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chilly out today. good thing i brought a sweater.

gargle my marbles

today was fun :) i’ll never get used to how cool my job is. i get dressed AFTER work, not before. it makes mornings easier

doing some heavy lifting

um, excuse me.. my eyes are up here.

sheeet beach. get it? photo by @monicamendezpinup

a backwards Tessa is an asseT

this is the face of depression. many of you have asked why i don’t post regularly, and the answer is depression. i’ve spent years fabricating this visage; one of someone who is happy. don’t get me wrong, i have the highest of highs. but i’m also prone to have very low lows. it’s something i’ve hid for most of my life and i’m now realizing that mental health issues are not something that should be protected. i will no longer be ashamed to admit that i struggle with my mental health. scroll through my page, but please be aware that this is my highlight reel. yes, this is all me.. but it’s not all of me. please don’t compare my ‘best’ to your ‘most’ i hope this helps someone else, but if it doesn’t i can honestly say it helped me. i’m sorry it took me so long to open up to y’all, but i thank you for supporting me (wether you knew it or not)

well well well... what do we have here? and what’s above it with the mouth and the eyes?

No amount of soap can clean my filthy ass

if you like me, then you’re going to LOVE @pinupfotomodels .. give them a follow. you’ll be glad you did

i like it best doggy style because i can’t stand to see someone else have a good time.

tessa ‘party’ fowler

and for my next trick.. the strip trip. #repost #neverforget

distress? naw, me and Lana Kendrick are damsels with big breasts

if that don’t get your fire started, then your wood is wet

i wish someone would treat me like trash and take me out

happy (late) president’s day from babe lincoln. p.s. this pic was taken 4 whores and seven beers ago

pump up the clam

i put on these underwear and got a +1UP. now my cat has ten lives 🍄

because there’s a goalie, doesn’t mean i can’t score.

i shook my family tree and this nut fell out

They don’t call me Party Fowler for nothin

the best part of waking up is going back to sleep.

“like dessert when i’m on a diet”. 😂

Good hair day :) thanks @kerrylopezhair

Gotta get out of these wet clothes

i thought getting hammered would throw a wrench in the system and screw things up... but instead i freaking nailed it! 🔩🔧🔨