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Food Artist I COOK🍳 KIDS EAT🍴. I Make Food That Tell A Story. Le Cordon Bleu 👩🏻‍🍳

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Lady gaga once more! (3rd creation) #leesamantha #foodart

Splish splash I was taking a bath 🛁 (Be sure to follow my #igstory for more fun moments) #leesamantha #foodart

How would you caption this 🦁? (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments) #leesamantha #foodart

When kids invite their friends over. I made them ‘party animals’ 😆🐼🐻🐰🐑🐥 #leesamantha #foodart

Meow ~! Where’s the cat’s whiskers yo?!?! 😱. I recreated this from one of my precious creations. (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments) #leesamantha #foodart

My face like this today. 🍚🍳🐠Omurice rice in fish shaped. Bloop bloop! (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments!) #leesamantha #foodart

Dinner table 🍚 (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments!) #leesamantha #foodart

It's friday. Meow ~ (Thank you @lentamente_ for the idea) #mycutejournal #leesamantha #meow

No one is you and that is your power. Happy 10th birthday Evana!🎊🎂 #leesamantha

(My version) Little Red Riding Hood! Every story is beautiful but I love mine😁. (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments) #leesamantha #foodart

Being a passionate cook and food artist, I only dream of coming to Le Cordon Bleu. This 9 months @mylecordonbleu has been the most challenging experience of my life but I gained so much. Not only did I learn to cook delicious French cuisine. I gained confidence in cooking. To gain that confidence I had to be ripped from my comfort zone and torn into pieces, only to be built up again. I have learned that coming to Le Cordon Bleu is not just cuisines, but perseverance; not just expertise, but dedication. It requires commitment, but it’s passion to pursue. Not only I am fulfilled, I also enjoy the learning process. Something I can’t just learn everything from cookbooks and when I learn cooking techniques from top culinary school, I am learning the skills to work in any kitchens or restaurants. I am allowed to chose to work in front or the back of the house based upon where my true passion lies. I know that I have a life-long skill that will always be useful and that I was able to become the best cook I could personally become. Thank you Chef @dubreausylvain @dwmorris67 and Chef Rodolphe Onno for being such an important part of my journey.

Many many many Pandas. #mycutejournal #leesamantha #panda

I don’t know how to act my age. Never been this age before. 🎂 #43rdbirthday #leesamantha

Hermione Granger 📕 (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments!) #leesamantha #harrypotter ⚡️

Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra 🔥🦖 (be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments 😉) #leesamantha #foodart

Three little pigs 🐖 🐖 🐖 (be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments!)

WEeEeeeee! Penguins going on a sleigh ride. (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments.) #leesamantha #foodart

In the city that I love 🧡🖤💜❤️💙

Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it- Julia Child. The past months I have been busy cooking away at @mylecordonbleu . I’ve planned it for years and leaving things undone is the worse kind of regrets. I learned how to make sauce like béchamel, main course like boeuf Bourguignon, soups like a l’Oignon, and desserts like crêpes Suzette. I have 6 more months to complete. Wish me luck! (Foodart Inspired by writer & illustrator Jessie Hartland)

I found the eggs, and you found me🧡🖤❤️!!! This week, I can’t get enough of the whimsical character Easter eggs from @leonidasmalaysia ! #leonidascelebrates #leonidaseaster

The great thing about growing older is that I learned to love myself more. Flaws and all. (I’m really excited and nervous too, share this video with you. I’ve done various collaborations but very first time in beauty commercial. Thank you @cledepeaubeaute @PinPrestige

My last day of cooking- Intermediate Cuisine at @mylecordonbleu (3 more months to go!). Sea Trout in coulibiac style. Absolutely a #foodart for me! #mylecordonbleu #lecordonbleu #leesamantha

Chicken and chicks 🐣 #leesamantha #foodart #skillshare

The wolf and the sheep 😱 #leesamantha #foodart

Corpse Bride 💀! (Be sure to follow my #instastory for more fun moments 😋) #leesamantha #foodart

Live large. Climb beyond your limitations. Be fearless. Eat well. Look after your food! I am partnering with MILO @milo_malaysia this back-to-school season with a food art demonstration. Join me as I share food art and tips to mark the new school year in a bid to encourage healthy meal and pack-to-school habits. Head down to 1Utama, Bandar Utama this Saturday, 5 Jan, 3:00-4:00pm for a fun-filled session. Seats are limited - registration will be done onsite on a first come, first serve basis. See you there! #leesamantha #foodart

I love how cray these cookies look! Baking with kids not only harnessing imagination and creativity, also a way to teach kids about math with all the weights and measures. (Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe from @buzzfeedtasty ) #leesamantha

I only have EYE for you. 💚 #leesamantha #monsterinc #mikewazowski

Maleficent #leesamantha #disney #maleficent

Oh Captain, My Captain. You will be deeply missed. #foodart #rip #robinwilliams