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Louisiana girl in LA🌴Genetically Gifted 🙃 Eyes Up Here Podcast 🎧 #Iam1stPhorm not com*

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queens always have a way of rising to the top 💋👸🏼

CALIFORNIA LIVING 🌴 I wish I had a more clever caption but if I’m being honest I’m cruising on the beach on my bike enjoying tf out of my life right now🤣 sipping on @1stphorm Opti-Greens 50 in my shaker cup! My daily fruit and veggie supplement ✨ #ilooklikeawalkingbeerad #iphoneshot 💋 #winning #1stphorm #beach #healthyissexy

Been at the beach with my dog living my best life 🌴🇺🇸 how are you today? ⁣ ⁣ lashes @ariannamontazem

Made in the USA 🍉 🇺🇸 Hope you had a great 4th 😗

the human body is art

hey green eyes

Catching some sun this weekend ☀️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I know where to find vitamin d, but when I’m looking for a complete multivitamin to add to my routine, I use @1stPhorm MicroFactor complete daily nutrient packs. Each individually-wrapped package has a fruit and veggie superfood blend, probiotics and antioxidants to take all the guess work out of health. ⁣⁣ #1stphorm ⁣ Have a healthy and happy weekend ⁣☀️

Getting my mind and body workout at the same time ⁣👱🏼‍♀️ ⁣ June was a busy month for me. I had works events all over, my mom came to visit, I had a dental surgery. It seems like everything happened all at once. It’s really important to maximize my time when I’m busy. A hike and @1stphorm ceo @andyfrisella MFCEO podcast at the same time is the perfect way to exercise my body and engage my mind. If you’re looking for a straight-up, motivating show that covers every facet of success, relationships and life, this podcast has is for you. #fitness #1stphorm ⁣ ⁣ What do you listen to when you workout?

hi 💋


Tbh my kitchen pantry is mostly consumed with Oreos... lol 🙃 I love cooking and buying fresh produce when I can, but I’m out of town often and I can never seem to eat everything I buy. ⁣🌸 ⁣ I love @1stPhorm Opti-Greens 50 because it’s cost-effective and I can get my daily intake of fruits and veggies without wasting anything. I mix once scoop of this powder (in natural berrry flavor) with a smoothie or water. Healthy choices have never been easier. ⁣🌱 #1stphorm #health

I bought a new camera for my birthday... you’re welcome.

Packed my favorite @1stPhorm backpack and off to go hike! ⁣🌴 ⁣ It’s finally sunny in LA so I’m going to double down on vitamin D and cardio by hiking in the canyons. I can easily fit all of my favorite supplements and gear (and camera) in this bag. These cute leggings are #1stPhorm too. ✨ #fitness

maxi dress season takes no prisoners ☀️

i’ll drive you everywhere but mostly just crazy 😏 photo @partylikejzl

au naturale

I can be your babydoll or your voodoo doll... your choice 👼🏼 lashes @ariannamontazem

It’s my birthday! Thanks for all the birthday wishes 💋✨

I’m a natural 32DDD. 5’3 (some doctors say 5’4) Size 0. My body may not be considered “high fashion” but I never believed in staying in one lane 💋 ⁣ ⁣ Photo @lynn_yati x Styled by @eburnsprepjerks Glam @beautybyangee x @annihovsepyan shot @theglendalemansion


Really really really hot 🔥See you next Saturday July 6 @thesapphirepool link in story ✨

Long days and weeks lately! Gym time is so important, especially when you’re busy. I love to make the most of my workout with @1stphorm protein bars. 20g of protein in each one! 🤤 #1stphorm

Breakfast with me looks like this ⁣🌸 ⁣ I have never been a person who could function without breakfast. I tend to workout in the mornings and I need fuel to push my body to its abilities. A quick @1stPhorm protein shake is the perfect go-to breakfast option. I blend one scoop with almond milk and some fruit and I’m ready to go. Not only does protein help to grow and maintain my muscles, it keeps me well-energized throughout the day! ⁣ ⁣ #1stPhorm Level One available in whey protein and plant-based options. ⁣ ⁣ Happy Tuesday friends ☀️

blue jean baby

so much fun visiting home in Louisiana last week for a charity celebrity kickball tournament with @tyrannmathieufdn ⚜️🐊

Behind the scenes with some of my @sugartacola babes @miss_tina_louise @emilysears at our press shoot this morning! 🌮 What happens when a team of beautiful women open up a restaurant on Melrose...? All the walls are Instagram-worthy of course! 🌸💋 follow our new baby @sugartacola Opening this week! ✨ #womeninbusiness #sugartaco


buckle up 🚬 photo @partylikejzl


We all know abs are made in the kitchen, but did you know good skin is too? ⁣🌸 ⁣ You can spend so much money on skincare products that promise you results, but nothing compares to a good diet, exercise regimen, hydration and adequate sleep. @1stPhorm opti-greens 50 has your daily intake of fruit and veggies, along with superfood blends and vitamins that take the guess work out of being healthy. One scoop with some iced water is my go-to for good skin. ⁣ #1stphorm #skincare ⁣ What are your favorite skincare routines?