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"Happiness is to find someone like your soul a lot"

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If you want or not, there is (someone) in your life, you do not have your laws with the rest of the people, you get angry, you will miss him, wait for him without excuse, then excuse him. By the way you are thinking about it now !!

"I am not sure of my long existence in the world, but I hope that I have instilled within myself a good memory that will remain forever."

"We are looking for an excuse for our survival .. These pretexts are what keep us alive another hour .. Another day .. Another year .. These may be excuses a beautiful child or a love story .. Perhaps - in the least picture - a book waiting in passion "

If you make a mistake, do not hesitate. Keep your enthusiasm, because hesitation may cause a disaster.

Human Sensitive !! .. In short a person whose problem is the same day is the same .. How wonderful and others are tyrants .. This is intolerable!

In the lives of each of us are very precious things, but they make others accuse us of trifles, stupidity, or insanity if they are known to them, and we accuse them of stupidity and passions when they show their sarcasm.

I also typically, I have always been stressed and fluently for the phrases that have not been very important. The woman is not easy to give up. The idea here is that one is trying to give absolute importance to his teachers for a famous person .. So the generates generally frequently.

If you do not like my thinking and my behalf, I do not remember that I wake up every day with a view to raise your admire.

The milk is an inspirational fluid .. Once you put it on fire until your memories come to fruition .. And you think of thousands of ideas genius .. And remember the dates did not meet .. And phone calls did not take .. The important thing that everything invites you to forget the milk on the stove .. and wake up To guide you to find the white volcano erupt with its lava .. and realize that you are two seconds late fateful

"Do not waste your life to prove that you are successful Tell them that you are a failure and will believe you immediately, and then live your life in your style and style is the real success! - -Jack Nicholson

It does not matter who you are, where you come from, how you look or who you love. It does not matter whether you are black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, small or large, rich or poor, capable or disabled, biased or different, I care only human being

"When you like a movie, a song, a book, there's always someone who tends to share that thing right away, and jumps in your head because you trust it will feel just the way you feel ... this is a real friend."

Every morning, I look in the mirror and ask myself: If this is the last day of my life, am I satisfied with what I will do the rest of the day? The more the answer is, the more I know I need to change something. - Steve Jobs

If you see everyone walking in front of you .. do not hesitate !! Walk even if you become lonely .. Unity is better than living opposite yourself to please others

"I love the soft, I do not care about your shape, your culture, your surroundings. I am always struck by a person who is afraid of the impact of his words in the heart of others."

All the things I ask are simple and easy and happen to many, but with me, with me for some reason do not occur.

When the sun goes down .. When the companions stop giving their condolences to you .. When the shadows lengthen before they die .. Then begins the date of your private prison ..

Every man spends his life in pride that he has not committed a sin, the fact that the scope of his life is far from any chance to commit sins .. If he had the opportunity .. Good .. You know where the thieves come from, the thieves and killers .. They are among us .. They are us ! They found the opportunity to realize that they were weaker than they imagined.

Get rid of all the relationships that hurt you psychologically and healthy and end it without hesitation, the relations recede, and health does not compensate.

The most important way to avoid unhappiness is not to have time to ask yourself whether you are happy or not.

It is strange that the genius who understands all the rhetoric of politics, religion, economics, law and medicine is not far .. You meet him almost everywhere .. He is your neighbor .. He is your friend .. He is your father .. It is the first one I received in the street if I came out now .. So Where are fools in our world? .. They are officially charged with these things!

If you see everyone walking in front of you .. do not hesitate !! Walk even if you become lonely .. Unity is better than living opposite yourself to please others

No one in my family or friends has noticed that I have been absent from my life. Yes, I go forward and spend my life missing, as there is no more emotion inside me than the body of a sunken body. My presence in this world seems to be just Hallucinations and fantasies

Can not bear life without dreams .. Since my childhood I have never tried to live without dreams .. To wait for something .. To be deprived of something .. To close your eyes at night and you hope for something .. To receive a promise something

No matter how much we love others, we have to find them miserable, miserable people in a certain moment.

Strange is that interlocking world under my scalp ... I will never be able to understand that being who I am.

I came, I do not know where, but I came And I saw a way before me, and I went out I will keep going if you like this or not How did you come? How did you see my way? I do not know! I am new or old I am in this presence Am I free or walking in chains? Am I the leader of myself in my life or a leash? I hope I know but ... I do not know!

When you do not know how to describe how you feel or defend yourself in a moment or position, know that you have an innocent heart that has not learned the slime of life.