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Where my leos at? ♌️

Out of office ✌🏽 💦 @boohoo #boohooinparadise

This is your captain speaking 🔱 @boohoo #boohooinparadise

Get lost with me 🌴 @boohoo #boohooinparadise

Paradisó 💃🏽🇲🇽🌮 @boohoo #boohooinparadise

💗 🐾 🌴 always in a Tulum state of mind 😌

Morning dip 💦 in @fashionnova

Rose water baths at @tatatulum 🌹 💦 🥰

Explorer 🌱🍃

Where’s your favorite breakfast spot? I think I just found mine❤️☀️☕️

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This is about to be my vibe all summer long 🌞🌻✨ thanks @innatlb for a wonderful stay


My 2 moodz 😂😏 which one are you today?

Sun worshiper 🌞 you guys know how much I love the tropics.. so guess what @balibody is sending one lucky babe and her BFF to the Bahamas! All you have

Tree hugger 🌴

Natural habitat 🌴

Wild child 🦋

Staring contest 👀

Breakfast of champions 🍩 @boohoo

💭 💕☀️✈️ fit from @boohoo

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? ✈️ 🌴 @boohoo


Energy like the sunshine 🌞 🐆

Secret weapon 🔫 pew pew @balibody #balibody

Smells like teen spirit 🌴 @boohoo

Swipe for 🍝

Pancakes or waffles? 🥞 @boohoo

Alexa - play Beverly Hills by Weezer.. 🎵 set from @boohoo

Postmates n chill? @fashionnova