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Once I saved a drowning person. Later I invented a device for safety in the water - Helper, and now a personal lifeguard is always with you!

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it's time we all get used to the new rule.  when we go swimming, we must put on a device to help ourselves in case of a threat of drowning!  There are several models now.  they are all compact and lightweight.  one of them is the helper rescue collar!  this is a real personal lifeguard who is always with you.  Helper device Corp, a manufacturer of self-rescue equipment on the water, is looking for trading companies in all countries of the world who want to sell our products.  We are interested in long-term cooperation!   18 августа 2019 г.
Traveler Ivan Maryashin, making a 24,000-kilometer rally in Eurasia, found fine weather in Vladivostok.  tomorrow his path lies already in Mongolia.  today there is still a short time to rest.  and the best rest is always by the water!  And with the self-rescuer Helper, you can relax more safely!   6 августа 2019 г.
if you want to buy a Helper rescue device, you can do this using the links on my website hypo:// in the Buy section.  If you want to become our partner and sell our devices yourself, we will be happy!  and make the best offer at the wholesale price.   6 августа 2019 г.
Traveler Ivan Maryashin makes a 24,000 km rally.  Now he is in the Far East, on the island of Popov in the Sea of ​​Japan.  Swim in unknown places and one must have insurance.  For this, Ivan uses a self-lifeguard for swimming Helper.  you swim with him as if under the supervision of a real lifeguard!  путешественник Иван Марьяшин совершает автопробег длиною 24000 км. сейчас он на Дальнем Востоке, на острове Попова в Японском  море. Купаться в неизвестных местах и одному обязательно надо с страховкой. для этого Иван использует само-спасатель для плавания Хелпер. с ним плаваешь как под присмотром настоящего спасателя!   4 августа 2019 г.
Helpers production.  Helper device Corp is looking for distributors in all countries of the world.  We are interested in long-term cooperation!   3 августа 2019 г.
Every minute in the world drown one person. Everybody think that drown only those people who can’t swim well. But it is not so. Often people think that it’s safe to swim near other people. In reality a drowning person can’t scream for help because of throat spasm and goes under water fast and unnoticed. In many cases a person who is trying to help, drowns as well. Even a professional life guard often can’t come for help on time. Every second is precious! 
You can swim safely. There is a compact device for safe swimming. It’s Helper. It doesn’t restrict movements, it is light and looks good on your neck and easy to use. You just pull the cord when it’s necessary and the life buoy is blown around your neck. There is a whistle for a signal. Now, when you are safe, you can swim to the shore or wait for help calmly. 
My family and I have been using Helper for two years already. We are accustomed to put it on every time we go swimming. Obviously, with Helper it is another level of swimming. Take care-wear Helper!   2 августа 2019 г.
Путешественник и блогер Иван Марьяшин совершает длительный автопробег по России и странам Средней Азии . Всего он проедет более 24 тысяч км до Владивостока , и обратно через Монголию, Киргизию, Таджикистан, Узбекистан, Казахстан до Москвы. Сейчас он проезжает Такмак, знаменитые Красноярские Столбы по дороге на Озеро Байкал. Спасательный воротник Хелпер - это как подкова ему на удачу! Кстати, по пути он ежедневно плавает в различных водоемах. Он один, и в экстренной ситуации помощи ждать можно лишь от нашего Хелпера! Traveler and blogger Ivan Maryashin makes a long rally in Russia and Central Asia.  In total, he will travel over 24 thousand km to Vladivostok, and back through Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan to Moscow.  Now he drives through Takmak, the famous Krasnoyarsk Pillars on the way to Lake Baikal.  A helper rescue collar is like a horseshoe for his good luck!  By the way, on the way he swims every day in various reservoirs.  He is alone, and in an emergency you can only wait for help from our Helper!   24 июля 2019 г.
More than one thousand people are drowning in the world every day!  The press talks only about tragedies, when several people die at once.  As it was last weekend.  On the Lena River, three children and four adults drowned at once.  They tried to save the children.  And once again I ask the question.  How many unnecessary toys do parents buy for children ?! Why not teach their children to swim with life-saving compact devices that can really provide first aid in the water in case of the threat of drowning.  Now a lot of various self-rescuers are sold on the arm, on the belt or on the neck.  They need to get used to wear when we go into the water.  How we put on helmets while skiing or biking!  Ежедневно в мире тонет более одной тысячи человек! Пресса рассказывает только о трагедиях, когда гибнет сразу несколько человек. Как это было в прошедшие выходные дни. На реке Лена утонуло сразу трое детей и четверо взрослых. Они пытались спасти детей.  И еще раз я задаю вопрос. Сколько ненужных игрушек родители покупают детям?! Почему не приучают своих детей плавать с спасательными компактными устройствами, которые реально могут оказать первую помощь в воде в случае угрозы утопления.  Сейчас много продаётся различных самоспасателей на руку, на пояс или на шею.  Их надо привыкать носить, когда идём в воду. Как мы надеваем каски, катаясь на горных лыжах или велосипедах!   18 июля 2019 г.
For security reasons lifeguards strongly recommend not to swim alone. But the crowded beach is not a guarantee that help will come in time. Every second is precious! The Helper water safety device is able to help more efficiently than a person close by in the water. Helper is a lifeguard who is always with you!  Спасатели настоятельно рекомендуют в целях безопасности не плавать в одиночестве. Но и многолюдный пляж не гарантируют, что помощь придет вовремя. Не каждый человек справится с ролью спасателя в экстремальной ситуации в воде. Дорога каждая секунда! Воротник для безопасного плавания Хелпер способен оказать первую помощь моментально. Хелпер - это надежный спасатель, который всегда с вами!   15 июля 2019 г.
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