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Jaison Joosa

Working as Ayurveda therapist in kovalam, trivandrum, Kerala, India.

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At my work place !

Naughty child. 😄😄

Cute antler. 💕💕💖💙💚💛

Goats are adventurous. ☝👍👍👌💚

Sand viper disappears. 👌👌👐👐

Hey........its not your mom. 😄😄😄

Mouthful. 👅💆👍🎇🎉✌🙌

Cat massage. 💞

Moonwalk. 😍🎸🎸💃

Tadpole to a frog. 👣

Great talent. 💕💕

Bighorn sheep standoff. 👍👍

Life is beautiful. 👅👅👄💚💛. It was Monday. 😸😹😀😁😃

Its amazing. 👍

Sometimes it happens. 😀😁😂

Bangladesh...... Very interesting.😍

Laswitan beach, Philippines. 👍

Pet land. 😄😄

Ivlita is celebrating her happy birthday today. Many many happy returns of the day 💐🌺 let all of us congratulate and wish her every joy and success in her life. 👍👍 May God bless her and her entire family, friends and relatives. 🙏🙏

Brave and beautiful, protecting her children. 👍👍💕💕

Sunday special. 🎆🎇🎉🎂🎊🎍

Ancient rock n roll. 😀😁😂

Calling bell for food. 😀😁😂

Beautiful sunrise meal. 💕💕💖💗💛💝

Clever than human being. 🙌🙌😎😓

Quite natural. 👌👌

Twin love. 💜💓💔💖💗💙❤


Office cat. 👄👄👅👅

Group dance. 👅👅👄