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Best way to end the day 🖤 loved our SUPing at sunset on the lake last Sunday! #mikutatravels #salzburgerland *anzeige

Happy midsummer! 🌸 Today is a very special day, specially in Sweden with everyone celebrating the longest day of the year - flowers in the hair, dance around a flower pole and picking 7 different flowers to put under the pillow at night to dream about the future partner 🖤 Luckily I already found my love but I need a flower crown, so that’s my Friday plan! Happy Friday loves and happy midsummer 🌿 #happymidsummer *Anzeige

A bit of fresh air up on the mountain 🌿🖤 #mikutatravels #salzburgerland *anzeige

Relaxing time 😎 How cool are these straw pillows? Happy Sunday loves! 🖤 #casacookchania #mikutatravels *Anzeige

We bought our dream apartment 🗝🖤 We couldn’t be happier right now! Today we finally got the keys and we are about to spend our first night here on an air mattress, pizza and candles 🎉 We have quite some plans for turning this place into an even bigger dream for us, so there will be some renovations this summer 💪 Read all about it on my new blogpost where you can see a lot of pictures of how it looks right now (Link in bio) 🗝 Happy happy happy! I wanted to post a bit earlier but it’s been a busy Monday 🖤 @klemenswhite #mikutahome #houseowners #happycouple

Just one more from that evening 🖤 So relaxing and I just love to SUP, if you haven’t tried yet you should, you’ll love it 🌿 Happy Friday! #mikutatravels

Another dream I have is to live in a farm house on an island with a big table and eat Greek salad every day - living that dream these days at @flisvossportclub on Naxos 🖤☀️🌿 Thanks for having us! *anzeige #flisvossportclub #mikutatravels #naxos

Love 💥 Sunday at home 🖤 Spending some days in Berlin and enjoying our cozy home as much as possible before we’re back on the road again 🌿 #mikutahome *Anzeige

Love 💥 my sunshine 🖤 @klemenswhite *Anzeige/ad

Cozy Sunday 💫🌿 Preps for our 3 weeks trip on Wednesday - can’t wait!

Some days in the nature 🌿 Follow along on my stories! Happy weekend loves! #mikutatravels #salzburgerland *anzeige

Lights💥 Fluffy rain dance ☔️ #amsterdam #mikutatravels

Thankful for this beautiful human 🖤 @klemenswhite 💫 #lovelovelove *anzeige

Trees 💥 New post from our Christmas days is up on the blog (link in bio) 🖤 Merry X-mas! ❄️

Lights 💥 Hello Amsterdam 🖤 #mikutatravels

Amsterdam 💥 rain kiss 🖤 @klemenswhite #mikutatravels #amsterdam

Lights 💥 So Christmassy 🖤

Today’s mood - how do you spend your Sunday? 💫 There’s a new post on the blog about our stay at the Seaside suite at @flisvossportclub - link in bio! Take me back to this relaxing spot 🖤 #flisvossportclub #flisvosseasidesuite #naxos #mikutatravels *Anzeige

Werbung - Just came back from an amazing adventure in Salzburg and Salzkammergut 🌿 Intense days with sightseeing, hiking, boat on a lake and SUP at the sunset 🖤 A nice little getaway! See on my stories what we were up to! Also, how cute is this cow? 🐮 Swipe to see it!@salzburgerland @visitsalzkammergut @visitsalzburg @eurowings #salzburgerland #nextstopsalzburg

Rio 💥 Arrived to Portugal to drive along the coast with this little one called Rio 🖤 Picked it up yesterday in Faro from @siestacampers and already in love - today we found the perfect spot on the cliffs and set everything up for a cozy afternoon ✨ So excited for the upcoming days! Just hoping for as little rain as possible 🌧 #mikutatravels #portugal #siestacampers *Anzeige

Blue 💥 Breathing in the air of Sri Lanka 🖤 By far the best part of our trip! #mikutatravels #srilanka @klemenswhite

Pom poms 💥 Evening on the rocks - more on the blog (link in bio) #hvar *Anzeige/Ad

Werbung - 🦖🎉 All in with the festival hair at Parookaville with @redken ✨ Studs, puffs, silver and music! #redkenready #redkenfestivalstylist #festivalready

Castle 💥 Still completely amazed by the illumination show at Disneyland 💕 One of the most beautiful things I’ve seen - so nostalgic and powerful! 🎉 #disneylandparis *Anzeige/ad

Been some super stressful last days but soon I can finally relax because tomorrow we’re off to the beach 🌴🖤 We’re around The Philippines for 3 weeks and so excited about it! We didn’t start planning the trip and where to go until this morning so not sure how it will all turn out but it’s all about adventure, right? ⭐️ Any recommendations or places we can’t miss? 🌊 Here’s one of my fave pics from the beach with my love @klemenswhite #mikutatravels *anzeige

Boating with my 🖤 @klemenswhite Working in the apartment this weekend so sharing moments from last weekends relaxing adventure 🚣 It’s amazing how lakes and mountains calms you down so much, need more trips like this 🖤 #mikutatravels #salzburgerland *Anzeige

Busy weekend tearing down walls and getting closer and closer to our dream apartment 🖤 See what we’ve done so far on my stories or check the highlight on my profile - Casa cozy 🔨✨ #mikutabuilds #mikutahome #casacozy *Anzeige