey in my stories right now, all thanks to my friends @robpeetoom - who I first met back in my Amsterdaze - they've now opened a salon right in Williamsburg! It's my brand spanking new one-stop-shop for all things hair and beauty. Be sure to check out @robpeetoomnyc if you're in the hood. ❤️

Currently giving flying lessons in my studio 😜 @catcherinthestyle takes a leap, styled by @julianmack #zanitaphotography

🚩RED🚩NOTES🚩 Full interview and editorial for @theundonestore now live, link in bio. ♥️

💄@teresapalmer X @tomboybeauty X photographed by me #zanitaphotography, mua by @kateleemakeup

Ebony and ivory ✴️❄️ #ParisaxZanita P.S. Don't miss your chance to win this gnarly bag/belt combo - deets are two posts back. P.P.S. Don't miss my instastory takeover on @parisawangny today!

With so much going down over NYFW – it’s a relief to know I’ve been able to maintain salon fresh colour and shine thanks to my @Moroccanoil regimen. Brassy hair is definitively NOT in fashion. ;) #CompleteYourColor, #ColorCompleteCollective #sponsored

IT'S HERE! 😯 Today is the day I can finally share with you something I've had brewing over the last ten months, a collaboration with @parisawangny aka #ParisaxZanita. The perfect bag and belt combo so you can charge around your day like a total ninja, completely handsfree and totally unique chic. T minus 5 days till you can get your hands on this hot little number, a Limited Edition combo, available in brown/gold and black/silver. 👩‍🎤 #watchthisspace #PWWonderWomen

Learning to play guitar reminds me of when I first started taking photos, I'm just compelled by it. I'm not that great yet but I don't care... my friends might, because I'm always trying to force them to listen to the new songs I learn. As you can see here, Wallace is my biggest fan. Anyway, now I'm forcing you to watch me too, by the time you're reading this, it's probably already too late 😈😈😈🎸🎸🎸 #olddognewtricks #badtechnique #dontcare

About last night, an exaltation for this moment in time, a half century of an American fashion design bastion - @RalphLauren. I got the chance to wear this beautiful archive piece and I'm still reeling from the wealth of love and gratitude shared by my fellow patrons of the fashion industry. Take me back! #RL50