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☀️ Health & Wellness AFPA Certified Pilates Instructor ACE Certified Personal Trainer (not on any dating sites)(venmo:@minijello) Lyft:MINIJELLO

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I love the idea of being stronger than I look- not just physically (with a 135 1RM squat💁🏽‍♀️) but also mentally. Every day brings new tests that challenge both aspects. I gain strength physically by incorporating a lot of functional training into my routine, and mentally by remaining present and reminding myself to be resilient. I may be mini, but I’m also mighty 🦁😊💪🏼

Pretending I don’t have 5 finals coming up ☀️🙂☀️ What’s your favorite way to procrastinate? 😂Don’t forget to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day this weekend! 🌸💕

Cheap vacation hack: As long as you have a tropical tapestry and a bathing suit, every day can be a vacation ☀️😇 HAPPY EARTH DAY 🌎 Sunflowers are my favorite flowers of all time (Wake up before the SUNflower does lol I hate me too) What’s yours?🌻

Bahamas with my pretty mama! (Not pictured: my pretty mama... she was taking this picture) lol. Tag the tallest person you know!

Raise your hand if you’re still sitting at the kids table this Thanksgiving 🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ Beyond thankful for every aspect of my life at this moment and everyone out there supporting me and my crazy life💕☀️ I hope your thanksgiving is filled with family friends and food 🦃🦃 what are you thankful for this season? . . . . 📸: my dad #NovaBabe I love these boots! @fashionnova

Raise your hand if you wish the weather was warm and that tomorrow wasn’t Monday! 🙋🏽‍♀️ Tag someone with Sunday Scaries 👻

I’ll drive anyone anywhere as long as i get AUX. So where we going? . . . . Wearing @fashionnova #NovaBabe Forget Me Not Set 😍😍😍 (incredibly comfy) 📸: @jpark_fit (obvi)

Had so much fun in Napa that they had to bribe me with wine to get me on the plane 🍇🍇 What kind is your favorite?? Red or white

It’s always nice to find time to Lounge on Sundays and plan out the busy week ahead ☀️☀️ I like to write a list of everything I have to accomplish for the week on Sundays and check back in with it throughout the week to stay organized. Sundays are also a great time to reflect on the goals you accomplished the week before and reward yourself with some relaxation 💕💕 . . . . I’m seriously in love with this set from @loungeintimates @loungeapparel @loungeunderwear

Sea you later, Miami🛳 Next stop, Bahamas! What’s the best vacation you ever went on?

Checkmate ⬛️⬜️ Acting like I’m going anywhere except home for spring break lol. Not sure if I’m more excited to get a break from school work or to see my home gym again 😍😍😍 What’s your favorite part of going home?

Hello shorts and tank tops, haven’t seen you in a while...welcome back☀️☀️☀️ Is there anything better than Sunny Saturdays?

Has anyone seen my pot of gold? I think I left it somewhere around here.... please let me know if you see it!! Thank you!!!!! 🌈Hope everyone had a lucky St Patrick’s Day!! 🍀 Tag someone who isn’t Irish lol How important do you think luck is when it comes to being successful? . . . . Wearing my green @fashionnova dress

My face when I realized Jack could have easily fit on that raft if Rose just sat up.... 🤔🤔 Tag a bed/cover hog and comment your favorite movies below!! (Need something to watch on the plane tomorrow!)💕💕

Sorry I haven’t been posting much, busy having a GRAPE summer! 🍇 (Not even sorry for how bad that joke was) Just wanted to pop in and say hi, I hope you guys didn’t forget about me!! Next week is my vacation and I’m so excited to share tons of pics from it 😏💕☀️... Funniest comment gets a follow 😝 📸: @jay__mac

Getting through the final stretch of the week like.... Are you getting any closer to your goals? 💪🏼💕☀️ . . . . . @fashionnova

Back by popular demand...weird to say the highlight of my summer was when Bill Murray looked at my boobs 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️. PS sorry I've been MIA, I'm working on a lot of new stuff for the future. Comment what you'd like to see more of! (If u say my chest I'm blocking u lol) I'm thinking of making a public Snapchat or starting a blog. Let me know your thoughts!! 💕💕💕

In case you can’t tell... I really like sunflowers and leaves lol. Here’s to 21 years of life and growth.🌻 I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who support me and radiate positive vibes. 💕 please don’t be fooled though the numbers say 21 but I’m still 9 years old inside 😂 Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Everyone cross your fingers that this outfit stays white! 🤗☀️

Very rare picture of me wearing makeup, occurs once every 37.75 posts. Like this for 50 years of good luck🍀 . . (Some very very exciting news coming soon!!! Any guesses?😏😏)

Mid-Afternoon Snack 🍎 Don’t forget about your micronutrients! Just as important as your macros ☀️ Little substitutions throughout the day of healthier alternatives put you on track to a healthy eating style and a healthier life🥦🌸☀️What’s your favorite way to be healthier? 📸: @jay__mac

Merry Christmas everyone! I’m glad Santa uses his own list and doesn’t check my comments because some of the stuff you guys say would definitely land you on the naughty list 😅😅 Have a great day filled with family, love, generosity, and cheer ❤️💚 Tell me some of ur favorite traditions!! . . . . @fashionnova #NovaBabe @sticky_original photography amazing as ever thanks again!

Water you waiting for??? (Get it?😅😂) Don’t let obstacles or excuses get in the way of your goals. Stop listening to the voice in your head telling you “just 5 more minutes in bed!” Or “it’s raining I can’t go for a run”. Letting yourself make excuses won’t get you any closer to becoming the best version of yourself! Get up and get after it!!☀️ #WUBTSD 📸: @jpark_fit #NovaBabe

Rainy Monday’s 🌧 Gotta shine brighter when the sun isn’t out ☀️☀️☀️What’s stopping you from achieving the best version of yourself? . . . . @cshep25

Half way through the week like... Anyone else begging for the weekend right now?! ☀️🌸🌿 I try to remind myself to be present and not spend the weekdays dreaming of the weekend. It is important to be mindful and aware of all your actions instead of letting time pass by. Taking advantage of the flexibility of my schedule during the summer and spending a lot of time being as productive as possible. What are you focusing on this week? 📸: @jay__mac 👚: @shoptobi

An apple a day, you know what they say 🍎 Happy Saturday! ☀️ I actually do eat an apple every single day, they’re one of my favorite foods!!! What’s your favorite fruit? Hope everyone has a happy and healthy weekend 💕😇 . . . . . @fashionnova

Celebrating the end of my Junior Year of college! This year was one I am extremely proud of. I set and crushed so many goals and really feel like I grew into the person I am meant to be. Waking up before the sun does is more than just a motto, it’s a lifestyle where I am my most productive self and set each day with a goal that I work towards. I never imagined sharing these daily morning selfies at 4/5am would motivate so many of you to join this lifestyle and I am so touched by all the messages I receive every morning by people who are up with me!! Im proud of anyone who accomplishes a goal, big or small, regardless of what time of day they do it. Hearing about the positive impact my morning routine has on you guys makes it easier every day to aim to be the best version of myself and inspire others to do so. Thank you everyone ☀️💕. What motivates you? . . . . . @shoptobi #shoptobi

Dreaming of a White Christmas (but only bc my favorite color is white...not really a big fan of shoveling snow off my car to get to the gym /:) How about you? White Christmas or nah? @fashionnova #NovaBabe softest jacket I have ever worn v v v soft . . . 📸: @sticky_original and many more to come from this shoot!!!!

Who says unicorns aren’t real???? Happy Halloween everyone! What are you dressed up as?!

I wish I could just dress as a comfy tired girl for Halloween 😅😅😴😴What are you dressing up as this weekend?🎃🎃 . . . . . . 📸: @jpark_fit (Use MINIJ10 for 10% off or INSTA20for 20% off on Rebellious Fashion)

Hey it’s me, the Grinch, here to steal Christmas!! (Just kidding please don’t call the police on me) What are you hoping to find under your tree tomorrow?