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Guess whose post-ocean meal is whose @alexeijoel @imogenlr @zacseidler 🍴

The best thing about weekends and @bellagiocafe 🍴 (jokes: supposed to be packing boxes - be back in 5, @major_zhang 🙊)

One last surf with @alexeijoel pre-flight - how good are iPhone wetsuits? 🌞🏄

Printed mish mash on the menu - late nights working starting to catch up with my eye bags... #LFW #onemanband (@thetownhallhotel @theluxenomad)

Good morning! Any #Paris breakfast recommendations? 💃

【HOME】Humidity:92% 😰 [A kind gentleman stopped me on Houston to let me know that my shirt was on backwards. Also, I’m not onboard with AirPods.]

【TOKYO BLUSHING】Pt 2/4: Further scouting and prop-shopping 🌸😭

【🌼】Bringing Slide 2 energy into Monday 😃😳

【FROSTY FLAKES】Been back home in NY for a week and all I’ve done is write and Kung Fu ❄️ 零下12度:开什么玩笑啊?😰

【STEAM-CLEAN →】Air temperature: 5°C。Water temperature: 39°C。安缦养云算是穿红着绿了吧 ☺️🍁🍂🍃

【WICKED】Three years since the Good Witch of the North 👩🏼‍🦳 Taking nominations for the next hair shade after blue 🎨

Resurfacing from 🐳

【TURF】Mass 菜包 vegetable bao pre-game with Mama Zhang The Keeper of The Greatest Bao Recipe On Earth [除了杭州的《新丰小吃》的菜包 don’t worry she knows and agrees 🥬🤤]

【DEIÀ】A deep breath and a year of magical thinking 🥑🍑🍇🍒🍊 提神醒脑。

【FULL MOON】🌕 有人还以为是满月纹身呢 😂

【CASA VICENS】Gaudí’s first work - a century ahead of his time 🙏🏽

Home again please don’t talk to me while I do my laundry

Resurfacing for air at the End of the Earth 👋🏽 [前几周工作的太紧张了😓非常高兴回到悉尼理一理自己的思绪]

【GAHD DAYM】Mia’s been out here the whole time 🇬🇧🎥

【CANDY COAT NO CANDY COATING】Round One in the pink: new issue of @harpersbazaarcn on stands, telling it like it is👩🏼‍🎤 中国朋友们, 你们可能会有兴趣看看最新一期的《时尚芭莎》, 上面有我新的粉红发的第一张自拍照和故事!非常感谢《时尚芭莎》团队对我工作的支持。 [photo/styling @margaret__zhang, hair @richardkavanagh, make-up @filomena_makeup]

【RED SPREAD】Fresh photo/art direction work for GRAZIA China’s 10 year anniversary issue starring Milli and Mali 🍓🍅🍒🍎🏮 [红秀十周年刊:摄影Margaret Zhang 章凝,造型 Katherine Cao,化妆 Ania Milczarczyk,发型 Jayne Turner-Ledwidge,制片:Samantha Oliver,Vicki Liang]

Thorn status: new issue of @hungermagazine fresh off the press 💐 [shot by @luismonteirophotography]

【SWEET SWIPE →】Shanghai Spring in shades of sucrose 🍡🍧

Buongiorno 🎬

【PERSPECTIVE】Thank you, Tokyo, for your challenges and calm, for the new friends and new adventures with old ones. Cannot wait to show you our film. Until next time. 🍰🎬

Back to it ✈️ What’d I miss, Hedi Slimane?【cut up NY film of @jonathancohenstudio → @siesmarjan → @calvinklein → @rosettagetty → @tomenyc → @dionlee → @mansurgavriel → @jasonwu SS19】

【LAST WEEK TONIGHT →】A speedy Eurostar to Paris for non-fashion things that conveniently coincided with fashion things [slide 9’s iridescence is my new religion 😱]

【LOOK UP】Hong Kong’s steamy tones and 菜饺 like only Hong Kong can do 🥟🌸🥬🍊🦋

【GIRL WITH STYE AND LEMON SLICE】 I colour-matched my eye-makeup to my stye so people wouldn’t notice I have a stye but now you know I have a stye, so hashtag fashion week 👁🍋