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Yes, yes we did start the day with chocolate cake. This is two 🎈

can’t happen every morning, but when it does ✨

New recipe! A salmon taco salad bowl with my favorite avocado sauce is up on the blog, along with a few notes from looking back on what this space has been for me these past ten years. Recipe up on the blog!

w.o.r.k.s.h.o.p!!! Seattle, WA at the beautiful studio of @cannellevanille. Learn about light, composition, color and editing from @hufort (perhaps a bias, but he’s super good at taking pictures). April 28+29. Sign up on the ‘shop’ page of the site!

Dinner plans ✔️ Making this roasted zucchini pasta bake from the blog archives 👩🏽‍🍳

Started with some inspo from @sunsetmag. Used tofu (the original paneer suggestion or halloumi would be so good!) and riffed a sauce with mint, cilantro, basil, lime, garlic and jalapeño. But the peaches are on there! one must not replace the peaches ☝🏼More notes coming to @sk_cookingclub soon.

I can't get into the butter coffee deal but a big handful of cashews? Yes please. I didn't make this up, but if you haven't seen it yet, big handful of raw cashews in a blender with your hot coffee and a tiny sploosh of maple and blend for awhile until smooth and frothy. It feels like a fancy latte at home 👍🏽

Have you run out of grilled salmon topping ideas yet? Going with my go-to taco seasoning and maple on the fish, this avo mango situation on top...2 ripe mangos, pitted and diced + 1 large avo pitted and diced + 1 minced jalapeño + few tablespoons of minced red onion + small bundle of cilantro chopped + juice of two limes + salt and pepper. Pile the bits on salad, in tacos, burritos with rice + beans. Give me some new salmon ideas?

Made the roasted tomato soup from the blog (and cookbook!) archives. Used a bit of leftover steamed sweet potato to thicken it in place of the cream 🤷🏽‍♀️ Torn up toast and a way too garlicky almond basil pesto of sorts. I like this dinner.

For those of you enjoying the short cherry season, I’ll point you back towards this lovely salad from the blog with baby kale, cherries, toasted almonds and marinated lentils. Recipe in the blog archives 🍒

That avocado sauceeeeee 🙌🏼 A few ripe avos, green onions, a small bundle of cilantro, two big garlic cloves, one jalapeño, lime juice, salt + pep, handful of toasted pepitas and a splash of water all pulsed up in the food processor until chunkysmooth. It makes all tacos better (and also eggs, roasted sweet potatoes, bowl foods of all kinds etc. etc.) 🌮 #skcookingclub

4-ingredient batch tacos. Some nights, @hufort and I plan to eat after the kids are down, or maybe I’m making something I know will be met with more resistance from them than I’m willing to push against, and I’ll spare the conflict with different dinners. I always have taco things, and layering bits on a sheet pan and warming them makes for a quick meal when I just need to get little people fed. I line up a few tortillas, smash in refried black beans, grate up a zucchini and sprinkle some white cheddar on top. Pop them in the oven at 450’ for 7ish minutes and we’re in business. Cleo is my pickier one, but she will down the zucchini if it’s wrapped in a puddle of beans and cheese. A vegetable! 4 ingredients! Needed to share my super impressive #tacotuesday content 😉

Poke bowls on the menu next week for Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club! So so happy with all the feedback from week one, thanks my loves ❤️ @sk_cookingclub

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            Home from camping. Bare bones fridge. @<a href=eatbanza shells in pea pesto (basically a classic pesto with barely steamed peas pulsed in). Dinner in 20 minutes 👌🏼">

Home from camping. Bare bones fridge. @eatbanza shells in pea pesto (basically a classic pesto with barely steamed peas pulsed in). Dinner in 20 minutes 👌🏼

Feeling sappy Sunday feels. I tend to worry a lot; unfortunately I run glass-half-empty a lot of the time. So when I have a weekend where I see so acutely that my cup runeth over - to see all the goodness, even in the growing pains and rough stuff, it’s a good kind of overwhelmed. My perspective, recalibrated. Tell me something that made you smile this weekend and I’ll pick someone at random to send both SK cookbooks to. The sauce here being the citrus tahini miso from #skbowlandspoon and you need that recipe. Happy Sunday, friends ✨ # # # # # # CLOSED!!! @ranyabarrett you won from - dm me your address! Thank you!

Sprouted Kitchen turns TEN next Monday! My baby! It has taken me nearly that entire decade to start owning my work - confidently calling this my career and not just luck. This job has meant many different things at different times, but has never felt more “me” than in this past year. That is largely in part to how authentically @sk_cookingclub feels like I’ve circled back to the work I love doing, and also because each passing year, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. Getting older has its perks. SK and I share a birthday 🥳 so stay tuned for a giveaway next week to celebrate!

Summers’ best. Always with herbs. Is basil your favorite? Cilantro? Some have FEELINGS about cilantro. I’m Cilantro > Basil > Italian Parsley > Mint 🌱

The people have spoken, and I will write up a recipe for the cauli-lentil taco “meat” I put in my stories yesterday. It would be so good in these mexi-stuffed sweet potatoes with some of the dairy-free cilantro sauce I made today (super easy, also currently in stories). What are you making for dinner?

The potatoes pre-boil in a vinegar bath then get roasted and topped with a Greek inspired tapenade. I spent most of my life hating olives and dill so am making up for lost time. Excited for these loaded fries from @sk_cookingclub tonight.

A quick way to dinner - sweet potatoes, “nacho style”. I always have things for tacos, so piling them on taco-seasoned roasted sweet potatoes seems a good place for all those good bits 👍🏽

E I G H T Y E A R S. I remember that day so clearly. Excited and naive. Just happily ever after from there out right? 😉 I had no idea the scope of what I would learn about myself and love and forgiveness and joy in being your partner. I do not love you more now - I love you better, deeper, differently. Still excited. A little less naive. Always forever yours, @hufort ❤️ . 📷 @james______moes @matthewmorganweddings

I love packing plane snacks 🤗 Nothing too smelly. Things that can hold at room temp for awhile. Ideally using up what we already have. Made this soba noodle salad with a peanuty sauce and lots of crisp vegetables. Recipe riff from #skbowlandspoon

This was my Easter dinner contribution and I can’t stop thinking about it. Roasted carrots (oil, salt and pepper. 400’ for 25ish minutes). Whole, plain Greek yogurt, spicy zhoug sauce from Trader Joe’s, sheeps milk feta, a fresh herb sprinkle and some toasted sesame seeds. As of yesterday, this will be my easy spring side forever. — #food52grams #onmytable #thefeedfeed #buzzfeedfood #foodblogfeed #vscofood #huffposttaste

This burger!! It’s a squash and black bean veggie patty with a pistachio and cilantro pesto that rolled over from my favorite roasted butternut pasta dish. I am very into the make it once, use it twice cooking this week 💪🏼 I will remind you every Friday that you should be cooking dinner with us via @sk_cookingclub 😘

Roasted with za'atar. Yogurt, feta, parsley and herbs to serve. Easy and pretty, I'll take two 🙋🏽

I have everything to make these lentil meatballs from the blog archives for dinner. I keep batches of this lemony pesto in the fridge at all times in the summer. For pastas, sandwich spread, thinned as a dressing (perfect with peaches, tomatoes and arugula 👍🏽), grilled veg, whatever. Recipe in the #sproutedkitchencookbook or the blog archives - search “lentil meatballs”.

We’re giving away two 6-month @sk_cookingclub memberships! This is the menu that just went up for next week. Each Friday, you log in for three dinner recipes and one treat/snack, along with all the tips for dietary swaps, a customizable grocery list, and more. Our goal is to make dinner plans easier and tastier. To enter, tag a friend who you think would enjoy the program and leave a note on why you’d like to join or what you already love about it! Open to current members and non-members alike. We’ll choose two winners Sunday evening. #skcookingclub

It’s been quiet around here lately. It’s because my modeling career has taken off since we were part of the recent @stone_cold_fox #FoxesInLove series 😜 Pretty dresses designed by my pretty sister. So proud of her! #stonecoldfox

Being your mom ❤️ I worry more than I thought I would. I lose my cool more than I thought I would. Your toys aren’t super organized like I thought they’d be and we don’t practice sight words every morning or have a star chart for chores like I imagined. You two show me grace and lighten my heart and have proven that expectations are silly and a real life lived is all I want.