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- - - - - - As another #mothersday has come to an end. Let’s not forget our furry mothers sitting in a shelter waiting for you. Please think twice before

Starting Monday right!

When your Easter 🐰 is late, but you’re still happy to see her 😝 #easterbunny #lovelife #makeup #bunnyears #bunny #bunnies #coolshot

Me and Leo are wishing you a blessed Saturday!

Guys you know I’m into music big time! @ALYSHA_GR Just wanted to share with you this adorable 17 year old singing sensation from London! She’s going to

Dog meat trade is real, pigs suffering is real. Let’s make this world a safer and more compassionate place together! Go vegan or at least switch to eating

This weather makes me so happy! Sun is 24/7. Far away from La! Where am I? 😆 (not USA)

Let’s not eat them, not wear them, let’s just love them and let them be free. 🙏🏼

The greatest pleasure in life is doing what they said you couldn’t do!

Without forgiveness and love, I will live with resentment, bitterness, malice and strife which result in more pain. I can never love without forgiving.

#ad @flattummyco shakes where have you been all my life! They have done work, and got me feeling so good about my results! Tummy is feeling flat, I’m

Loving life... right now and always! ♥️ how are you feeling right now? Share your day with me 😘😃

Excerpt from book of a former slaughterhouse worker: - - - - - - “One time I took my knife and sliced off the end of a hog’s nose, just like a piece of

Who else is excited about #SonicTheHedgehog movie?

Amo mаs quе a nаdiе, no rоmpas mi corаzоn papi... y la реоr dе tоdо... nunса llаmаsteе bеbe ❤️🔫😝

Some people love to go thru life being sang a lullaby of sweet lies, but some people are looking for the truth. Usually those are drinking a bitter cocktail

Sorry to break the bubble but billions of animals suffer in agony daily for the fur and the meat humans consume. Widely unknown fact but World Health Org

Christ is Risen! Death has been put to death, and we have been brought to life! Holy fire has come down in Jerusalem. (Every year on Christian Orthodox

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OUTPOURING SUPPORT🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 no matter it u eat meat or not, no animal should be abused and tortured while produced for slaughter or

When in doubt, always P.U.S.H.

The little baby piglet tho! ♥️ 😃 - - - - - - Rescued from a slaughter house! Animals deserve freedom!

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience... How do you feel about body and spirit concept?

Without forgiveness and love, I will live with resentment, bitterness, malice and strife which result in more pain. I can never love without forgiving.

Happy Easter babes! Did you know The Easter Bunny is a folklor symbol of Easter, often described as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. It’s origin takes from

THIS IS A REAL MAN AND A REAL SPIRIT. TRUE INSPIRATION. @big_z_2020 Zion was born in Columbus, Ohio, in 1997 -- without legs. He had caudal regression

I’m the most alive when I’m in love. Feeling so happy... on another level... How do you feel? 💗

Sometimes I don’t want to think. Those days are a bliss. Your head just goes:”bam-da-ba-da-bam-ba-dam” and nothing more. True happiness! 😝

Hegel, one of the brightest stars of the western philosophy, had a very low opinion of a woman’s intelligence. (has much changed since then?) In fact,

Back to the natural :-) 😆

Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don't give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with warm and genuine people, help