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Friday farmers marketing! 🍓Picking up some things for the boys before I leave for my first weekend away from Owen. 😭 Can't wait to relax and maybe sleep in past 6:30 am even. 🙏🏻Wish @brocksteady luck! 😂

All shapes and sizes welcome. 🥝✌🏼😋 Found these delicious kiwis (that Owen calls seaweed 😂) at the @marvistafarmersmarket.

Hello, Vitamin C! Digging citrus season, especially in the form of brûléed grapefruit and celery + kale + cara cara juice. 🍊🍋👌 #julieskitchenfoodcollage

Happy birthday, Owie!! How it’s been two years, I don’t know. I love watching you grow and discover (but still want to freeze you right here). ❤️ good job, @brocksteady. We’ve kept a human alive for two years. Dirt bike-themed brownie ice cream cake for this babe who loves motocross and basically anything with wheels. Made this out of chocolate, cookies and cream, and peanut butter cup swirl ice cream and two layers of brownie. He only wanted the toys on top, of course. 😂

Hey hey! Come hang with @mariesdressing and me tomorrow at the Melrose Farmers Market from 10-2. We'll be whipping up some delicious salads for you. If you can't make it, you can still join in on the fun... I'm doing a #giveaway of awesome totes and aprons to get you farmers market-ready. Just comment on this post with your favorite farmers market find and give @mariesdressing a follow. That's it! I'll choose 5 winners. If you're not in LA, stay tuned for the next stop of Marie's country-wide food truck tour. #partner

Introducing your babe to new foods, especially peanuts, can be overwhelming, which is why I’ve teamed up with @NationalPeanutBoard to talk you through my experience. I was surprised to learn from Owen's pediatrician at his six-month check-up that introducing peanuts to your baby early-on can actually help prevent peanut allergies based on a new study. Based on the risk factors, we knew Owen fell into the ‘low risk’ category but we still wanted to be careful. So when it came time to introduce Owen to peanuts, we started with a mixture of banana (a food he had already had) and creamy peanut butter--a natural combo--and thinned it out with breast milk. Luckily, he didn't have any adverse reactions and he loved it! Once you've established that your babe doesn't have an allergy to peanuts, it's good to keep it in their diets to maintain a tolerance too. Here's Owen enjoying a peanut butter acai bowl for breakfast! Check out https://preventpeanutallergies.org for more info!

In celebration of @designsponge's 10 year anniversary, I made 2 #julieskitchenfoodcollage desktop/iPhone wallpapers for you guys!! There's a pink one (here) + a grey one. Hope you like 'em. ☺️💓 [find them at designsponge.com]

Pretty produce for a fun new project. @smfms Tomatoes, peppers, peaches, and melons are just soooooo good right now! What’s good at your farmer’s market rn?

I’m working with @BolthouseFarms to move the needle on healthy #foodporn, so I'm contributing to their #urwhatupost campaign with this citrusy #julieskitchenfoodcollage filled with #vegetables and #carrots. Help me flood the Internet with healthy food porn by tagging all the fruits and veggies in your posts. #urwhatupost www.urwhatupost.com 💯

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. I #julieskitchenfoodcollage-d my mama's favorite ice cream flavor (coconut pineapple) in her honor--and because I didn't get that card in the mail in time. Thanks for teaching me to respect food + how to make the best potstickers! #🍍🌴 Follow me on snapchat (👻 julieleesnaps) for the gritty BTS of @brocksteady opening these coconuts for moi.

Onion bialy with all the veggies and an English muffin, egg, collard breakfast sandwich. My yolk runneth over. 🍳😋

Between the stone fruit and the berries @smfms, I'm in hog heaven! Dreaming up something special for these lovelies. 🍓

Happy St. Patrick’s Day/weekend to you all. ☘️🌈 instead of wearing my green today, I’ll be eating it! (I think that exempts me from this silly pinching thing, right? 😂)

My kinda meal: instant pot black beans, kale, avocado, cashew cheese sauce, pickled onions, cabbage, cilantro, radish and charred green onions. 💃🏻🤤 So good!

Happy New Year, you guys. Highlight of 2018 was hands down welcoming baby Ever into our lives and becoming the mother of TWO! Looking forward to double the love, sweetness, and mischief in 2019. ♥️ (Yes, we had to bribe Owen with a treat to be in this picture. @brocksteady gave him a cashew. 😂)

And the ingredients for that peachy gazpacho from my last post in a #julieskitchenfoodcollage, because it's so fun to play with your food!! 😁🍑🍅 Happy Sunday! Hope you're eating something delicious. ✌🏼️

Slow roasting tomatoes w/za'atar, garlic and rosemary to go with burrata!! 😋🍅

Strawberry & rhubarb are BFFs. 🍓❤️

A sprinkle of food-fetti to celebrate the last of tomato season. 🎉

💜💚 Pretty excited about all the fun varieties of basil (cinnamon, Thai and lemon here) in the world + this herby potato salad with chive flowers that's about to happen. 😋 Tag me in your farmers market-inspired photos! I want to see what's growing in your hood! 👀🌱 [borage, scarlet runner bean, wild amaranth, chive, basil, tomato, potato, Armenian cucumber, and fennel #julieskitchenfoodcollage]

Figs got dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with bee pollen. 💓🐝🍫 Everything's gonna be OK now.

Happy (berry) dance because it's FRIDAY!! 🎈💃🏻🍓

Sooo, she said yes. And by she, I mean ME!!💍 @brocksteady and I are so excited to be engaged. ☺️ We've been SLOWY sharing the happy news face-to-face, but thought it was high time I create a #julieskitchenfoodcollage to share the news here too. ❤️ 👫 Now, can somebody plan my wedding?! 🙊

Ate, drank and wore all the purple things. My MIL is OBSESSED with the color purple, so to celebrate her first night in NYC, we had a surprise purple-themed dinner party. So fun to find all the things that are naturally purple. What'd we miss? 💜😈👚🐙🌸🍆👾

Gonna go ahead and give every single @poketo workshopper an A+++. 💯 It was such an honor to teach a great group! They churned out some stunning food, including these avocado chocolate mousse cups. Isn't it cool how everybody's personality comes through? Thanks @cb2 @melissasproduce @thelinehotel for helping us make this happen!

Eating the rainbow. 🌈 #julieskitchenfoodcollage

Candied citrus, so pretty and delicious. 😍🍬🍊🍬

Berries for dayssss 😍😍😍 I'll take a 3-pack all for myself please!

Winner, winner! Loving @west_dorset_foodie's #julieskitchenXskillshare assignment for my @skillshare class (link in profile). John did quite a bit of foraging for his collage of wild hops, gorse flowers, sloe berries, etc. It's the coolest thing to see what's growing in other parts of the world! A huge thank you to all my students for celebrating food with me. You guys are the BEST! If you haven't taken my class yet, it's still free AND the assignment would make a great holiday card. I'll keep sharing my favorites here too.👌❤️

Lychee + berry + plum fruit salad for a birthday brunch. Topped with lemon zest, mint and a sprinkle of coconut sugar. 👅💦 It's Friday, so I hope you all eat something delicious today.