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After three days of cold and nonstop rain in New York I can only channel Princess Margaret on this slipcovered sofa. 🙏🏼☀️🔜 📸 Patrick Lichfield #PrincessMargaret

What’s for dinner? #TBT @housebeautiful @therobertrufino 📸 @thomasloof

Monday Blues (alternate caption: Les Touches’d By An Angel) 💙💙 📸 @reidrolls #SagHarbor #guestbedroom #blueandwhite #lestouches #nevergetsold #atleasttome

Congrats to all the talented designers who unveiled their Kips Bay rooms last night but especially my dearest @younghuh ‼️ 👏🏼 Her artist’s aerie is so

It’s pronounced val·ance /ˈvaləns/—never “VAY-lance.” For more lessons check out my imaginary podcast “Early Decorating Gaffes and the Shame I Still Bear”

My mom in the living room of her best friend, Marian Wernicke. Thank you Mother Marian for keeping her memory alive and for being the best grandma to

Fruits of Design on a Dime chez moi. Once I realized this svelte Italian armchair in Mugatu’s booth was a single it had to be mine! Thank you #CJPeters

Happy birthday to @therobertrufino who produced this story and inspires me with his inimitable talent and boundless energy. Not to mention emails and real-mails

Casual Saturday at home. #LIFE #magazine #TippiHedren #🦁 #1971 #MichaelRougier

Cincinnati Modernism. I got antsy and decided to share a snippet 😄 💛 #carlstrauss #architect #cincinnati #goldenarches #bestclients #bebacksoon

More March @housebeautiful! A lacquered ceiling by @changobrooklyn makes this massive living-dining room shine. 💎🙏🏼 @josaltz produced by @therobertrufino

Wishing my Kips Bay Show House designer friends a happy weekend even though they’re working ‘round the clock! Can’t wait to see what magic you’ve created

Time to buy a lottery ticket! HUGE thanks to @josaltz and @therobertrufino for this gorgeous cover and story in the March @housebeautiful!! And to the

For a years-long townhouse renovation the first pieces we bought were, bizarrely, three garden urns. One of a Campana-form pair immediately fell prey to

My Easter weekend palette #FBF #pastels #centerstripes #cutvelvets #furniturewithclovenhooves 📸 @melanieacevedophoto 💐 @olganaiman @verandamag 🙏🏼

It’s really fun when your client agrees to the custom Robsjohn-Gibbings-inspired banquette for her kitchen. It’s even better when she doesn’t mind that

Let the Hunger Games of Decorating begin! Come shop my booth for Design on a Dime and help end AIDS and homelessness forever 🙏🏼 @housingworks @hwdesignonadime

A burst of Spring on this gray February morning. 💐☀️🎪 Striped ceiling: @chrispearsonfloors Beds: @charleshbeckley Paule Marrot fabric: @scalamandre Blankets:

A bedroom for Spring 🌱🌱🌱 📸 @thomasloof produced by @therobertrufino 💚 @housebeautiful #bedroom #beds #prettybeds #fourposterbeds #probablymyfavo

Thrilled that many of these pretty bits found new homes last night, so @housingworks can provide permanent homes for those in need. Thanks to all who attended

Honored to cap off the first quarter of @alexahamptoninc’s 52 Weeks of Design (link in bio) with a fun Q&A! I just read all the previous ones and my design/travel

It’s important, both in entertaining and decorating, to balance your pairs with your singles. #FBF #brooklynheights #greekrevival #townhouse #livingroom

Finally, some sunshine. ☀️🌳💙 #sagharbor #captainshouse #greekrevival #degournay

Variations on a theme #RedandGreen #DutchessCounty #OldieButGoodie 📸 @reidrolls

Not your average white kitchen. Thanks to my BFF @younghuh for posting this yesterday, and to @bpatrickflynn for his Insta-story juggernaut! Guess I have

A Belgian palette, meaning their flag and not acres of mushroom colored linen. 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪 📸 @joshuamchughphotography @verandamag #DutchessCounty

Weekend, byeeeee ✌🏼 (Regram @clarencehousetextiles)

“There is no boredom, only boring people, who aren’t interested in anything.” Rest in Power Kaiser Karl 🖤

iPhone shot of this room - bless the developers for not using recessed lights, and @changobrooklyn for the majestic lacquer ceiling 💎🌊💎

In case you were wondering here’s the chair I’d gladly steal from this project (left). Part Granny Smith apple, part hammerhead shark. #😍 #TBT #iPhone