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Barefoot on the sand in a dream @needleandthreadlondon dress ♡

I never post photos in open bikinis anymore. Never show my body. It’s not the question of insecurities. I just got afraid of my own sexuality. A lot of people see in me just a “pretty girl”. That make me fight to make them see my inside world. I have to put x100 times more strength to proof that there is more. I didn’t choose to be born in this body (also I do want to look good for myself) but I don’t want people to like me for my shell. I want them to appreciate me for my talent and my thoughts. Every woman is beautiful and beauty is a truly on the inside because that you can improve and improve. However you body has it’s limits. 📷 @natalee_chee

On the way to Nice for a special dinner ♡ @dior

Each and every year I get to experience a weekend of endlessness happiness, free spirit and music 🎡 Thanks to @revolve family for bringing me here ♡ wearing @thurleyofficial via @revolve ♡ #revolvefestival

Blooming season 🌸🌷💐🌺

Thinking to cut my hair like this ❤️ yes or no? ❤️ Отрезать себе волосы вот так?

Coach Illinig @coach 🖤 What was your favorite my Coachella look? Dress @thurleyofficial via @revolve ♡ #coachella

Baby Masha ♡ Guess how many years ago this is? ♡ Угадайте какое время назад сделано это фото?

Ready for my first red carpet in Cannes with @giuseppezanotti ❤️ #giuseppezanotti #ad

your working daddy @tods @intimissimiofficial

Giveaway below! @MessikaJewelry can do no wrong guys! How gorgeous is the new Move collection? I’ve been wearing my Move necklace with all of my spring outfits - the delicate piece gives your style an elegant sparkle ✨ I’ve partnered with MESSIKA so you too can win your very own Move necklace! Rules are simple ✔️Like this post ✔️Follow @MessikaJewelry ✔️Comment with the gold color you would like ✔️Tag two friends! Good luck! Winner will be announced on April 23rd #MessikaJewelry #MessikaMoveNewYork #MovebyMessika 📷

The most Christmas photo I’ve ever taken 🐶 Merry Christmas everyone ♡

When the sand softer than your mattress 🕊🥥

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            That night was a dream come true. If somebody would show me this moment 6 years ago, I would never believe it. 
Jewelry @pomellato 
Dress @dior
Shoes @giuseppezanotti 
Hair @<a href=elfstylist Makeup @grinyuka_nastya">

That night was a dream come true. If somebody would show me this moment 6 years ago, I would never believe it. Jewelry @pomellato Dress @dior Shoes @giuseppezanotti Hair @elfstylist Makeup @grinyuka_nastya

Yey! Finally going on vocation in 3 days 🌴 Урааа! Наконец-то еду отдыхать в тёплые края через 3 дня 🌴 Угадайте куда я лечу? Кто первый отгадает, пришлю открытку из этого места :)

The bed in which I would prefer to be right now instead of spending 2 weeks with the flu in Moscow. ♡ Кровать в которой я бы хотела сейчас оказаться вместо того что бы болеть в Москве. ♡

I have almost everything to pretend for a new Carrie Bradshaw role: Life in New York, work in fashion, @manoloblahnikru and complicated relationship haha

Few people know that I was born and raised a small town Kursk in Russia. The area around Kursk was the site of a turning point in the Soviet–German struggle during World War II and the site of the largest tank battle in the world history. About 2 million people, 6 thousand tanks, 4 thousand airplanes took part in it. (Wiki, my grandpa and my history teacher hehe)

А из нашего окна площадь красная видна! @zalina_verkhovskaya ♡

Woman’s power ♡ what is woman’s power for you? ♡ что для вас сила женщины?

Стиснув зубы, так что бы скрипело. Продолжаю думать о своём заморском счастье, прочитав очередной прогноз своей жизни. Но ты опять заставляешь меня писать, писать эти незамысловатые слова. Мы едем в машине, все как в кино, огни большого города рок энд ролл из шестидесятых.... Хотите видеть больше выдержек из моего дневника? 📷 @imaykina

90s kid 😎 i think it’s cool that we can say that we lived in two centuries. Don’t you agree? Wearing @agreeg ♡ 📷 @olegbogdancom

Classic Milano postcard. Wearing @piazzasempione ♡ #piazzasempione #SS19 #mfw

Tired of the sun 🐶 Утомлённые солнцем 🐶

Holidays are over! Time to get back to the game 💪🏼 Who is with me? ♡ Праздники закончились! Пора возвращаться назад в игру 💪🏼 Кто со мной? @pumaperformance #pumaperformance #teamfaster

J'ai souvent l'impression de ne pas être née à la bonne époque... Photo: Muah: @motyshenmakeup Style:

@ermannoscervino campaign is out ♡ #ScervinoFragrance #ErmannoScervino

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            Every next level in your life will demand a different you ♡
Makeup @<a href=zhykyana ♡">

Every next level in your life will demand a different you ♡ Makeup @zhykyana