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🧟‍♀️ Wearing archive Chanel from my shop @elcycervintage

Check out my Dior DIY hack over at @elcycervintage

Chanel spring 1993 briefs and fall 1994 water bottle holder from my shop @elcycervintage 💦

There’s a body in my Chanel bag @elcycervintage

my art, in collaboration with @pebbles.hooper, is now available for purchase on 🙏

Rare Chanel via @elcycervintage

Burberry and Chanel via eBay #eBaystyle #HappeningoneBay #liketkit @ebayfashion #ad

Wearing Chanel '94, '97, '19, '92, and '96 respectively via @elcycervintage 🤪

New new @elcycervintage ♻️

Girly for a day @elcycervintage 🌸

Scorpios are loyal 💉 @elcycervintage

back to regular programming 👾

@patrickchurchny @elcycervintage

🦂 she so nasty 🦂 #selfportrait

wearing vintage dior in collaboration with @heroine #nativefoxxheroine

Chanel side packs via eBay #eBayStyle #HappeningoneBay #liketkit @ebayfashion #ad

Today is the launch of my online luxury vintage store, @elcycervintage. Vintage has been a passion of mine for quite some time, and I’m excited to share this next chapter with you 🙏

фото от Jennifer Grace с описанием
            @gentlemonster x @<a href=fendi ">

@gentlemonster x @fendi #GentleFendi

Self-portrait in this spring 1994 Vivienne Westwood corset in a printed 'Hercules and Omphale' by François Boucher, 1735. Swipe right for the original artwork that inspired this piece @elcycervintage

happy women’s day! #internationalwomensday #selfportrait

Self portrait x Shayne Oliver x Colmar A.G.E. #shayneoliverxcolmarage @colmaroriginals @b2bmedialtd

Saddle bag$$$$ via @elcycervintage

Chanel fall 2014 supermarket realness @elcycervintage


vegan girls taste better @rombautofficial

👀 @yproject_official

🖤🖤 @elcycervintage 🖤🖤

rp sans watermark 🤸‍♂️ thanks @noamgalai for the 📸

currency series #selfportrait