Olga Karput instagram фото и видео

me after one sip of doza 🍹🥰

hottest summers are in Moscow 🥂

big love @acoldwall x @kuznetskymost20 🖤 @srd_______ ХОЛОДНАЯ СТЕНА* on me

all packed and ready for the summer 🌤 @kuznetskymost20

checking in @gr_uniforma x @diesel

grab it by the 🗼

more love from Berlin 💌 #dieselredtag

@chanelofficial spectacular as always✨💫 #TheNewJ12 #ChanelWatches

looking forward to a new bunch of these tomorrow 📸 @gr_uniforma


каждый месяц тестирую beauty-новинки с @elle_russia 💕

going up?

art inside out

basking 😎☀️

@gr_uniforma army look for tonight’s dinner 💥

this is how you do Berlin watch and learn 😘

contemplating 🌊

wrap dress 🌯 in action

relax level ultimate 🌳💤

Do I look good in @playboicarti look from @off____white show? Of course I dooooo 🤪 #km20buying #km20 #offwhite #ilookgood


quality photography by @mashavoguerussia right before @maisonmargiela show 💚

take time to do what makes your soul happy ✌🏼

Get to know me with @thefacemagazine. The website with amazing reads is now live ❤️ #TheFaceCommunity

Намасте 👳🏻‍♀️ 🇮🇳 #anandayogaretreats

soaking up the Himalayan sun in @yproject_official ☀️. 📸@ilonastolie🐰

looking back at moments with @anandainthehimalayas #anandawayoflife 🌱

poolside chilling with @masha.limonova by @ilonastolie 🌹

i'm tired i need some rest 🌙@gr_uniforma @gosharubchinskiy @alenachendler 🥰