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Visiting some awesome friends at the Gold Coast today (what a beautiful day! ☀️). My lunch was this delicious macrobiotic planet plate from @greenhouse_factory.

It's a dark & drizzly day in Brisbane, so here's another shot of the sweet + savoury spelt sourdough toast from the other day to brighten things up: beetroot

Submitted my nutrition assignment today & didn't even need to make any procrastination cake (aka salted caramel cheezecake) 🎉 but if you need distracting,

Sometimes you have to focus on the little things to be grateful for - like the fact that there are local organic tomatoes available in the Brisbane winter.

Sweet 'n savoury 👌

Fact: as Easter approaches chocolate consumption increases exponentially. This is strawberry-cacao-peanut butter soft serve with chocolate ice magic sauce

Procrastination at its best 👉 raw vegan cheesecake with salted caramel swirl & choc drizzle 🍓 Recipe on the blog! Enjoy your Sunday, folks 👋

Feeling fruity 🍓🍌✌️

Another shot of the dukkah crusted chippies from the other day 😍 I hope you're all having a good Tuesday! x

It is crazy windy + cold here, thanks to some antarctic weather so comfort is needed! Chippies (tossed with @tableofplenty pistachio dukkah prior to baking),

Throw back to this strawberry, peanut butter & chocolate smoothie bowl. I blended 1 tablespoon each cacao powder, chia seeds + PB with 2 frozen bananas,

Working on a case study assignment for my online nutrition class + kinda wishing someone could come & make me some rosemary now. Please?

Snickers love 💜

Throw back Thursday to these carob oat smoothie bowls of fun! 🎉 For 1 serve blend: 1/4 cup soaked rolled oats, 1 Tblsp each carob (or cacao) powder + peanut

Good morning 🙋 It's Monday & I'm excited coz I have the whole week off work! This is chia-vanilla oatmeal topped with coyo muddled with berries (not that

A process shot of my raw, vegan magnum egos (caramel application!). I first shared this recipe about 7 months ago, so new followers (especially those in

Mix 'n match meal from a while back. Meanwhile: trying to decide what to have for dinner tonight!🍴🌈

First day back at Hogwarts today calls for #dessertforbreakfast with a carob-oat-banana smoothie bowl. I blended about 1/4 cup soaked rolled oats, 1 Tblsp

Buckwheat-quinoa-spelt pancakes + homemade cashew-brazil nut butter + chia-berry jam. Have a great weekend folks!

Lazy late Sunday breakfast: raspberry oats + tahini + @coconutmagic coconut chips + some of their coconut sugar added afterwards coz it melts like a caramel

A colourful start to a somewhat grey & gloomy day. For these acai bowls I blended 1 cup almond milk, 2 Tblsp vanilla protein powder, 4 Tblsp acai powder,

Spelt sourdough 3 ways: cashew-brazil nut butter + fig, avocado + salt + chilli, peanut butter + strawberry. Which would you choose?

Creamy, dreamy vanilla oatmeal with chunks of raw chocolate (leftover from Bounty making) which melt & go fudgey + delicious (you gotta try it!), cashew-brazil

The classic 💚 Happy Friday, folks!

Baked some healthy vegan chia seed doughnuts. Drizzled them with chocolate ganache (dark chocolate + almond milk melted together) because we don't wanna

💚👅 #regram

I plonked some figs on top of my @theseedlingco brownies because figs are always a good idea #itisknown

These keep me going while working on assignments: chocolate peanut butter cups 💛 (recipe from #TheKindDiet cookbook)

Frooot 💛 Semester 2 starts at Hogwarts next week - I'm equal parts excited & mentally unprepared! 🙈 anybody else feeling like this right now?!

Good morning! 👋 This is homemade granola, coconut yoghurt, figs & berries. I want to have a go at making my own coconut yoghurt - have any of you guys