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pantry noodles aka what you make when you need good food now and have nothing in the fridge. 5 ingredients for the sauce and 5 minutes for the noodles.

this 4 ingredient cacio e pepe udon is like being born rich - you put in the same effort but the result is so much better, chewier, and way more satisfying.

do you ever have times where you just want one or two really good homemade cookies but the recipe makes 48, so you figure you’ll make 48 and someone will

maybe one of the few things on this planet that’s actually good, cheap, and fast. if you’ve never had good udon, udon know what you’re missing out on.

15 minute instant pot miso coconut chicken ramen, where have you been all my life? you need to be in my tummy where you belong. #thatnoodlelife recipe

i love these guys but they always leave me wonton more

pretty, hot, easy, and very satisfying - everything you want in a life partner. recipe here:

These mini blueberry espresso pancakes are like a superhero for food. They look like an unassuming and delicious breakfast, but they're secretly packed

proper deep fried orange chicken is a lot of work if you don’t own a deep fryer but so much better than take out. if you do own a deep fryer, can we have

some days you just need some comforting chicken teriyaki and rice

chinese food for weekend brunch is the equivalent of breakfast for dinner. saturday mornings are always viable candidates for dim sum in our family, but

weekend plans: wontons anyone? pork and shrimp wontons covered in chili oil and soy sauce. super easy and very meditative to make

one of the great chicken dishes of the world is weirdly one of the easiest too: basically just chicken and equal parts soy, sesame, and shaoxing come together

orange chicken: maybe the most delicious dish that rhymes with nothing

if the 90s are back in for fashion, why not food too? lobster risotto topped with reverse seared steak is the surf and turf of the 90s, updated for today.

general tso’s doctor told him to cut out fried foods if he wanted to live to a ripe old age, so he switched to this oven baked version of his famous c

saturday morning cartoons might not be a thing anymore but saturday morning fluffy pancakes are still going strong in our house, recipe on the blog if

i don’t care who you are, where you’re from, what you did, as long as you have these 6 ingredient vegan coconut cinnamon buns for brunch. recipe here:

15 minutes is all you need to have this thai red curry chicken ramen hot and fresh in your belly #thatnoodlelife

air fryer parm and rosemary wedge fries is dressing like the 90s but with a 2019 body

the iconic japanese fruit sandwich: fresh strawberries, whipped cream, creamy soft bread. does it sound amazing or awful? is it any different than an adult

weekend brunch order: can i get the sky high super fluffy japanese pancakes with extra fluff please?

fluffy japanese soufflé pancakes made right at home, no flight to tokyo needed. recipe on the blog. warning: these last less than a minute. not cause they

15 minute thai red curry chicken ramen, #thatnoodlelife is a good life

goofing off during work hours with secret weekend plans of garlic butter naan

if tortilla soup were a pokémon it’d be squirtle, unsung and upstaged by better looking guys like pikachu but secretly way more talented, cooler, and full

general tso always wanted to be a chef and wasn’t that good of a general anyway, but he was a brilliant chef

we’re celebrating cinco de mayo with a mega taco crawl that includes these homemade 3 ingredient slow cooker carnitas tacos with salsa verde, cilantro,

Are you searching for general tso’s chicken? I found it, it’s on the blog 😅

piri piri chicken: tangy, bright, spicy, and so yummy. just blend 5 ingredients and marinate, then broil and you’re done! recipe on the blog