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Vitamin C! Loving my oranges right now...🍊🍊🍊

Hi all, I’ll be off Instagram for the next 4 days as I’m going into a silent mediation retreat. No talking. No phone (this will be my last use of it). Just silence, nature & yoga 💛💛💛 #VanessaWantsToKnow

FRIYAY! Backbending is not only good for the spine, but it’s a full body toner/strengthener. I’ve noticed my neck less tense, chest more open & yes abs/bum tighter! I do these at least 3 times a day, especially when I need a boost of energy or good vibes. Try it out and tell me!! ➰➰➰

Breakin’ in the new couch thx @roveconcepts ☁️☁️☁️

Got the memo 🍊🍑🍊🍑

[ BLUE SERIES 1 ] 💎💎💎@christinaemiliephoto + @meghannguy

One of my all time fave mini exercises - overhead jazz hands! This releases tension from ‘text claw’, helps move lymph, + improves circulation. Do it 3 mins/day (it’s HARD just try!) and tell me what you think! PS my right hand (dominant hand) always goes numb around 1 min...


Waiting for summer like....basically extending my love for all things Vitamin C to my clothes. Although I love me a full white lewk, an ORANGE one is sorta next level. THOUGHTS?? 🍊🍑🥭 #VanessaWantsToKnow

SO...I made it out of a 4 day silent retreat. And guess what? Still not talking. I thought for some reason I’d lose my mind, but instead I re-found it. Our voices carry the possibility of manifestation w every word. That is only if we only speak what we truly feel. For me, i often just spoke to fill in the spaces, make others feel better, make myself feel better...never realizing I was devaluing my word. I see silence as a way to recharge words, intentions, + overall well being - it’s been really powerful for getting me back to myself + I highly recommend this everyone. Yogis say that our words have the power to manifest things on the spot! So take your power back, take your voice back. [have a question? Ask below!] #Vanessawantstoknow

Keep up to be kept up 🌊🌊🌊 ph: @christinaemiliephoto

If ur aura were to be shirt, what color/pattern would it be???

Bc I’m editing my podcast in my PJs at home right now, here is me last week being very chic around town, Thank You #latergram 📸 @_younknown_

While on silent retreat we ate something v similar to this every day: Overnight Turmeric Rose Oats! Recipe Below: 1 cup gluten free rolled oats 2 cups water for soaking 1.5 cup plant based mylk 2 dried figs diced (or any dry fruit works) 1 TBSP dried rose petals 1 cardamom pod crushed 1 tsp turmeric (I recc @diasporaco) Dash of black pepper Dash of cinnamon Technique: 1. First soak oats overnight in water, then drain in AM (this is to improve digestion + nutrient bioavailability; you can skip this step but I’ve noticed it makes a difference for me) 2. Add plant mylk + all ingred and soak for another day (or at least 5 hrs) PLACE IN FRIDGE 1. When ready, garnish with fruit, seeds, nut butters (whatever you dance!) 2-3 servings

Maximus trench-ous....or something like that. Definitely the most layered jacket I now own. Reminds me of a millefeuille for some reason?? 🍰🍰🍰

Sundays in Soho ✨✨✨ ph: @_younknown_

[BLUE SERIES 3] @christinaemiliephoto @meghannguy

When in London.....👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 celebrating the beautiful new #casaloewe with @loewe fam last night! Kira Kira vs. Reality?

People always ask me to tour my apt, but until 2 weeks ago, this glass vase and my bed were the only pieces of furniture I had. My living room was empty except for my yoga mat and block - which is where I journaled, sometimes ate and meditated. Life can be so complex and exhausting on the senses...that I just didn’t want to complicate it more. That being said, a couch is great (for social reasons lol), but I constantly ask myself, does this object serve a purpose here? Do I truly need it? Do I need more stuff? It’s hard bc I love beautiful things - in fact it’s a constant battle - but what I can say, is that living on the sparser side is my slice of heaven, my refuge and peace of mind. So...have u considered doing a spring cleaning of your place? What is ur relationship to stuff? #vanessawantstoknow

Sorry that was me holding up the bathroom line...😂😂😂

Threw this together this AM with random yellow things in my fridge 🍌🥭 - and if you’re curious what I added: - Chia pudding (see last IGTV EP!) - Mango - 1/2 banana - Slice of @moonjuice spicy mango - 3 tbsp hemp seeds - Raw granola - Coconut flakes - 1 tbsp tahini - Black strap molasses drizzle - 1 dollop @kitehillfoods almond Greek yogurt - 1 dollop almond butter

Beloved ✨Mother Gaia✨- there is nothing I love more than climbing, hiking, exploring barefoot. Growing up in Canada this was sorta the norm, and whenever I crave a reset I just nestle myself back into nature. Happy #earthday fam!

Paris, 6:03AM - my heart loves waking up here 💓💓💓

Just had to double check, lol✔️✔️

If my aura were to be made into shirt form, it’d be THIS 💥🔥💥🔥 [what color would yours be??] ph: @_younknown_

I mean!!! Can I just live here? #imiknoebel (PS...yes I was a doh-doh and wore a white thong under a white dress...ahem, i guess it’s a LEWK? Lol)

🌼🌼🌼 flower child - bts from a beauty test shoot w @meghannguy

Yay new couches from @roveconcepts - I decided to get a sectional with no arms bc it feels more free flowing to me. Anyone else gone armless??

All the FEELS. Have been feeling quiet, introspective recently. It’s the only way I can reboot my creativity. How do you do it? 📸 @_younknown_

How to make vegan, gluten free overnight chia bowl with tips on yummy toppings