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wait, this isn’t what you meant when you asked for an egg blt?

crazy delicious and easy baked pork meatballs with chinese chili oil

what’s more american than italian food? extra glossy weeknight 6 ingredient tagliatelle with guanciale, mushrooms, chard, and 1/2 cup of parmigiano reggiano per serving. recipe on the blog #thatnoodlelife

weeknight stir fry udon, four words that melt my heart. this one is only 8 ingredients and 10 minutes away from your tummy. recipe on the blog #thatnoodlelife

homemade steamed rice rolls with char siu, sweet soy sauce, and chili oil. so, so good. what’s your must have #dimsum dish?

super sweet tiny summer strawberries call for super tender tiny shortbread pancakes. combine with champagne and strawberries for a super summer brunch. recipe on the blog #🍓

these sky high mini japanese soufflé pancakes are an intense life hack: 10x easier to make than the big guys, and at least 100x cuter and yummier. i love them 3000. recipe on the blog as always #🥞

cacio e pepe, made with very fresh black pepper, the best laser imprinted cheese, and the thickest, most al dente pasta ever, aka udon, will change your noodle life #thatnoodlelife

one order of homemade fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes, extra fluffy, coming right up! immensely easier than you’d expect, recipe on the blog

summer is all about grilling and bbq but don’t forget it’s also the season of great salads coming in. this one is dressed with wafu, aka that japanese salad dressing from every good japanese restaurant. it’s an easy switch up from plain old vinaigrette. recipe on the blog #🥗

next level weeknight stir fry udon is still only 8 this level ingredients and maybe even easier than deciding what to order on seamless or uber eats #thatnoodlelife

the secret ingredient to this secret ingredient wonton is... nothing. there is no secret ingredient 🐼 it’s just really good chili oil, and the recipe is now finally up on the blog! #thatnoodlelife

a 20 minute no-weird-ingredient version of jia jiang mian aka chinese meat sauce aka nectar of the gods. if you’ve never had this, have you really ever eaten? #thatnoodlelife

smoky, spicy, and easy, isn’t it time for this 6 ingredient 100% hands off piri piri chicken recipe to find its way into your tummy? recipe in the blog archives!

this peanut free kung pao chicken is one of the prettiest dishes you’ll make all day. just the right amount of spice and you’ll never miss the peanuts. recipe on the blog.

creme brûlée japanese soufflé pancake. shatteringly crisp sugar top, rich cream, light as a cloud pancakes underneath, the perfect combination of sexy and cute. recipe on the blog

weekend plans: wontons anyone? pork and shrimp wontons covered in chili oil and soy sauce. super easy and very meditative to make

15 minute red curry ramen is ready for its closeup #thatnoodlelife

these little guys are wonton to be eaten, it’s their life destiny #thatnoodlelife

if the 90s are back in for fashion, why not food too? lobster risotto topped with reverse seared steak is the surf and turf of the 90s, updated for today. bell pepper accompaniment and parsley sprinkled plate optional

this 4 ingredient cacio e pepe udon is like being born rich - you put in the same effort but the result is so much better, chewier, and way more satisfying. recipe on the blog! #thatnoodlelife

fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes made right at home, no flight to tokyo needed. recipe on the blog. warning: these last less than a minute. not cause they deflate, but because they are so good self control is impossible and you’ll turn into a crazy pancake devouring monster 🧟‍♀️

pantry noodles aka what you make when you need good food now and have nothing in the fridge. 5 ingredients for the sauce and 5 minutes for the noodles. recipe in bio #thatnoodlelife

baby japanese soufflé pancake clouds getting their first dusting of icing sugar #🥞

i love these guys but they always leave me wonton more

potato salad: when it’s bad it’s still good and when it’s good it’s great. this one is amazing; japanese inspired with rice vinegar, kewpie mayo, and japanese mustard. your summer afternoons were made for this. #potatosalad

the easiest beef and broccoli stir fry. maybe 5 minutes for prep, 2 minutes for cooking, 1 minute to devour, especially if you’ve mastered the art of slurping 😋 #thatnoodlelife recipe on the blog

15 minute thai red curry chicken ramen, #thatnoodlelife is a good life

jammy eggs with green onion oil. dangerous and addictive. possibly a scheduled controlled substance. definitely only make what you’re willing to eat in one sitting.

weekend brunch order: can i get the sky high super fluffy japanese pancakes with extra fluff please?