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Interior Design and Architecture 🛋:@shopkwearstler 🐶:@williewearstler Evocative Style (Rizzoli New York, 2019) available for pre-order. Link in bio.

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Tea Time. XK

Four peas on a Pod. XK

Arcade Fire. A trip to Tokyo is not complete without stopping for a bit of fun at the UFOCATCHER machines. Xk #tokyo #ufocatcher

Doanokka. XK

The diverse architectural landscape in Tokyo is a feast for the eyes. The thoughtful details and use of materiality is imaginative and so inspiring. Love this gate and Super Studio moment. Xk

It is so fabulous to finally meet @takashipom at his amazing gallery @kaikaikikigallery !XK

Konnichiwa from Tokyo. XK

Spent an afternoon at my dear friend Richard’s newest outpost, @owlbureau, where he has curated the most incredible shrine of vintage art, fashion, architecture and design books and magazines, many from his own private collection. A treasure trove of inspiration. I was there curating books for the Grotto @santamonicaproper. XK

In Situ. XK

Holiday starts early at The Private Suite. XK ✈️

Tokyo Dreaming. Looking forward to getting to Japan and being inspired by the incredible culture. XK

Excited for the launch of my 5th book, Evocative Style. Coming out this October, with new projects and passions on every page, including my favorite emerging and established artists and artisans, as well as incredible clients. Available now on pre-order, link in bio. XK

Jump Off. XK #brownbeachhotel Croatia

Material World. I'm so inspired by @felix_muhrhofer's terrazzo haptic works. It is so hard to choose a favorite, it's like being in a candy store of color. Which one do you like the most? XK

Trompe l’oeil. I discovered ⁠ @sarahmikenis at LA-based ⁠ @dianerosenstein gallery and was blown away by her textural work. ⁠ ⁠ Her pieces inspire relaxation and look as if they’ve been weathered by salted ocean wind. ⁠ ⁠ Sarah double stretches her canvas, with a base flat layer and a second textured layer. She paints the stripes after she molds the canvas, and the final effect feels like a window blind with light coming in. I’ve always been drawn to the trompe l’oeil effect. We’re using her work in my new projects including the lobby of @santamonicaproper. XK⁠ ⁠ #interiordesign #artist #discovered

Starting From Scratch. At the Austin Proper Hotel & Residences, we're using many natural materials in their raw and organic forms, helping the interior spaces connect to the raw natural beauty of the surrounding Austin landscape. XK

Space Maker. XK

Catwalk. Photo by @cecyyoung. XK

Sea Change. This lamp is from the 1970's, a grotto style shade handcrafted with real shells by the late Jose Produit. There was only a precious, limited number made. I love this lamp so much, it is incredibly unique. XK

#IRL. Had a blast @flutterexperience, an immersive journey in color expression by contemporary artists including Katie Stout and Leah Guadagnoli curated by @karenrobinovitz. The collection of works was super cool and addressed social media and how it connects to visual culture and mental health.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ A percentage of proceeds from tickets goes towards @btwfoundation, the nonprofit co-founded by @ladygaga & her mom @cynthiabtwf to build power through kindness in youth communities. For more info visit their website. #createthechange⁠⠀

Down to a tea. We designed the coffee bar and market café La Bande with hand-glazed green tiles punctuated by black and white striping for a modern interpretation of intimate cafés in Europe. XK

Graphic Gothic. St. John’s Episcopal Church by architect William Burn, built 1816-1818. XK 📸 @tom_kligerman

Happy Dance. In the final phase of a design project the layering in of the last elements is akin to completing a novel. The unique story you have created is materialized and now comes the delicate balance of adding the finishing touches that make it complete. Every touchpoint needs to be considered to have a successful ending. XK

Me and My two favorite people in the world. XK

Gladding Mcbean table base detail In robins egg blue.. Today I spent the day in Pasadena being inspired. We are working on a project that has a bit of early California design sensibility...this city is full of so much beauty in architecture, landscape, tile and decorative arts. XK

Shell Grotto. XK

Liquid gold by Brazilian artist Vanderlei Lopes (@vl.vanderleilopes). xk

At home in one of the original bathrooms designed in 1926 by James Dolena. The marble is Rossi do Verona from Italy. XK