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Wabi sabi nails - embracing the imperfect 〰️➰➿

You asked so here it is! An easy, no tool required way to get the perfect beachy wave! Step by step plus TIPS! oddly satisfying. That orange cat eye! 🍊🍑🍊🍑 @meghannguy #bts (also my quivering eye lol 😂)

No Kira Kira required ⚡️⚡️⚡️ @giuseppezanotti #giuseppezanotti #ad

Ever wonder how to bake the PERFECT carrot? Pre-Steam for 5-10 mins (or until 1/2 cooked) then dry, sauce, and bake at 375F for 20mins. The carrots will be tender, sweet & crispy. I topped mine w sesame seeds, black and white tahini, vegan greek yogurt, & shiso leaves 🥕🥕🥕 #betacarotene

TROPICALLLLLLE ☀️☀️☀️ also, life is more fun when you have a bouquet of birds of paradise in your pants [HAPPY MONDAY!] @christinaemiliephoto @meghannguy

[ BLUE SERIES 1 ] 💎💎💎@christinaemiliephoto + @meghannguy

Got the memo 🍊🍑🍊🍑

Hi all, I’ll be off Instagram for the next 4 days as I’m going into a silent mediation retreat. No talking. No phone (this will be my last use of it). Just silence, nature & yoga 💛💛💛 #VanessaWantsToKnow

Wkd jaunt these Céline sandals that KEEP giving. I found these on @therealreal when I first started shopping there. A RARE find...but all I gotta say is vigilance pays off lol #oldceline [HAPPY WKD! What are u all up to?]

Deconstructed latte ⚪️〰️⚫️ - I freehanded this using polishes I have kicking around...think I’ll start doing this more, so much fun!

Bird of paradise in pants ~ totally normal #bts

Vitamin C! Loving my oranges right now...🍊🍊🍊

Is there anything better than fresh, juicy, tomatoes laid out in the sun? I lay mine out on the porch for a day, and they get perfectly smooshable for salads, toasts & more. PS - did my own nails, an ode to iced latte season 💦💦💦

When in London.....👼🏼👼🏼👼🏼 celebrating the beautiful new #casaloewe with @loewe fam last night! Kira Kira vs. Reality?

Keep up to be kept up 🌊🌊🌊 ph: @christinaemiliephoto

Beloved ✨Mother Gaia✨- there is nothing I love more than climbing, hiking, exploring barefoot. Growing up in Canada this was sorta the norm, and whenever I crave a reset I just nestle myself back into nature. Happy #earthday fam!

FRIYAY! Backbending is not only good for the spine, but it’s a full body toner/strengthener. I’ve noticed my neck less tense, chest more open & yes abs/bum tighter! I do these at least 3 times a day, especially when I need a boost of energy or good vibes. Try it out and tell me!! ➰➰➰

~ UNMASKING ~ Shedding layers of ‘identity’ ascribed to us either by family and/or society is scary, but also exhilarating. The closer you get to your true core, your ESSENCE - the closer you get to your Divine Self. The Self that is ageless, indestructible and capable of A N Y T H I N G. So, start peeling, be curious, let go and see what comes up. Ask yourself today: WHO AM I? and sit with that question. Share what u feel with us 🧡🧡🧡 #VanessaWantsToKnow

Paris, 6:03AM - my heart loves waking up here 💓💓💓

🌼🌼🌼 flower child - bts from a beauty test shoot w @meghannguy

Last night at a party I was asked a really good question (one that many of u ask me). How do you work in digital and maintain a healthy relationship to yourself? Answer: it’s HARD AF. Over the yrs I’ve developed rules to keep myself in line: 1. Phone curfew at 9PM every night - ie I don’t use my phone until the next AM 2. Monitor screen time using app built into iPhone - it’s scary at one point I was on my phone 10+ hrs a day. Now I’m down to 3-4 3. Dedicate 1 hr every day to Instagram and don’t go over. 4. One day a week, leave my phone at home and go out. It’s FUN! And gives me so much peace of mind It’s no secret we are all addicted to our phones (esp when our work rely on it) but we can take small steps to TAKE BACK our dominion over our lives and time. How do you keep your balance? #Vanessawantstoknow

Here is 14 seconds of me being a lil 🌶🌶🌶 btw - thank u to @sunniesface for making lip colours that have the brown asian sis in mind!!! (We Asians run the whole color spectrum - some of us me included were born dark!) Beauty brands need to stop prescribing singular color combos for entire populations of ppl as if we are all the same shade/tone. I have literally been on set, at makeup counters where the ‘asian’ spectrum contains 2 colours - I MEAN! 😂😂😂 [share ur stories below, or recc a brand u love]

What I’ll be making this weekend...1. Sweet potato almond butter banana ‘toasts’ 2. Sweet potato macro bowl 3. My *infamous* banana bread 😋😋😋 [most of these recipes are on my feed or IGTV!]