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Currently packing for our vacation tomorrow. ❤️ Here some memories from the past years and can’t wait to create more. Can you guess where we’re headed?

Which of these glam looks should I go for tonight? 💘

🤗 While shooting before @dior Haute couture.

#10yearchallenge. 🤗 11 years ago for our 1 year anniversary, @m_stibbe surprised me with our first trip together ever to Paris. He wasn’t planning on telling me where we were heading until his mom waved us goodbye and said, “Have fun in Paris!” 😜 Although we stayed at the least expensive hotel in Paris, where the walls were so thin you could hear every move of the neighbours and get 0 hours of sleep, we had just as much fun as we do now staying at the best hotel in Paris. We visited all the touristic hotspots, such as the Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge, Louvre, Galaries Lafayette, and Sacré-Coeur. Also, I was huge fan of @shakira, hence the hair 🤗

Long walks, especially on the beach. 💘 Thank you @revolve for yet again a memorable trip. Wearing @loversfriendsla top here. #revolvesummer

#10yearchallenge,😂 although this photo was taken 11 years ago on my 19th birthday. Back then, we already spent every single day together. Even when we wouldn’t see each other during the day, @m_stibbe always made sure to give me a late goodnight kiss after his soccer training. Who knew 11 years later we would still spend every single day together. There isn’t any other person I could spend so much time with and still have so much fun every single day.

Today’s hair and makeup for @dior. 💘 @parkhyattparis #parkhyattparis

When her 🍑 and my 🍉 unite. @romeestrijd #visitdubai

Celebrated our 13th anniversary last week. ❤️

Merci @dior and #mariagraziachiuri for yet again, an experience I’ll never forget. 💘 #diorcruise

Oh hi 80+ humidity. So happy to be here Ciuxmala with @revolve . 💘 #revolvesummer

Ready for #diorcruise. ❤️ @dior

11 years ago for the first time in the old town of Ibiza and now we’re back. ❤️ also my hair was Shakira inspired and the flower on my top was Carrie Bradshaw inspired 😅 #10yearchallenge

Self-timer selfie before lunch. 🌟

Before leaving to the @maisonvalentino ball at the Italian embassy. ❤️ #parkhyattparis

Felt like a Saturday but it was actually on a Tuesday. @romeestrijd 💘

Direct sun. 💘

Still going strong on the #10yearchallenge 😜 2007 (first time in Paris together) and 2019 (today) we visited the Sacre Coeur. This is me, in love (still am), with Shakira hair, no make-up and 22 pounds extra. Ps. Look at the red jacket in both backdrops, biggest coincidence!!!

Mirror details 💘 @victoriassecret #ad

Final days here and then it’s back to work. 💘

Hair up or down (swipe)? Excited to be in Monaco for my new campaign shoot with @apmmonaco . @montecarlobay #apmmonaco

Today is pure love. ❤️ #loveanitaliancliché

When you didn’t get to spend the morning together. 😜 #lovescliche

Favorite time of the year. 💘

Tarzan, Jane has arrived in New York. So happy to be here 💘

12th time together here, I guess we’re creatures of habit. 💘

Time to say goodbye Mexico. 💘

Trying to blend in with Ciuxmala 💘 #revolvesummer @revolve