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( CLOSED! @emersonthoreau is the winner!! ) . TEN YEARS!!! We’ve been hustling all things Sprouted Kitchen for a decade. Wow. I didn’t ever expect something

Sprouted Kitchen turns TEN next Monday! My baby! It has taken me nearly that entire decade to start owning my work - confidently calling this my career

That avocado sauceeeeee 🙌🏼 A few ripe avos, green onions, a small bundle of cilantro, two big garlic cloves, one jalapeño, lime juice, salt + pep, handful

A little bit fudgy but with crisp edges. The brownie recipe on the blog is so so delicious. Do you take walnuts in yours? Or chopped up pb cups? Mine must

A cracker crisp crust is my favorite 🙌🏼 made the emerald city pizza from the @sk_cookingclub archives. A spicy chimichurri-ish base, spring veg and a bit

Forever a fan of @thefirstmess’ recipes, tonight we made her harissa chickpeas with za’atar roasted potatoes, greens and lemon tahini. SO good and weeknight

Getting ready for family brunch round one! A springy panzanella with a swoop of ricotta and herby green sauce. Recipe from @sk_cookingclub

Lemon Loaf. A house favorite, recipe in the blog archives and @sk_cookingclub. Preferably toasted with berries please 🙋🏽‍♀️

Being your mom ❤️ I worry more than I thought I would. I lose my cool more than I thought I would. Your toys aren’t super organized like I thought they’d

The potatoes pre-boil in a vinegar bath then get roasted and topped with a Greek inspired tapenade. I spent most of my life hating olives and dill so am

Making some slaw for stuffed sweet potatoes. I accidentally used the grater blade instead of the slicer blade on the food processor and oh my goodness!

Blueberry Breakfast Cake! Love anything that can be made in one bowl 🙋🏽‍♀️ Free of the glutens and dairy and sweetened with coconut sugar (speaking of,

It’s tostada night with all the things. I found some fresh Alaskan halibut, sprinkled the filet with some chili powder, salt, cumin and squeezed lime all

These gluten free / dairy free strawberry crumble bars are on the menu for @sk_cookingclub this coming week and I have not stopped thinking of them since

I love packing plane snacks 🤗 Nothing too smelly. Things that can hold at room temp for awhile. Ideally using up what we already have. Made this soba noodle

“Do your kids eat the same meals as you?” I’ve been asked this often, and have addressed how that looks more practically with @sk_cookingclub, but the

I put a few notes in a blog post of bits that helped on the plane with the kids from our recent trip to AUS for my sister’s wedding. So many of you had

There are a few pieces of pottery left from our partnership with the talented @katherinemoes. Some of these small “platebowls”, herb jars and the platters

A quick way to dinner - sweet potatoes, “nacho style”. I always have things for tacos, so piling them on taco-seasoned roasted sweet potatoes seems a good

We picked strawberries at @theecologycenter yesterday and I knew this is where some would end up 🙌🏼 this morning, with @ryegoods toast, @wild_friends

SO GOOD @oramanly !! Cashew latte, toasted banana bread with house-made nut butter, green brekky bowl with greens, eggs, seedy bread, avo, turmeric coconut

Back at it. @taraobrady cookies with a splash of oats for health 😘

You know that good kind of exhausted? Last night I talked to a talented group of ladies a little about the deep and wide scope of work I am doing as of

The recipe for these “lava cakes for two” went out as an exclusive to our @sk_cookingclub members and email subscribers today. Easy swaps for dairy and

I made a quick, grain-free granola made from a diverse bunch of nuts and seeds (almonds, chia seeds, quinoa, sunflower seeds, coconut, hemp hearts. I put

Never burning out on sweet potatoes roasted in a bit of chili powder and cinnamon 🍳

I want to eat here every day please 🙋🏽‍♀️

We have been very into the cauliflower-walnut “chorizo” from @pinchofyum. I use mango slices because I’m too lazy to make the pineapple salsa and halve

2018. You were a year of shifts and pivots. Reinventing and redefining and recalibrating habits and patterns and careers. Grateful for your support here,

Playing catch up with work today. This green harissa cauli is going on a baby kale salad bowl with all of my favorite things. Coming to the blog soon