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Busy weekend tearing down walls and getting closer and closer to our dream apartment 🖤 See what we’ve done so far on my stories or check the highlight on my profile - Casa cozy 🔨✨ #mikutabuilds #mikutahome #casacozy *Anzeige

Summer shades 🖤 I would normally say I miss laying there on the sunbed but I don’t, I’m super happy being here in Berlin working on our projects! 💪The 2nd part of our apartment tour before renovation is up on stories (find all on my highlight if you missed the 1st one) 🔨✨ #messedstudio *anzeige

Pink 💕 *anzeige

Happy midsummer! 🌸 Today is a very special day, specially in Sweden with everyone celebrating the longest day of the year - flowers in the hair, dance around a flower pole and picking 7 different flowers to put under the pillow at night to dream about the future partner 🖤 Luckily I already found my love but I need a flower crown, so that’s my Friday plan! Happy Friday loves and happy midsummer 🌿 #happymidsummer *Anzeige

There’s some new pieces in the Mikuta jewellery fam 🖤 Excited to announce The Chain, our newest member. The Bangles are also back in all sizes and The Cuff as well 💫 I’m so happy that our little jewellery shop is expanding with new pieces coming up! So happy you like them as well 🖤 Link in bio! Love xx *Anzeige

Never miss a beach day when on the island 🌿 Recharging in my crochet bikini, what do you do to recharge and relax? Going to the beach in the afternoon is one of my fave ways to relax, also books! Yoga seems perfect too just need to get more disciplined to do it, hehe #mikutatravels #duniaalgericapsule #everydaynymph *anzeige

Relaxing time 😎 How cool are these straw pillows? Happy Sunday loves! 🖤 #casacookchania #mikutatravels *Anzeige

Just came back to Berlin after the coziest and most relaxing days in Mallorca with the fam, full of power talk and love - just what I needed before July full off apartment work! Here’s a pic from Greece, just as relaxed as I feel right now! Have a great evening loves 🖤 *Anzeige

Werbung - Evenings on the beach call for a good denim @liujoglobal 🖤 #MyLiuJoDenim #LiuJoPeople #ad

It’s been a hot weekend! Hope you had a good one 🖤🌴 #faithfullthebrand *anzeige

Having a chill party with the chiwis 🖤🌴 #mikutatravels *anzeige

Back to business 🛠 It’s easy with the ideas and dreams of this place but it’s harder when it’s actually time to do it... where to begin? 🙈 Spending the evening here with @klemenswhite planning on the balcony and I’m so so so happy and in love 🖤 #mikutahome #casacozy #timetobuild

Vacay feels 💫 Off to Mallorca for a project and of course some family time 🖤 Happy Thurs! *anzeige

We bought our dream apartment 🗝🖤 We couldn’t be happier right now! Today we finally got the keys and we are about to spend our first night here on an air mattress, pizza and candles 🎉 We have quite some plans for turning this place into an even bigger dream for us, so there will be some renovations this summer 💪 Read all about it on my new blogpost where you can see a lot of pictures of how it looks right now (Link in bio) 🗝 Happy happy happy! I wanted to post a bit earlier but it’s been a busy Monday 🖤 @klemenswhite #mikutahome #houseowners #happycouple

Werbung - Berlin weekend 💙 Always happy to be home and always happy in pretty dresses, specially this one 💫 Happy Friday loves! @sezane #sezane

Black & denim ⭐️

Our private pool side shared with our friends, loving the black tiles inside of it 🖤 Check my stories for a little room tour! #CasaCookChania *Anzeige

Finally it’s below 30° and I celebrate with long jeans ✨

A pop of spice 🌶 No summer without my @dirtygrey_ 🖤 #dirtygrey *Anzeige

Werbung - I always wanted to meet a camel 🐪 💕 Yesterday I finally did! We went to the Royal camel farm here in Bahrain to meet them and even got to cuddle! Here the camels are not used for milking or riding, the farm was created by the king to preserve the camels in Bahrain. Unfortunately some of the camels are chained but those are only the aggressive males to prevent them from killing each other to mate with the females, which are not chained. I was a bit worried in the beginning about getting close to them but they were so sweet and friendly, except one camel that tried to eat my hat!☀️ @tourismbahrain #BahrainAlwaysWarmer #BahrainOursYours

Werbung - Are you more a cappuccino person or a black coffee person? I can’t live without my cappuccinos, specially in our cozy neighborhood! Always with my @kaptenandson 💫 Happy Saturday! #bekapten #kaptenandson

Another dream I have is to live in a farm house on an island with a big table and eat Greek salad every day - living that dream these days at @flisvossportclub on Naxos 🖤☀️🌿 Thanks for having us! *anzeige #flisvossportclub #mikutatravels #naxos

Werbung - Dreamy days (and nights) at #CasaCookChania 🖤 So happy to be back at @casacookhotels to see their newly opened hotel in Chania - so much inspiration, earthy colors, good food, lots of sun and relaxing moments! How beautiful is this bedroom? The interior here is just TOP ✨ #CollectingMoments #CasaPeople #CasaCookHotels

Today’s mood - how do you spend your Sunday? 💫 There’s a new post on the blog about our stay at the Seaside suite at @flisvossportclub - link in bio! Take me back to this relaxing spot 🖤 #flisvossportclub #flisvosseasidesuite #naxos #mikutatravels *Anzeige

🐆🌿 #pooltime *anzeige

Friday deets 💫💙 Don’t forget to sparkle! *anzeige

Beach evenings are my fave 🖤 Now back in Berlin to work on our new apartment, so exciting! 🛠 We got the keys 3 weeks ago and then we left directly after so we haven’t seen it since, missed it so much! Now it’s time for some hard work 👷🏼‍♀️👷🏼‍♂️yey! *Anzeige