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Another dream I have is to live in a farm house on an island with a big table and eat Greek salad every day - living that dream these days at @flisvossportclub

Cozy cozy 🖤 Beach evenings at its best! Tomorrow Naxos! #mikutatravels #theknottyones *anzeige

What’s yours - sunrise or sunset? 🖤 I’m definitely a sunset person but if I manage to be up for sunrise it’s the most beautiful! I love the peaceful mornings

Cozy evening - cozy sweater 🖤 It’s been some amazing days here and specially yesterday with this beautiful sunset. Klemens and I stayed on the beach until

Werbung - Matching top with the sunrise ☀️🌾 @sezane #sezane

Shirtdress and beach and we’re all set! 🐚 #formentera #beachtime *anzeige

Yesterday we arrived to Formentera and went straight to the beach for a picnic, one of the coziest moments so far, had to get some shots 🖤 Love being here

I’ve read these amazing books about a girl who moved to a small village, bought a lighthouse and opened up a bakery, she baked bread every day, had a bird

Daily deets 🖤 @messedstudio #messedstudio *anzeige

Friday ✨ Have a good one! #formentera *anzeige

Werbung - Back on the beach 🖤 Don’t know what I love more, the bag or the blouse! All from @sezane 🌾 #sezane #formentera

Beach days 🌾 #couldstayforever

🐚 💫

Always sparkle ✨ specially on less good days! My best solution to a bad day is glitter and sparks, always works 💪 (and chocolate) 🖤 Been some exhausting

Werbung - Already dressed for the summer parties ☀️ @sezane #sezane

Fighting the wind! ⚡️ Had some left from the desert - new post on the blog (link in bio) 🖤 Tomorrow new destination! *anzeige

🌾 So much beauty! ✨ #formentera

Right where I want to be 🖤 What a beautiful weekend! Enjoy your Sunday evening guys! ✨ #mikutatravels #formentera

Monday coziness 🌨 Tickets booked to the beach! #happymonday

Prepping for new adventures 🖤 #mikutatravels

Sunshine, love and all sorts of fun with the sweeties ✨🎠 @collagevintage @sincerelyjules #revolvefestival *anzeige

Dreaming back to that evening on Venice beach ✨ Wish I was there but instead we’ve been locked in our house the whole weekend working - but I’m very excited

Craving a beach, a big hat and some sun right now ☀️

The messier the bun... 🌪

Casually enjoying a cup ☕️ Just love love love Berlin right now 🖤 *anzeige

Werbung - Sparkles in the desert, full @thekooples festival look 🎉 Find them all on the blog soon 🖤 #thekooples

Yesterday in stripes and my favourite go-to pieces 🖤 Now off to Cologne! Happy Friday! #happyinstripes *anzeige

More sparkle 💫 #revolvefestival @revolve *anzeige

Always dreamt of matching shoes 🖤 @klemenswhite #ckfestival #mycalvins *Werbung

Pink 🌵 #happyeaster