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the drama cut by @guidopalau @sandyhullett

this one hurts to write. my dearest Karl, you have taught me things that I am eternally grateful for. I cannot put into words how lucky we all are to have been gifted your vision. your girls love you so much. the world is more beautiful now because of you. thank you for everything, no one will ever compare

couture closing at its finest



an emotional performance piece dedicated to kid rock & sheryl crow

trees are our friends

this is my reach

one year later, still an accurate depiction

@jonahfreud’s favorite hat

happy birthday dad I love you. thanks for giving me your looks

givenchy @givenchyofficial by @clarewaightkeller. I am eternally grateful for the hours of creativity that went into this magical moment & I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to wear your vision

9am I feel great

quite the impressive water mullet

looks like a lady

cheers to rest and recreation

pool champ

paris en juillet

shantay you stay

sometimes I’m a true ray of sunshine

just coming on here to say I don’t think enough people talk about the weather these days