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There's a reason why there have been hundreds of films made that take place in the majestic Italian countryside of Tuscany.  When the morning fog lifts from the valleys, it's vineyards and cypress trees as far as the eye can see. On a clear day, the slightest breeze is a needed relief from the Tuscan sun. I personally welcome the puffy white cotton candy clouds that clutter the skyline. I love how quickly they move, making way for the the sunlight to soak different spots, forever changing the shape of the lush landscape and always bringing something to light that hasn't been seen before. It's hypnotizing.

A #MoetMoment from our South of France inspired Summer Soirée with @MoetUsa in Montauk. Keeping cool with a glass of Moët Ice Imperial in my hand. Head over to @moetusa for more moments from the afternoon! #MoetPartner

This look 100% shoppable (including the recently restocked pearl drop earrings) linked in my bio. Have you caught the new series I’m starting in my stories rn? Think I’ve landed on the hashtag #WhatWouldJennyWear, sorry, majority rules 😜

I think the word wellness means something different to everyone. To me, wellness is a culmination of actions I take daily, through food, meditation and activity, that lead me to a place of feeling strong mentally and physically. My life isn’t one of routine, therefore I’ve had to set practices into place that I can do anywhere in the world. My meditation mantra lately has been; “In the movement towards enlightenment, where you are is the point of arrival.” It’s my way of practicing patience and gratitude for where I am at instead of longing for what I feel I need or am missing in life. I’ve learned over the years that physical activity and movement plays a huge role in my happiness, my wellness. If I’m not finding at least 30 minutes in my day to move, be it running, flowing through a few yoga movements or making it to a Pilates class, I will feel mentally blocked. Food continues to be my biggest challenge. Eating clean is a huge priority for me, but there’s a tremendous amount of time an energy that goes into it, am I right? What have you found that helps you with your healthy eating choices? With so many people speaking about wellness I feel like it’s easy to put a ton of pressure on yourself to do it all. But what I’ve learned is that wellness is a daily commitment and state of mind. Not doing it all is more than ok. It’s about figuring out that balance inside of yourself. That’s what wellness means to me.

Loving every moment of these East Coast Summers. From LBI to the Hamptons this weekend with @MoetUSA for a south of France-inspired soirée celebrating my favorite summer drink, Ice Impérial - best served with not 1, not 2, but 3 ice cubes ☀️ #MoetMoment #MoetPartner

All the femme feels today wearing my new #TabbyBag. Thank you @coach, I adore her! 💕 #CoachNY

I have to admit, overshooting content while traveling to post as latergrams affords me opportunity to take a little time off. And by off, I mean to focus on launching @tivvitapp and spend some much needed time with family. Closing out Italy content with a few more photos before taking off to Turks and Caicos! Have to admit, while the Tuscan sun content is so yummy, I’m ready for some beach’s and bikinis in my life!

When the sun is shining & the storm clouds are behind me, I can’t help but smile 😁 @victoriassecret #VSswim #VSgetaway

When it comes to my vacay style, I look for anything that channels that old world, romantic, European Glamour - think Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. @AmaioSwim not only captures that aesthetic, but I absolutely adore their take on swimwear meets ready-to-wear that seamlessly takes you from poolside perfection to sunset drinks - it’s Après Swim at it’s finest! #amaioswim #ad

Outtakes from our weekend in Montauk. Duryea’s lobster followed by an afternoon in the sun 🦞☀️🌊 Really leaning into the east coast summer vibe...

This hat requires it’s own suitcase 🤣 #VSSwim #VSGetaway

“She is clothed in strength, dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. She has that certain je ne sais quoi!” I’m loving @JNSQWines whose California luxury Rose’ Cru is giving me that same feeling… #JNSQWines #JNSQWinePartner

I’ve been thinking a lot about what role social media, specifically Instagram, has in my life. How it serves me. How it doesn’t serve me. I sit here writing this in a cafe looking around seeing everyone plugged in. Plugged into their computers, their phones. I’m guilty too. Everyone is so absorbed, not in each other but in their devices. There’s definitely a social shift, an awareness that this conscious attention inwards to our devices is causing a divide. A divide between reality and social reality. A divide between relationships. Since mid March, I’ve been writing more than I ever have in my life. The culmination of where I’m at personally combined with how I perceive the space has forced me to reflect in the form of journaling and in turn, has brought me to a far more grounded place than I’ve been in years, maybe even my life. I’m sharing this because I feel I’ve been distant from you guys and this is the first time I’ve been able to truly articulate this. Because every time I go to write a caption, I crave speaking of something deeper, not just captioning something for the sake of captioning. If I could put my finger on exactly what’s been bothering me, it would be that I’m misusing my platform. With everything that’s happening in the world around us, I feel a deep social responsibility to bring awareness to topics that can effect change. While sharing fashion and beauty will always be at the core of what I create , I deeply crave exploring a conversation that’s deeper than that with each of you. I’ve just been trying to figure out what that is. I’ve been a sponge lately, gravitating to things that feed my soul and bring me joy. I feel closer to being able to make that decision but I’m still not there yet. Just wanted to check in and let you know where my head has been ❤️ This photo was taken of Margo and me this weekend. Laying the grass, absorbing the sun, hair wet from the pool and not a stitch of makeup. These are the moments that mean the most to me right now.

I’d send you a scoop if I could so maybe I’ll send a postcard instead? 💌

Default outfit; neutrals & black accessories 🖤

To say I’m wildly excited would be a vast understatement to how I’m actually feeling inside knowing that @fredcip’s film he directed, DESOLATE, is out today 🎥 🍿!!!! I’ve watched this man take his love and dedication of film making from a vision to a reality, every grueling step of the way. It’s been one of the most inspiring things to watch and you should be so beyond proud of this accomplishment my love ❤️ Cheers to Freddie today 🥂! Grab some popcorn and download the movie on iTunes (linked in my stories) or On Demand. Leaving a list of theaters it’s playing at in my stories as well 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Have you checked out #VSswim yet?! Fell in love with this deep-v & cinched waist by @toripraverswimwear exclusively for @victoriassecret 👙 #VSgetaway

How old were you when you first flew on an airplane alone? This 11 year old flew all the way from California to spend the week with her auntie at the shore - we’re clearly having no fun at all 👯‍♀️💕

Being by the shore the past week has afforded me the time to catch up on some long overdue posts to the blog. Finally recapping my trip to Florence with a carefully curated city guide. If you’re headed that way, this is one to bookmark!

Boat days = Best days 🌊 So excited to be in Turks & Caicos with the @victoriassecret team celebrating #VSSwim! #VSgetaway

Forever on the hunt for flats that feel elevated for days around the city & the @bally #BallyJanelle’s are just that #BallyCollective #ad

When @victoriassecret drops you off on a deserted island 🌴 #VSSwim #VSGetaway

Since we still haven’t found a place to call home, my in-laws generously gave @fredcip and I the keys to the beach house. Now I just feel like I’m on a perma-vacation in a place where the towns are called “Surf City”, “Ship Bottom” & “Beach Haven”. Love summers on LBI 🌊

Lingering over unpublished stills from Sicily this morning & came across these from a cloudy morning in Cefalù. While waiting for the sun to come out, we explored the 11th century cathedral that dominates the skyline of the medieval town. It’s powerful presence is best appreciated from the city square, or while sitting on the ancient stairs.

One cannot think of Tuscany without envisioning the majestic cypress tree lined roads. It’s quintessential of the Tuscan landscape. Similar to the symbolic tree, @acquadiparma_official newest fragrance #CipressoDiToscana embodies that elegant woody smell with hints of all the things we love about the countryside; rosemary, lavender and basil to name a few. Why just dream of Italy when you can wear it each day? #acquadiparma #bluemediterraneo

Couldn’t be more proud/excited for my girl @sheamarie’s @same swim colab with @victoriassecret 👙! Like what?! 👏🏻 #vsgetaway #vsswim

Pastel Love, an irresistible, exclusive capsule collection from @RedValentino! Swipe through for 3 of the 8 key pieces that reflect the perfect juxtaposition of feminine pieces with structured designs for an effortlessly chic and versatile flair. Available at starting TODAY, June 21st! #RedValentino #ad

In all honesty, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a red dress more! Linking this @bcbgmaxazria dress in my stories for you! #bcbgmaxazria #ad