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Welcome Earthside #Vegan Bubba 🐒🌱🌻 •Name: Ivar Cassian Wolf-Brooke ****EDIT (we’ve decided to revert back to using R instead of H for his first name 👶🏼) •Born: Wednesday April 3rd, 7:04am at home in the birth pool, after a whirlwind 7hr labour. •Weight: 3.935 Kgs •Height: 57cms Mum and bub both happy, healthy and enjoying these magical first days of feeding and bonding ✨ Lack of home internet/reception and “us” not venturing out for awhile, will mean a delay to unanswered messages & any beautiful well wishes to come 💚 Big thanks to my wonderful midwife @midwifelibbylamb & family @vegan_ahimsa_yoga_shala @jarieuswolfbrooke @veganauli @veganbenjiboy for their support, attendance and incredible help during the birth and these first early days 🙌🏼 #homebirth #veganpregnancy #newbornbaby #vegansincebirth

@ivarthevegan those special smiles we share and the content little noises you make when you are totally blissed out while drinking are so magical. That sweet baby smell, your soft little hands finding a comfy resting place and those eyes slowly closing behind your luscious long lashes as you drift off to sleep in my arms are precious moments I will cherish forever #breastfedbaby ✨✨✨ Yesterday was the last official day of #worldbreastfeedingweek but here’s a belated insight into my #breastfeeding journey so far ✨ After a whirlwind 7hr labour/birth Ivar latched onto my breast within 10mins of being earth-side and we enjoyed those first precious moments of bonding together. As anticipated I had a small amount of discomfort in the early days, as I adjusted to round the clock feeding and on day 5 I had what my midwife called ‘Milk Fever’ (high temp and swollen breasts). But once that one harder day passed things have since been smooth sailing 🤗 Initially I sat up for every feed during the night, but once I realised I could just feed him from right where he was #cosleeping in the crook of my arm it made nighttime feeding so much easier (just a shift across to my other side to swap boobs) 😝🐒😴 Daytime feeds I started out seated but from about week 4/5 I opted to lay down on the couch and so since then Ivar doesn’t enjoy feeding when I’m seated as much anymore, as it tends to cause him to cough and splutter (so we spend lots of time #attachmentparenting at home). This could be caused by his tongue and lip ties, which both don’t actually effect his feeding ability and EPIC weight gain (@ 4 months and 4 days yesterday he weighed in at 9kgs & 67cms long), but they could be causing him the extra gas, reflux and the preferred position of laying down while drinking 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️ *I’m seeing a holistic dentist next week to be talked into having them revised. So all in all breastfeeding has been a sometimes tiring, but really empowering, rewarding and beautiful experience for me so far 🌻🌻🌻 Love and support to all the fellow mummas nourishing their little ones each and everyday 💚 #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedinginpublic #breastfeedingweek #supportbreastfeeding

39+4 today, but who knows when this special little being will decide to enter the world 🐒 #39weekspregnant #veganpregnancy #babybump #vegansincebirth🌻 #maternityshoot captured on 05.02 by the incredible @aprilwerzphotography 💚 Wow these last 9+ months of pregnancy have certainly been a journey of highs and yes some lows, tears, raw emotions, wondrous magic and so much more. I think my most joyous period was between 15 & 32 weeks (after my initial terribly sick period 🤢🤮 and before I developed SPD = Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction from too many deep squats 🙈 and also became just that little bit too large in the belly for comfort. Not being able to eat full meals and feeling like there’s a bowling ball strapped to you’re stomach every time you have to change side lying positions in bed isn’t the most amazing) Buttttttt despite some small negatives I’m blessed indeed to be experiencing this beautiful phase of life, which will continue on with lots of learning, many ups and downs as the #pregnancy & birth period come to a close & parenting unfolds 💚💚💚

A bowl of sweet, juicy, chilled #watermelon to share with my growing belly at #32weekspregnant 🍉 Now while this quenching delight is fabulous for blazing HOT summer days it doesn’t quite fit as well into my less roomy belly and pushes on my pregnant bladder a lot more than usual 😂🙈 Who else can relate to these funny #pregnancyproblems ???? 🐒 #vegangirl #veganpregnancy #whatveganseat #pregnancyfood #vegantattoo #veganink #monomeal #fruitporn 🌻🌻🌻🌻 @veganbenjiboy 📸

Breathtaking #Bali memories from an incredible 3 week adventure back when I was #22weekspregnant 😝 @melissa_davies 🙌🏼 No we didn’t stay overnight in the famous and rather pricey #nusapenida #treehouse but we did trek up and down many stairs, ride on the most bumpy rock roads, eat the most delicious #vegan #balinese food & capture many magical moments in the 🔥 warm tropical weather dressed in our #instatravel finest 🐒👗🌻🌴🌊🌏 #vegangirl #travelphotography #balibaby #veganpregnancy #wanderlust #vegantravel #yogagirl #rumahpohon #travelldevill

No animals 🐮🐣🐰 were harmed in creating this #handmade #dairyfree #veganchocolate 🙌🏼 Please choose #crueltyfree options this Easter #veganfortheanimals #govegan 🌱 See more from me on 👀 SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan & YouTube 🎥The Vegan Dancer Girl ✌🏼️ 👉🏻These medjool date filled delight flavours were: •Peanut butter caramel •Tahini Rice Malt •Pistachio nut surprise • #Coconut rough & •Almond double choc 😋 I think my new life's calling is to become a #chocolatier haha 🍫 Thanks for all the fun & inspo @veganbenjiboy @forever.vegan269 🤗 Just remember "I don't like #peanutbutter" haha 😉 #foodporn #veganfoodshare

Thumbs up for sweet, juicy n colourful melon 🙌🏼 enjoyed w @veganbenjiboy & @melissa_davies down by the water at Muang Mai 🤗 #vegangirl #plantpower #govegan #whatveganseat #rt4bikefest #whatveganslooklike #crueltyfree

Who else will be in Chiang Mai Thailand this June for epic fruit #veganfood, friends, fun & fitness? I'm so keen for #PadThai hehe 🤗🚲🍍🌱👌🏼 #whatveganseat #veganfoodporn #highcarblowfat #rawtill4 #vegangirl #vegansofig

28 revolutions of the 🌞🎈🌞yesterday ✨ I celebrated my #birthday at home with the family by a toasty fire, drinking dandelion tea and eating yummy #vegan cake with icecream 😋🎂🍰 Now 12 days into being a new mumma to #Ivar Cassian, it’s certainly not all serene ‘soy’ milkbaths and beautiful #flowers like pictured here. But I’m soaking up every precious moment whether it be cute smiles, kisses, cuddles and savouring that special newborn baby smell. Hours of breast feeding, lots of poos/wees and a noticeable lack of sleep and free time. This new transition from maiden to motherhood will bring fourth new, sometimes challenging and exciting things to come. 💚💚💚 #babybump #milkbath #40weekspregnant #28thbirthday 📸 @jarieuswolfbrooke 🌸💐🌼 @vegan_ahimsa_yoga_shala_ @haikuveganwolf1 🥛 @veganbenjiboy 👑 @feather_and_stone_kyogle 💎@impressedjewellery

Birthday eve #pizza 😏 $5ea cheap, lazy #vegan style hehe 🍕 I topped mine with more spinach, tomato & steamed sweet potato 🌱🍅🍠👌🏼 #carbthefuckup #plantpower #govegan @forever.vegan269 @veganauli @veganwolf1

Vegan Xmas 😋 #Sushi, #Roast Veg Salad, Tomato Basil Sauce & Banana Cinnamon Coconut #Cream 👌🏼 @benjamin.eaton helped abit too 😘 YouTube 🎥The Vegan Dancer Girl 👀 SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan ✌🏼️ #vegan #girlswhoeat #veganfoodporn #whatveganseat #christmasdinner #veganfoodshare #crueltyfree #govegan #healthfood #eattherainbow #foodporn #highcarb #paleo #rawtill4 #vegangirl #vegansofig #veganlife #sushitime #meatfree #fitfam #dairyfree #bestofvegan #cleaneating #wholefoods #christmas2015 #pinkroses #avocado

‘But what do Vegans even eat?’ 🙄 Last nights incredible #buffet spread @om_vegan_kitchen 🙌🏼 All #vegan #healthy #eattherainbow #plantfood 😋 I didn’t even know this place existed & I highly recommend sampling their deliciously wholesome creations 🌱 So yesterday I attended a full magical day with @shivarea108 & today I’m off to attend an event for @doterraaunz essential oils 🌻🙌🏼 Happy weekend everyone 🤗 #veganfood #foodporn #whatveganseat #cleaneating #nutrition #instafood #crueltyfree #plantbased #wholefoods #salad #curry #dahl #rice #kale #legumes #protein #carbs #weightloss #iqs #bodybuilding #wellness

Rice/Quinoa stuffed #oilfree veg 😋 recipe up on "Those Vegan Bitches" TY 🎥 Channel 🤗 link in bio 👀 Watch new weekly episodes of 'Khadi's Bitchen Kitchen' for tasty #veganfood ideas🌱✌🏼️ & yes my own channel will be back in action tomorrow or Monday too hehe 🙈 Eat Veggies (& Fruit) NOT animals folks 🐷💚🐣 #veganfortheanimals #govegan #crueltyfree #foodporn #vegan #vegansofig 📷 @veganwolf1

Hope you've all had a magical wknd 🤗 Sweet n juicy #watermelon from @harrisfarmmarkets is how I started my glorious Sunday #harrisfarmfoodie 🍉👌🏼Oh and if you missed my last post I'm off to Chiang Mai, Thailand for a month from the end of Mai-June✈️who else is going? 😝🍍 #vegan #plantpower #rawtill4 #friendsnotfood

My first @superfoodsushi experience w @forever.vegan269 @veganbenjiboy 🤗 Let the #veganfood feasting in Sydney begin 😋👌🏼🍙 I'll be Vlogging & snapping it all hehe 👀 YouTube 🎥The Vegan Dancer Girl & SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan ✌🏼️Thumbs up for this epic 100% #vegan #sushi 👌🏼🌱 #foodporn #whatveganseat #meatismurder #govegan

Floating in a dream at the stunning and iconic #tajmahal after a 3:45am wake up to enter the grounds before sunrise at first opening 🌓 No words can describe how breathtaking the whole experience was 🙌🏼 #wonderoftheworld ✨ Now what an incredible time I had on @intrepidtravel’s first #Indian #Vegan food #adventure pilot tour 😝 The trip certainly gets a highly recommend & huge tick of approval from me 🙌🏼💯 The food, places visited, my fellow V-Gang, support team and our amazing guide Chetan were all beyond wonderful! 🙏🏼 I only wish I could have stayed in #India longer! So this was my second ever guided tour and like the one I did 7 years ago in Egypt I think it is most desired to have a local guide(s) in order to really gain the full magical experience of immersing yourself into the local #culture and customs of the various places and regions in the particular country you are visiting. This 🌱 food tour plus those in Thailand and Italy will be officially launching/open to book in June to then depart in 2019! Links to more info are in my bio & complete trip is in my Story Highlights 🤗 Who’s been to India? Who’s visited the Taj? Who would like too? Who’s travelled overseas & if so where abouts? Who’s planing on an overseas trip soon? What are your most valuable life lessons learnt from travel? I would love to hear all your #travel plans, stories and adventures my friends 💚💚💚 @happyskinkitchen 📸😘 #wonderlust #ahimsa #travelblogger #veganlove #saree #vegantravel #yogagirl #vegangirl #dancer #magic #seetheworld

I've hit the big 25 today 🎂 which means a quarter century #vegan yeww 🤗 Baby pic over @khadi.ishtar 👀 My words of wisdom to you all are: Live everyday like its your last, don't follow the system and work your whole life for these material possessions we do not need. Instead travel, love, laugh, create and inspire those that cannot yet see how trapped or blinded they are by our stupid social conditionings of thinking we all have to follow the crowd and become things or do things we have no inner passion for. Back in my parents day @veganauli @veganwolf1 you were most likely already a parent and responsible/grown up by now, but it seems I'm going to need/take a little longer in finding my wings to fly. Not to say I haven't experienced life and am more than capable of being a responsible and somewhat mature adult (living overseas in NYC when I was just 17 and so much more throughout my many years of dancing). But since leaving the dance world behind, I'm still yet to find my next path. So yes I'm now 25 and living back at home with only 3 yoga classes a week of work. But hopefully I can find that inner light & confidence in using my lifelong #veganism and more to create a life of abundance, teaching, educating and sharing with others. I'm hesitant in selling products and appearing to look like I've turned into these vegan for the money and social media climbing type folks. So I guarantee, no better yet promise to always put the vegan cause and the animals not myself (selfish gain) first, which I'm sorry to say so many are currently doing. So that's it! Thanks so much for all inspiring me and sharing in this magical journey of life. Stay true to yourselves for the animals, the rest of humanity (as there's already enough corrupt people out there) and for our precious planet earth (who needs us all to make serious changes in order to survive) 💚 Now my birthday wishes are 🤔please #govegan & if it's in your power sponsor a rescued farm animal in need at one of the many wonderful sanctuaries @wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary @farmanimalrescue just to name a few #vegangirl #veganfortheanimals #plantpower ✌🏼️🐣🐽🙌🏼

#Happy4months @ivarthevegan 🌻 It’s certainly becoming an exciting and busy adventure keeping you nurtured and entertained everyday 🐒 (and yes I know it’s only just the beginning haha) 🙊 Parenting is just as wonderful, rewarding, but also tiring and challenging as all those parents before us have constantly said 😂 @ivarthevegan I’m so honoured to share and in turn learn from you each magical new day 💚💚💚 #4monthsold #4montholdbaby #veganbaby #breastfedbaby #veganmom #ecobaby #homebirthbaby

Take me back to a misty #fairytale morning #wandering the Rice Fields in #Ubud #Bali w @melissa_davies 🙌🏼💚 #vegangirl #vegantravel #exploretheworld #21weekspregnant #balilove🌻

No caption needed for deliciously sweet n juicy mango madness 😋 I'm sure you can all relate 🙌🏼 Regular vids going up on YouTube 🎥'The Vegan Dancer Girl'-link in bio 👀 so head over & get subscribed to my channel 😉 Oh & fun daily behind the scenes on SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan ✌🏼️ Happiest of Monday's to all 💚 Repin my awesome T from @inthesoulshine 🐷 Pic by @benjamin.eaton 📷 #vegan #vegangirl #fruitlover #crueltyfree #ethicalvegan #govegan

See you on the #splitside IG 🤗 Don't forget to turn ON my post notifications if you'd like to see my regular pics of foodporn, fruit, #fitness, fun & loads more awesomeness (not starting with the letter F) 😉 hehe. I'm a quirky #vegan from birth that loves being a unique & adventurous individual, so you'll always be entertained and inspired by my #crueltyfree #veganlifestyle & #animalactivism ✌🏼️ Thanks for the wonderful time in Sydney and capturing this splendid snap @veganbenjiboy @forever.vegan269 🙌🏼 It took us a few goes to get it 👌🏼 but we had a good vantage point of the whole of #BondiBeach 😏 #vegangirl #veganfortheanimals #plantpower 🌱 *Follow my daily shenanigans on SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan & YouTube 🎥The Vegan Dancer Girl for Vlogs, Vids, & lots more 👀💚 #shotoniphone

My 5th day fullyraw ended with a feast w @flowerbaby.vegan @forever.vegan269 @veganbenjiboy 😋 Tasty foods thanks to @phromwiharn_mr.o 🙌🏼 Eat wholesome plant foods not our beautiful animals friends 🌱🐷🐣🐮 #vegan #govegan #plantpower #crueltyfree #foodporn #rt4bikefest

Tag your fav besties that you'd share this #veganfoodporn with in the comments below 😁🙌🏼😘 These epic feasts here in Chiang Mai, Thailand just keep getting better and better! Stealing other people's food for this pic tonight hehe @freeleethebananagirl 😜 #epicfeast #meatfree #rawtill4 #rt4bikefest @deficientvegan @nourishbynicole @mango.margaux @whyoweyou @happyandhealthy96 @slimliketim @bonnyrebecca @liquidmanofficial 🌱🍴😋

Our last Chiang Mai supper & at the new Imm Aim no less 🤗 @flowerbaby.vegan @forever.vegan269 👌🏼 Thanks for the deliciously colourful eats @phromwiharn_mr.o 🙌🏼 The best #padthai & #sweetpotato salad hands down 😋 #vegan #plantpower #govegan #crueltyfree #whatveganseat #veganfoodporn #rt4bikefest

June 6th marked 1 year with @veganbenjiboy here so how could we not share a magical romantic moment while enjoying our time at the sticky waterfalls on the weekend 😝 If you missed Ben's cute recent post, he explains how we met here in Thailand at the festival last year 💚 Lets see what the future unfolds together 😘 Pics thanks to @forever.vegan269 & @flowerbaby.vegan #vegan #vegansofig #plantpower #meatfree #rt4bikefest

Natures Candy 🍡🍉🍭🌈 So this is what awaits you after the 11km hill climb up #DoiSuthep mountain here in Chiang Mai, Thailand 🙌🏼 Even post #rawtill4 #ThaiFruitFest with @freeleethebananagirl & @durianrider there's still a daily 7am group ride, 🚲 but alas I've got the most horrible sore throat today, so unless I go for a late ride this delicious #smoothie reward will have to wait until after tomorrow's cycle up 🙈😱👀 Who wants to guess what's in it.... 😋🍇🍌? Don't forget to enter my 20k shoutout comp 😁 Repost one of my pics tag to #thevegandancergirl20k @thevegandancergirl and share your favourite aspect of being #vegan 🌱 I'll be featuring accounts all this week 😘✌🏼️ Xx #fruitporn #eattherainbow #hclf #healthfood #crueltyfree #rt4bikefest 🎥 New YouTube video up on my Channel at: TheVeganDancerGirl & lots more coming soooon 😜

Rebooting the system with a week of #fullyraw starting today w some other #rt4bikefest crew 🤗 Bring on the Mangoes, Bananas, Watermelon & hopefully more incredibly delicious #Jackfruit like this one enjoyed with @forever.vegan269 @flowerbaby.vegan & @veganbenjiboy 🙌🏼😋👌🏼💚 Daily fun on my SnapChat 👻LifelongVegan ✌🏼️ #vegan #govegan #plantpower #rt4bikefest #veganfortheanimals

Nicknaming myself the crazy fruit lady for 50yrs down the track 😂 Sweet, juicy deliciousness brings me so much joyful delight 🙌🏼😛👌🏼💛 So blessed to have been born #vegan and continue to live this magical lifestyle each and everyday until my last 🌱✌🏼️ #harrisfarmfoodie #veganism #vegangirl #govegan #plantpower #healthyfood #veganfortheanimals #eattherainbow #fruitporn

“It doesn't matter where you go in life, it's who you have beside you” (anonymous) or in this case behind the camera capturing the perfect Insta pic @melissa_davies 📸🐒 If you’ve been blessed with the incredible gift of travel, meeting wonderful new people or having a special partner or best friend in your life. Don’t forget to tell them how important and valued they are to you (& not just around symbolic times of the year). But hey, if it’s been awhile why not share some extra holiday aka ‘Summer Solstice’ love around, just remember to keep things as planet friendly as possible ( #lessismore) and your time and presence is more precious and memorable than money and gifts 💚 Feeling like a fairy in this #handmade #fairtrade @tulleandbatiste dress👗 #22weekspregnant 🍈 #veganpregnancy #balibaby #vegangirl #ecofashion #vegantravel #baliindonesia #nusapenidaisland

#baliadventures Day 3 - Just causally pondering which delicious #smoothiebowl to dig into first 🤗 at my fav 100% #vegan #acaibowl spot @iamveganbabe 🙌🏼 Which would you choose.... #Acai 🍇 or #Tropical 🍌🍍???? Oh and yes I did share with @melissa_davies 📸 & growing bub 🤰🏼😋🌻🌱 #whatveganseat #veganpregnancy #plantpower #20weekspregnant #vegangirl #crueltyfree