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Wait for the shisha🌬

Handsome enough to date gals

Get educated by travelling

Sea, sun and smile :)

50% Savage. 50% Sweetness.

Good mood

Found paradise on this planet

Finally I can go clubbing legally but it’s actually nonsense coz my appearance passed 18 in grade 8. 🎂HBD TO MYSELF

Pre-bday celebration

I can eat all day

Ignore my mk gold hair becoz of the light



Sitting lit

Before the sunset

Avocado with chocolate gonna be my forever love

“I was forced to take photos with this annoying woman”

Nth is lost until my granny couldnt find it #happymothersday #grandma

30 ℃

If u don’t like me and still watching everything I post... Hey don’t be shy Bitch u r a FAN

Satisfactory makeup by myself

Say hi to my old buddy on my back

U hungry right?

$558 for 2 and the tea worths $500 Others should be charged as $58🤨

I miss my missing right side AirPod


I decide the vibe

沒什麼 就是一隻眼睛抽筋了

Should smile more

He said this is cute