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Interior Design and Architecture 🛋:@shopkwearstler 🐶:@williewearstler Evocative Style (Rizzoli New York, 2019) available for pre-order. Link in bio.

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Au Naturel. Organic House by Javier Senosiain in Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico. xK

Graphic Gothic. St. John’s Episcopal Church by architect William Burn, built 1816-1818. XK 📸 @tom_kligerman

Liquid gold by Brazilian artist Vanderlei Lopes (@vl.vanderleilopes). xk

Perfect Geometries. In the Salamanca district of Madrid hides a virtuosic architectural work–an unfinished project designed by Francisco Alonso. A rhapsodic labyrinth of green onyx, black marble and red travertine gather in the space, fashioning a mystical brutalism for the senses. The large plates of natural stone were meditatively joined together without anchors or glues, harnessing earth’s gravitational pull...The store was never finished and remained hidden for almost 30 years until the School of Architecture of Toledo adopted the space for exhibitions. xK

Material World. I'm so inspired by @felix_muhrhofer's terrazzo haptic works. It is so hard to choose a favorite, it's like being in a candy store of color. Which one do you like the most? XK

We designed the newly opened coffee bar and market café La Bande for the Proper Hotel in San Francisco. My inspiration was Daniel Buren meets Secession era. Hand-glazed vert tiles punctuated by a graphic interplay of black and white striping encapsulate the double-height walls and floor while brass, cerused wood and natural stone round out the warm, inviting and timeless materiality. Xk

Jump Off. XK #brownbeachhotel Croatia

Meeting of the minds. The development of each hotel project is a coming together of thousands of talented, creative and industrious minds. Finishers, framers, electricians, architects, carpenters, engineers, masons, lighting designers, metalworkers, pipe fitters and the list goes on and on... XK

Teamwork. My boys have been visiting me on site at my projects since they were babies. Now that they are teenagers, they pitch in on the weekends with me and my team. Thank you @elliott.korzen for doing the heavy lifting. XK

Work hard, play hard. xk #WilliamLaChance

Carte Blanche. Excited to introduce my newest collection with @therugcompany! Brink embodies a textured background providing depth beyond the surface of this organic geometric design.

Renaissance revival. When 1930's Italy meets 2019 Los Angeles. xk #imagesourceunknown

Walk this way. My new Bravado Graphite runner with @TheRugCompany was inspired by the custom stair runner in my home, lit all the way up with my new @GeorgJensen hurricanes.

Afternoon Delight. My backyard escape at home in Beverly Hills. XK @georgjensen

Happy Dance. In the final phase of a design project the layering in of the last elements is akin to completing a novel. The unique story you have created is materialized and now comes the delicate balance of adding the finishing touches that make it complete. Every touchpoint needs to be considered to have a successful ending. XK

Dog Day Afternoon. One of my favorite things to do in Malibu is take my two rescue fur babies to the beach. XK 📸 @colienarentmeester

Femme Fatale. xk 📷: @__s____o

When your dress matches the floor. Loved this shot for @wallpapermag. Xk #TBT

Well Hung. A reception room in one of my projects with a hand painted custom silk wallpaper with @degournay. Designed by my studio. XK

Float Therapy. Berkeley City Club pool designed by pioneering female architect, Julia Morgan, in 1930. XK

🇯🇵 XK

The “Site Of Reversible Destiny”. xk 📷: @champ_magazine

The tension of opposites, the juxtaposition of seemingly dichotomous things interests me very much. xk 📷: @sophiepinet

Blockbuster. Art installation by @quinte55enz 📸 @jewro XK

Minimalist Form XK

Pretty Posy. Xk 📷:@tulipinadesign

Exercise is a vital part of my life. I workout early every morning before coming to the studio and take an hour at lunchtime for a Pilates session. I am very disciplined. Working out keeps me balanced and focused....and I love it. Xk

Stairway to heaven. xk 📍: @Celine Munich

Patternmaker. So excited for the release of my new wallcovering collection with @LeeJofa XK

The elements within a space should have a dialogue with one another. xk