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#sponsored Doing some shopping for my necessities from @tradmedicinals. Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move capsules to the rescue. Traditional Medicinals Smooth Move capsules provide relief from occasional constipation* The tea is also great. These can be found at Walmart in the digestive health section! #traditionalmedicinals #smoothmove

#Sponsored Summer has been full of adventures and fun while also making time to learn with TinkerActive workbooks. It’s imperative for my little ones to be prepared with a proper education. What better way than at home. TinkerActive from @odddotbooks include interactive and entertaining exercises that cover topics such as math, science and problem solving skills. These are a must have to get your little ones ahead while enjoying some fun activities with them. Our children can make a difference and it starts with us teaching them at home. “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Our splendid weekend ended enjoying some delicious beef kebabs my hubby grilled. We had an eventful weekend full of joyful moments with the little ones. I am ready for the week, are you? Remember, the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to do your best today! ❤️

We had a delightful time at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater @chicagoshakes watching The Wizard of Oz live. The cast excelled in performance. My little ones were entertained the whole time and enjoyed the show. Their favorite were Dorothy and the Tin Man. If you’re in Chicago or visiting I highly recommend watching the show and enjoying a great time at Navy Pier.

#CooperVisionPartner My day to day life got much easier with @CooperVisionUSA. Whether we are traveling or just doing my daily errands, CooperVision clariti 1 day contact lenses brighten my day. They are disposable, daily lenses, so I don’t need to worry about contact lens cases or solution anymore. I love the convenience and affordability and there’s even a rebate so I can save much more. A free contact lens trial coupon is available in the link in my bio so you can try them out at no charge 🙌🏼 @CooperVisionUSA #clariti

#ad We had so much fun watching the premiere of @AngryBirdsMovie today. The movie had us laughing, in suspense and in love with the characters. Definitely recommend to go see Angry Birds 2 in theaters on August 14th. Save the date! Your little ones will love it! #AngryBirdsMovie2

#ad Who loves convenient smart home products?! I know, I do 🙋🏻‍♀️ I found this amazing Google Nest Hub + Google Home Mini bundle from @tink_us. It’s been a great add on to our home. Love the simplicity and when my hands are full I can easily say “Hey google play TinkerBell on Netflix” with the sound of my voice for my toddler to watch 🙌🏼 @tink_us are experts when it comes to smart products for your home. Let them help you create a smart home. Use code MYMUNCHKINS20 for $20 off the current bundle price with free shipping, expert advice & tax-free in most states. Link below or click link in bio. http://bit.ly/2MQhK15 #tinksmarthome #smarthome #tinkdifferent

Nothing better than enjoying the day at the lake with my girls and with our big cozy blanket. We love these beautiful, peaceful, relaxing moments. Our big blanket from @bigblanketco is amazing. Love the high quality and comfort it gives us. At 10' x 10' they have you and family covered. Check out stories to view unboxing and closer look. #mybigblanket #bigblanketco #bigblanket #smallblanketssuck

My Friday sweet tooth indulgence. This is so healthy though! Banana ice cream delightedness. Sharing my secret to make it fluffy. I use a few frozen bananas and frozen cauliflower. That’s right, cauliflower gives it that fluffy texture and I promise you won’t taste it. I mix the it all in my vitamix and there you have it 🍨 you can mix berries or walnuts too. I love topping with fresh fruits. So delicious! Happy FriYay! #bananaicecream #cauliflower

Rolling into the weekend. Hope you all have a nice weekend! Remember that a few hours outdoors can fix almost everything. Enjoy the summer breeze and have a wonderful Friday! Check out these LaScoota scooters at @lascootastore they are 2 in 1 scooter. So your little ones can sit or scoot. Find them on amazon https://amzn.to/2X8HBDc or click link in bio under amazon products.

#AD With three little ones, I am always out and about doing an activity with them, or running from one spot to the next. After having my third child, I experienced light bladder leakage (LBL)! However, being the active mama that I am, I didn’t let LBL stop me from enjoying my busy lifestyle. @poisebrand has made it possible for me to stay amazing and keep going with my kids because of their NEW Active Collection! I bring them along with me wherever I go to use with any activity I do, because I know that they are made to stay in place with no slip wings! Shop them now by clicking the link in my bio. How do you #StayYouStayAmazing?

#ad Wake up to what’s possible. Our Summer mornings are delightful with my little ones on break. They enjoy a hearty delicious meal which includes Thomas English muffins with almond butter spread on it and topped with their favorite fruits. This @thomasbreakfast is truly like no other. . . #ad Despierta a lo posible. Nuestras mañanas de verano son encantadoras con mis pequeños en las vacaciones. Disfrutan de una comida deliciosa y saludable que incluye English muffins de Thomas con mantequilla de almendras y cubiertos con sus frutas favoritas. Este desayuno @thomasbreakfast es realmente como ningún otro.

AD Since we started watching new @DisneyJunior show T.O.T.S. (Tiny Ones Transport Service) on the Disney Channel, my little one loves caring for her animal toys - in particular for her kitty Mia. She will feed her when she’s hungry and gives her hugs and kisses when she’s sad. If Mia is found in the kitchen, my little one will pick her up in the homemade delivery pod and bring her back to her home. Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.) is an excellent show for little ones. It’s about a determined penguin and compassionate flamingo who must take care of animals up until they deliver them to their new homes. It is a very entertaining show and teaches our little ones how to work together as a team to solve problems by being creative and to show care and compassion to others. Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.) comes out on weekdays on Disney Channel at 9 AM. #DisneyTOTS

These summer moments are amazing! Just to think next month we will be getting ready for back to school supplies 😅 We already have Miyah’s backpack✔️ this awesome Tyke Traveler backpack is great to use in so many ways. This bag is specifically designed to be versatile. It can be used as a school bag, diaper bag, day bag and travel bag to name a few. To use as a diaper bag you convert to a change station but if not then you remove changing pad and use as a backpack which is how my daughter will be using for her first day of back to school. Check them out and save with code: MYMUNCHKINS15 Click link in bio under Tyke Traveler @moov_usa @aspentyke #tyketraveler, #moovusa, #backtoschool https://aspentyke.com/discount/MYMUNCHKINS15) . https://www.aspentyke.com/products/aspen-tyke-traveler-diaper-bag-set?variant=21984364068982 #AspenTyke #BackToSchool

Hey mamas, it’s time to take your #SelfLove game to the next level because @RawSugarLiving has an amazing deal for us at @Meijerstores! You get 1 free when you buy 3 @RawSugarLiving hair care products! I love the way my hair feels with my hair products! Hurry and head to your local @Meijerstores! This offer ends July 27th. This is your chance to stock up on hair care products. Give your hair the #RawLovin it deserves. One of my favorite things about Raw Sugar is that every time we purchases a product they donate a bar of soap to a family in need!

A bright smile to make your day! Our Gracie is such a happy pup! She sure makes our days so much brighter! Happy Thursday 🐾 “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole”❤️

AD Problem solving is a skill that begins early in your child’s life. The earlier your child learns how to do chores, the easier it will be for them to problem solve. It’s good to get them in the habit of cleaning up with their very own chore chart, to keep them on track. We started this chore chart with much thanks to the new @DisneyJunior show Tiny Ones Transport Service (T.O.T.S.). It’s a great show for children between the ages of 2-7; it emphasizes on the importance of creative thinking and problem solving. Every episode pinpoints creative thinking, teamwork and problem solving to set an example for our little ones to realize that there is multiple ways to accomplish an intention. So, now whether we have laundry, toys and books everywhere, or setting up the table for dinner, my toddler knows what to do to solve each problem, and she excitedly will mark it down on her chore chart. Check out the new series that runs Monday through Friday on Disney Channel at 9 AM #DisneyTOTS

With three little ones and a new pup, I need all the energy I can get because we are constantly busy on the go. Whether it’s hiking, at the beach or from one activity to another. If you’re wondering how I am able to keep up with it all. The answer is @StrikeForceEnergy. Strike Force Energy is an energy infused liquid flavor pack. There is a variety of flavors to choose from. If you need that boost to keep you going then this is a must have! Try it out for just $4 with free us shipping by using code: munchkins Link below or click link in bio under Strike Force Energy. https://www.strikeforceenergy.com/products/4-count-sample-pack @StrikeForceEnergy #FuelForYourFight #FlavorOfFreedom

I love capturing the beautiful memories I make with my family. With summer here we get to enjoy the lovely beach days! Thanks to Adobe Photoshop Elements I can create amazing color pop edits to my images. Check out for yourself @photoshopelements and download your free trial at https://adobe.ly/31qewWI You can also click link in bio for direct access! #PhotoshopElements #saveyourmemories #memorykeeper #flashesofdelight #creativeinspiration #ad

On vacation mode. It truly has been great taking some time off posting and spending it with my loved ones. It’s been a great summer vacation full of yummy sweets. Snow cones 🍧 have been our fave summer treat. Wish we could have a longer break. Definitely not looking forward to back to school supplies and all the essentials 😅🤪

Early Sunday morning baking some bite size raspberry muffins for my little ones to wake up to 🙂 Love the way the house smells after I bake. There are so delicious! How is your Sunday going? #bakedfresh #homemade

Hubby surprised us with a pup #rottweiler . Meet our newest family member🥳. The little ones are ecstatic with “Gracie”. She will be 5 months on the 14th. We can tell she is a very smart, alert and laidback pup. She’s been good at potty training outdoors. Are you a pet owner? 🐕 🐾❤️

#PampersPartner It’s always playtime in my daughter’s mind! She loves to sing, dance, and move all around. We are loving new @PampersUS #Cruiser360 Fit diapers, with no tapes and an all-around stretchy waistband, it keeps up with her every move! The diaper is very easy to put on and to take it off, you just tear at the sides, roll it up, and secure with the tape in the back! #WildChild

A fun fact about my beautiful home sweet Chicago is that it has 15 miles of bathing beaches. Which is awesome because beaches are my children’s favorite place. Another favorite for them is balloons🎈🎈🎈 On this beautiful day we get to enjoy 12th Street beach and these awesome balloons from @zuru.toys and this mama didn’t have to blow them or tie any 🙌🏼 @zuru.toys has self-tying Bunch O Balloons which you can see in action in my story. You can inflate a bunch of balloons in seconds 👌🏼 makes life easy for me. Buy these @walmart @target or @amazon #zuru #bunchoballoons #smashers

Beating this summer heat with a delicious refreshing Coca-Cola. I am delighted with my @cocacola bracelets, hoping to win a prize! Get yours today by picking up participating Coca-Cola products @jewelosco and open Coke.com/Enjoy to scan the icon and you could instantly win exclusive summer surprises! Some of the prizes include 4 tickets to a local professional baseball game in addition to a $50 gift card or a 4 pack of tickets to a nearby amusement park! There are many more prizes that could be won so check out the link below for rules and other prizes. #EnjoySummerSurprises #ad http://bit.ly/2YAQGFB

Maintaining good health and vitality are extremely important to me. As a women, we go through so much especially us mamas. We need to take control and gain back our health. Best way to start is with AdrenaFem @adrenalogix AdrenaFem is an excellent product to help women gain control over their hormone imbalances and maintain their health and vitality. Enhancing our energy, better memory, focus, and concentration. Giving us more stamina and endurance. Improves depression, anxiety, sleep, symptoms of PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. Protection against the adverse health effects of chronic stress This product contains Adaptogenic Herbs and made with All Natural, Organic, non-GMO Certified Ingredients (ashwaganda, cordyceps, rhodiola,dim,black kohosh); more information can be found in their site below: www.adrenalogix.com/adrenafem or video on fb/https://www.facebook.com/stopstressnow/videos/859861597681129/ YT video : https://youtu.be/dKaw93_RXiA YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDL8E9XU9GI&t=7s [AD] The ingredients contained in AdrenaFem were specially selected based on extensive scientific research supporting their unique health benefits. The plant-based herbs are especially unique in that each one has a variety of beneficial health effects which complement the others.

I am so ecstatic that my favorite #Wholesome beauty @rawsugarliving is 15% off ALL their products at your local @Meijerstores Take your #SelfLove game to the next level by giving your skin the #RawLovin it deserves and getting your skincare routine #SummerReady with Raw Sugar’s thirst quenching Cold Pressed ingredients found in their #PersonalCare and Bath + Body products. The best part? For every product that you purchase, Raw Sugar donates a fresh bar of soap to a family in need! Only #GoodVibes to get you #Glowing from the inside, out. #RawThankyou Hurry to your local @meijerstores to stock up like I did 🙌🏼

One more week of school before Summer break begins and we have so many fun-filled activities for the little ones. One of which will be, us staying again at the Great Wolf Lodge. We have been having so much with their Summer Camp-in which is packed with exciting Summer fun activities indoors. There’s pool parties, barbecue dinners, and mini-golf, an arcade, bowling, MagiQuest interactive game. Also, Campfire Ceremonies where we gather around the fire for face painting and storytime, then stay for a dance party under the stars. If you are looking for a fun place to make memories that will last all summer long and beyond, I recommend Great Wolf Lodge! #hosted

Here is a 4th of July inspiration of yummy treat for the family. My little ones love my fruit tart filled with banana cream. I usually top it with more fruit but this one is made to match the American flag, so perfect for the holiday. Are you baking this holiday? Keep an eye out on my stories to watch me make another fruit tart for the 4th. #4thjuly

I love Summer Break because the little ones get some time off from their work overload at school. However, as a concerned mom, I like to keep their little brains busy learning during the summer. I’ve enrolled them in many fun summer activities and also in a fun learning activity which is Math Revolution. @revolution_math is the Perfect Summer learning activity. It is an online learning program for children in grades 2-5. My children enjoy their one hour session with the same live tutoring instructor. It’s amazing because they are having fun while learning. I am fascinated by the story-based curriculum and the math games that are constructed to boost their skills and I’ve noticed they have developed a genuine interest in learning. They are always eager to start their hour lesson. I think this is such a fun, interactive online experience for them and they get to make new friends in their small 4 student class session. I am able to track my children’s progress online and through weekly video or email updates from their teachers. I decided to partner with Math Revolution after reviewing and realizing how much my children were learning and enjoying it. Now you can have your child try this program for 1 Month FREE. No Obligations! Code: AYALA1 Link: https://www.revolutionmath.com/?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=Influencer&utm_campaign=AYALA Click link in bio to start today! #revolutionmath