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Tired of people only liking me for my personality..

State of mind 🌞 @revolvebeauty

Excited for @unicef gala tonight 💘 and by the time this is posted my hair will have most definitely fallen 😭

Backstage on film 🎞

Attending @unicef gala last night here in Sardinia. Such a beautiful event for an even more beautiful cause. 🙏🏼💘

Woke up in a girly mood 💘 @ohpolly

Throwing it back to my stay at @innatlb with @megbatphoto because I haven’t seen her in 3 weeks and we need another vacation! 😜🌞🌞 #innatlb

Honey I’m home 🛁 @revolve @tularosalabel #revolvesummer

Daily dose of sunshine 🌞🍹 @boohoo

Proud to be a part of @boohoo BYOB (bring your own body) campaign. To me “bring your own body” means, owning what you’ve got and feeling confident in your own skin. Regardless of how society or social media tries to make you look or feel, wearing what makes you feel confident and being authentically YOU. #bringyourownbody

We keep it casual 💘 @janicejoostemaa @yoventura

You can’t swim with us 🌊 @revolve #revolvesummer @janicejoostemaa @yoventura

Brb moving into this bathroom ☁️

FITTINGS 🖤 Who’s going to swim week this year?

Miami nights 🖤 dress: @baotranchi shoes and bag: @stuartweitzman photos: @boysdontplaywithbarbies

How many of these can I eat until I turn into a mango? 🥭 @revolve #revolvesummer 📸 @madelenelisella

🔫 @boohoo

Just peachy 🍑 @balibody #balibody

All I can say is thank god for fashion tape 😂 and thank you @chloeroseswimwear for letting me open your show in this 💘

I’ll be right here 🍊@revolve #revolvesummer

Trouble maker 😈

Mexico brings the heat 🌞 @revolve @lpa #revolvesummer

Home is where my dog is🐕 p.s. all of my bedroom furniture is from @roveconcepts #roveconcepts

Throwing shade 💘 @balibody #balibody

Never travel without @balibody 💘 #Balibody

Opening look for @lahanaswim 💘 📸 by @radiantchild

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and who would you bring?