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it’s the first sunday in august and the clouds in the sky are extra fluffy, and that means it’s time for some extra fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes. have you tried making them yet? they’re easier than you think, recipe on the blog #🥞 #🇯🇵

these sky high mini japanese soufflé pancakes are an intense life hack: 10x easier to make than the big guys, and at least 100x cuter and yummier. i love them 3000. recipe on the blog as always #🥞

weekend plans: wontons anyone? pork and shrimp wontons covered in chili oil and soy sauce. super easy and very meditative to make

corgi cookies on the blog! plus a debate on which is cuter, corgis or wiener dogs?

if bread was a currency which kind would be worth the most? i don’t know but if it ever happened i know i’d accidentally eat my whole bank account and be broke in a week. garlic naan, aka, $1000 bills, from the blog archives

getting cozy with these mint marshmallow snowmen faces melting in hot cocoa. ⛄️☃⛄️ how to and recipe up on blog!

fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes made right at home, no flight to tokyo needed. recipe on the blog. warning: these last less than a minute. not cause they deflate, but because they are so good self control is impossible and you’ll turn into a crazy pancake devouring monster 🧟‍♀️

wait, this isn’t what you meant when you asked for an egg blt?

are you wonton an easy yummy dinner? try these homemade wontons with homemade spicy chili oil, or go buy frozen wontons and make with this chili oil, or make wonton and buy chili oil, it doesn’t matter because wonton life is #thatnoodlelife and that means it’s a good life. recipe in the blog archives/search

homemade steamed rice rolls with char siu, sweet soy sauce, and chili oil. so, so good. what’s your must have #dimsum dish?

15 minute thai red curry chicken ramen, #thatnoodlelife is a good life

if the 90s are back in for fashion, why not food too? lobster risotto topped with reverse seared steak is the surf and turf of the 90s, updated for today. bell pepper accompaniment and parsley sprinkled plate optional

a 20 minute no-weird-ingredient version of jia jiang mian aka chinese meat sauce aka nectar of the gods. if you’ve never had this, have you really ever eaten? #thatnoodlelife

homemade extra fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes topped with whipped butter and dusted with sugar and maple syrup can cure any monday morning blues. the idea of breakfast for dinner always make me happy. recipe on the blog, make some tonight!

can a sandwich get love? steak and lobster surf n turf double decker is the perfect sandwich for lazy warm summer evenings. waaaay back in the blog archives but we just made it for dinner yesterday and it was so good.

goofing off during work hours with secret weekend plans of garlic butter naan

20 min Thai red curry chicken ramen now on the blog #thatnoodlelife

making homemade wontons is better than meditating, not only do you achieve inner peace, you get a bowl of yummy dumplings too. this one is pork and shrimp wontons in chili oil - recipe on the blog! #wontons

fresh made naan bread is easier than you think, now on the blog!

what’s more american than italian food? extra glossy weeknight 6 ingredient tagliatelle with guanciale, mushrooms, chard, and 1/2 cup of parmigiano reggiano per serving. recipe on the blog #thatnoodlelife

Are you searching for general tso’s chicken? I found it, it’s on the blog 😅

crazy delicious and easy baked pork meatballs with chinese chili oil

weekend brunch order: can i get the sky high super fluffy japanese pancakes with extra fluff please?

the secret ingredient to this secret ingredient wonton is... nothing. there is no secret ingredient 🐼 it’s just really good chili oil, and the recipe is now finally up on the blog! #thatnoodlelife

when summer makes it too hot to cook because everything is already too hot to add the heat of a stove or oven, this 15 minute instant pot red curry ramen is there to save the day. recipe along with a list of 16 other great instant pot recipes now on the blog. #instantpot

can general tso’s chicken be authentic? this one tries! recipe on blog #generaltsochicken

steak isn’t just a special occasion thing. we do weeknight steak frites on the cheap as a soul satisfying comfort food. thin supermarket ribeye, air fried/oven baked frozen fries, and a green curry sauce inspired by le relais in paris. super easy, simple, and always the best dinner of the week. recipes for this and 4 other weeknight steaks on the blog now.

double tap to give these #🐶 corgis some love❣ . recipe here: . #corgi #corgigram #corgistagram #corgilove #foodphotography #vscofood #forkyeah #onthetable #instafood #foodstyling #homemade #feedfeed #igersvancouver #bestofvsco #beautifulcuisines #eeeeeats #studiodiysugarfix #ABMlifeissweet #corgi #sugarcookie

take me to the rolling green broccoli hills of ireland nestled snugly upon instant pot teriyaki

15 minutes is all you need to have this thai red curry chicken ramen hot and fresh in your belly #thatnoodlelife