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Legislator, business owner, fisherman, hunter, watch collector, maker of patriotic art, seeks to elevate snark to new levels.

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#mntwinsbaseball Great night for dinner and a game with my son!

And he’s off! Just finished “Manning the rails” ceremony and has put to sea. Off to provide care to those suffering in South America.

Hazel is always happy to love on her people

Stopped by Arlington National Cemetery today to pay my respects to our fallen. Sobering and such a great reminder as to the cost of freedom.

It was fun to attend “Steak on a Stick day today. I was asked if I’d like to help cook for the event after I ate. If you know me, you know I love to grill and was happy to volunteer 45 minutes to help out!

Love when folks from the district come to visit! This group of home schoolers are long time friends who are just great people!

What an awesome thing to see this Navy War ship come to life. USS Minneapolis-Saint Paul LCS-21 is beautiful! #USNAVY

Got to meet Karl “The Mailman” Malone.

Happy Mothers Day to my wife Kim. She’s a great mom to our kids!

Why we put up with MN winters.

One of my favorite pictures. Undoctored, no photoshop, I’m literally being run over by a bull. I walked away, beaten up a bit, but keep going. I won’t be stopped by the new challenge of the day.

Got to meet Governor Walz’s cat Afton tonight as I waited to meet the Israeli Ambassador to the US at the Governors Mansion

My annual pheasant hunt is coming in October! Mark your calendars for Oct 5 a week before the MN Opener! My son Matthew is already excited! I’m sure you’ll want to join us!

3 of the 6 kids are missing from this picture but we had to take it before dad went home. Good visit and we had fun

@j.c.newmancigarco Having a lovely Sunday afternoon on my back deck with this American cigar. I enjoyed getting to visit with the Newman’s at #ipcpr2019 Rep. Jim Nash.

I don’t like the fireworks dad. Hazel dog

Navy Boy sends pics from somewhere in an ocean on the Comfort.

What a blessing to have taken a break in our legislative day and attend the National Day of Prayer

Saying goodbye to my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Richard who died working a month and a half of each other.

This was a delicious dinner. Purchased today in Maine and cooked tonight in New Hampshire. Didn’t suck at all.

Trying one of these given to me recently. Figured since I was wearing a Spam shirt I should try a Year of the pig cigar. #drewestates

Suffice to say the kid had a blast at the Twins game

Give blood.

50 years!

Took some time from my day to walk down to the Peace Officer memorial. I watched the changing of the guard and heard the names read of the fallen. It was sobering. I support our peace officers and this was a good reminder that they put everything at risk to run TOWARDS danger.

Love this and it makes me think of my son, and all those serving in our Nations military.

Hey #donchicocigar Thanks for introducing me to your product! What a great cigar! I enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story and getting to share a stick with you! #ipcpr2019 This will do well for you.

Just another day at Trader Joe’s

Some of the great mid century stuff I’ve gotten recently. Really cool figural items and the solid gold were a great find! #vintagecufflinks