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Vegas...I’m ready for EDC 😘🙌🏻💖 💛swim top: @fashionnova

Let’s run around together and be beach bums til the sun goes down..How does that sound? 😘🏖🍑 #relationshipgoals

DOUBLE TAP if you love doughnuts ☝🏻 Hookin you up with a healthy @1stphorm recipe! ✨ - 🍓@1stPhorm Strawberry Protein Doughnuts 🍓 - 2 cups all purpose pastry

Should I post more @fashionnova bikinis?👙 #novababe - Thank you for all the love and support I love responding back to your comments! 💖

Happy Thick Thursday..movies n chill? 😘Lounging in @fashionnova ✨ #novababe

Should I wear this outfit to EDC!?! 🤔 Excited to be attending @edc_lasvegas this year! Come party with me at skydeck (contact @ivy4119 for special offer)

I only come home to you 😘🖤❤️ #yours

Livin on the edge like I always do! 😎 We get so caught up in our busy lives that we sometimes forget to LIVE ❤️Appreciate the pain, the joy and everything

New @fashionnova bikini 👙 #novababe What do you think??! 😘

Top: @fashionnova ✨ #novababe ⚠️🚘 Caution THICK CURVES ahead!

Life’s a beach..enjoy it! 😊🏖 - Following back the person who can spell BEACH letter by letter without getting interrupted! 🙌🏻

This @fashionnova fit tho 👌🏻🔥😘 On a scale of 1-10 how much do you like fishnets? #novababe

@fashionnova never lies 😜 #novababe Repeat after me...Thick thighs save lives 🗣

Good Morning ..Early bird gets the GAINZ! 🍑 Gotta keep these thighs under control before they get outa hand! ☺️ Got my @1stPhorm BCAA's to help with muscle

You have my attention..I’m all yours ❤️ fit: @fashionnova #novababe

Shorts: ✨ @fashionnova #novababe You can never take too many selfies.. don’t you agree? 😉

New hair, New @fashionnova dress 💁🏼‍♀️ Who disss??? 😊 #novababe

Who wants to play hide & seek? 🍑👀bodysuit: @fashionnova #novababe

Top from: @fashionnova #novababe I wanna get to know you..Tell me something about you! 😘💕

Thick all day in @fashionnova lingerie 🥀 Never feel bad for being confident and feeling sexy! Without women, this world wouldn’t be sh*t! So take that

Heyyyyy there how ya doin?! 😘 mini road trip with my custom @1stphorm luggage! I never travel anywhere without it! 💕 #1stphorm - Happy Sunday funday everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day to my biggest motivation 👩🏻❤️( I was 2yrs old in this pic ) Thank you Mom for sacrificing everything for me when you had nothing, you

Before jumpin on the stairmaster..I ALWAYS take @1stPhorm Megawatt Pre workout to help me finish my full 45min of cardio! 💦 #1stphorm - Benefits of the

Thicc Thicc in @fashionnova lingerie 🍑🖤 #novababe

@fashionnova denim are my fav!👖🔥 Who’s ready for spring?! 🌿🌸🌻 #novababe

Caged up in @fashionnova #novababe 🖤 Its Thursday so you know what that means...😈

It’s CBD @happytea time and that means these thighs are gonna have the best sleep ever 💛💤 Goodnight my JOJO ARMY 😘 #happytea

Saturdays 🙃 @fashionnova #novababe

(✨Swim: @fashionnova) - Pick a number between 1-1000 💕 Person who guesses the right number in my head gets a personal DM & Follow back! 😘 #novababe

I’m already yours @fashionnova 🥀🧸 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤️ #novababe