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The only kind of 🐻 I like to see is the grass kind. July has yet to feel like summer. Seattle has been overcast, wet, and a bit chilly. The gloomy days feel long and uneventful. We were fortunate enough to catch a quick break in the clouds on Saturday, literally about a 5 minute timeframe at the summit. We soaked up as much of the scene as possible before getting resocked (is that a word?) then deciding to run back to the trailhead. Tips for trail running? My shins, quads, and gluts are still in recovery mode four days later! 😅

I solemnly swear we're watching you fish, Brian. 😴

Can you resist this look? I can not. 🤷🏻‍♀️

"Sorry, this hammock is taken." -Luna, probably

Prepare for trouble and make it double. #namethattune

If you had asked me 10 years ago, I would have sworn off ever picking fruit trees again. Who knew that little bit of nostalgia would flood me with sweet childhood memories (or maybe too many berries). . My extended family has fruit farms back in Michigan so summers were spent in strawberry fields and blueberry patches. It sounds magical from the outside but let me tell you, standing in the blazing sun all day while the bees are stinging, mosquitoes are biting, spiders are crawling, and your hands are being stained is the last thing I ever wanted. I was a teenager, obviously there were better things to do.. like nothing? 😂

Over the last two months, we've been car camping to test the waters of overnight stays. The dogs and humans have been perfect on these trips so we're now planning summer backpack trips! I'm beyond excited to take our love for the outdoors to a new place while achieving more solitude. But first... Cutting pack weight with the proper gear. What are your backpacking 'must-haves'?

Paintbrush, Tiger Lilies, and Bear Grass, oh my! The Central Cascades are in full bloom and I cannot get enough of these wildflowers. 💐

Wondering where we've been recently? Literally our life rn. On Friday we moved into a new house. Everyone is finally settling in but I anticipate we'll be living out of boxes for the next month. And now that we're moved in.... Time to prep for our July 4th camp trip! 😅 #cantstopwontstop

Picnics are a little better with these two 🐶🐶

When it comes to camp chairs, "move your feet; lose your seat" is Kato's motto. We'll be head out on another short trip over July 4th. Kato can't be bothered by fireworks but Ellie thinks the world is ending. Remember to keep your pets safe around this holiday and don't forget about the days leading up to and after!

When it comes to moving, Luna is a pro. She's been through five moves with us and settles in no problem each time. It only took her an hour of prowling the new home before she was sitting at the basement doors screaming to be let outside. With a little help of @austinandkat CBD drops, she didn't skip a beat! Now she's helping to patrol the backyard from pests (the dogs already killed a rat) and she's claiming all the coziest sunspots. Honestly, I don't know how we could ever have another cat after Luna. She's only five so luckily she's got her whole life ahead of her! We paid $20 for her in Florida as a 13 week old kitten who was labeled as "wild." The small family claimed she was terrorizing their toddler and were going to turn her loose outside by the weekend. Luna was never wild for us. She settled in instantly and has always been the perfect cat. I trained her to play fetch, to sit, and lay down. She's affectionate but not needy. She's social while maintaining her independence. Since moving from high rise apartments to neighborhood houses she's become an outdoor adventurer but near strays from our backyard. I'm glad we made the impulse decision years ago when she became the first member of our little zoo.

What I thought we would be doing the next five days... Floating around on an alpine lake, a cooler stacked with cool drinks and frozen treats. Life has a funny way of changing plans unexpectedly but that's OK. Our cooler will stay stacked for next time around. 🍦: @swellgelatofordogs ❄️: @icemulecoolers 🎽: @hurtta.america/@hurttacollection . . . . . #gelato #shiba #lake #pnw #ジェラート #shibainu #reflection #pnwonderland #water #gelateria #柴犬 #shibastagram #upperleftusa #icecream #washington #weeklyfluff #thatpnwlife #shibadog #boat #mountains #pacificnorthwest #nature #pnwcollective #shibamania #PNW #ignaturale #trees #igcentric_nature #doge #barked @barked @9gag

Anotha day, anotha dolla. Or something like that 😴

Tryin' to take a little bit of that last sno-caine home. WOAH WHAT'S ON HER FACE Yep, Ellie hikes in a muzzle sometimes! No, it doesn't bring down her enthusiasm one bit. I muzzle trained Ellie over 3 years ago when I first started learning about reactivity in dogs. She happily wears a custom fit @bumas_muzzle when we hike with new dogs, especially if we allow for some off leash time. The muzzle gives her a little bit of freedom and grants me some piece of mind.

Two little 🐞 in a field of 🌷. . 🎉 Congrats to @holyheelers, you were our FLASH GIVEAWAY winner!

*Cue Sarah McLachlan He's ok, I promise. Kato has a small allergic reaction on his belly that he won't leave alone. The cone is on to prevent him from licking himself raw and allow the spot to heal quicker. I'm not sure what caused the spots. I recently added duck back to his meals about the same time I found a flea on him. Maybe it's food related? Maybe he's sensitive to flea bites? Whatever it is, he's milking the cone status.

The agility of cats amazes me. Luna weighs only 7lbs but can jump up to a 6 foot fence with no effort. It's a sight to see her little body seemingly levitate up to the fence top! Her afternoons are typically spent napping on the fence, watching nearby birds and squirrels.

Me: One chair will be enough for camping. Also me: (6 hours later) Wow, I wish we had more chairs. At least the dogs were cozy? --- Entry for the camping prize for #dogventures2019 hosted by @mochathetoller @thegolden_nimbus @just_thori_things @thenortherndogs @ollie.explores

CAMPING SEASON IS HERE! We head out this afternoon for a weekend up North. I had nearly everything packed last night when my girl, @girlmeetsmerle, messaged "sooo we're bringing a boat". I did a quick look at trails in the area, determined they were a bit too unstable with melting snow, then started unpacking. What was going to be a hiking weekend quickly turned into a weekend of chilling on the lake. I'm pretty sure it's just what I need anyway! Since I was unpacking/repacking, I had a little fun with our gear! Here's what we're taking this weekend. --- 🏕️ @marmot 3-person tent 💤 @keltybuilt 2-person sleeping bag 🛌 @klymit 2-person sleeping pad 🧘🏻‍♀️ @mountainstandard & @mountainsmith chairs 🔥 @msr_gear camp stove 🍜 @backpackerspantry pad thai meals 🌳 @tribeprovisions hammock 🥾 @chacofootwear - no toe strap this time! 🧢 @gigipip, @buff_usa & @outdoorresearch hats 🕶️ @rayban sunnies ☕ @bulletproof cold brew 🍻 @10barrelbrewing brewskies 🎒 @seatosummitgear dry sacks 🥤 @hydroflask water bottles 🚑 @hartoutdoor first aid kit 🛠️ @leathermantools multitool 🍫 @tuckersraw meal bars 💦 @ruffwear dog bowl and tie-out ✨ @austinandkat CBD treats & oils 🦟 @wondercide natural bug repellent 🌬️ @icemulecoolers pack for @swellgelatofordogs treats 💎 @wildwearpets collars & @metalhounds tags 🎽 @hurttacollection/@hurtta.america dog life vests ⛺ @alcottgear dog tent/camping kennel 🔵 @whyld_river dog sleeping bag Not pictured but equally vital: ❄️ @yeti tundra cooler 🛶 Inflatable kayaks 🚤 BOAT

In 2018 I took next to no personal time off. Crazy right? I generally enjoy my job so I immerse myself in projects which makes the year fly by. This year I've made it a priority to spend a little less time focusing on my career and a lot more time creating memories with my little fam. I've found camping reservations an easy way to take just one day off while spending a few nights disconnecting. Since you make reservations months in advance, we've been able to plan quite seamlessly for two trips. It's been a wonderful change in pace and we're only in June! The summer holds many more opportunities for us! And now, we're headed north for a few days with no cell signal. Happy camping and have a great weekend! --- Entry for the camping prize for #dogventures2019 hosted by @mochathetoller @thegolden_nimbus @just_thori_things @thenortherndogs @ollie.explores

It's that time of year in Western Washington when everyone is excited for summer but the weather isn't done playing tricks. The weekend was cold and cloudy. From the looks of it, the weekdays are about to follow suit. Don't mind us as we stay cuddled up under the covers!

Boating 101 brought to you by Kato. 1. Always wear a hat to protect against sun exposure. It will get windy so make sure the hat has chin straps. Tighten chin strap 100%. 2. Don't allow a Gremlin to Captain. Gremlins get sleepy in the sun. You'll find your Captain abandoned duty to nest in a pile of life vests. 3. Act cool. You're on a boat!

💐🦊 A fox is a wolf who sends flowers. This is my absolute favorite photo of Kato. We were on our way home from lure coursing, in farm country. The single lane road was lined with dense pines when the trees suddenly opened to abandoned fields of these yellow flowering bushes. We pulled over and took a few photos (public land) before continuing on our way. I have noticed these yellow bushes along the highway over the past month. Each time I thought how much I wanted to photograph a field of them. I feel so fortunate my vision came true!

Double tap to BOOP 👆

🍾 GIVEAWAY! CONGRATS TO @KALI.COLLIE! YOU WON! Me: Where's the wine? Ellie: *trot, trot, trot. squeak, squeak. wag. Ready to teach your pup to bring the wine? Tag all your friends below for a chance to win a Rosé bottle toy from @zippypaws. The Happy Hour Crusherz series is made with a replaceable inner bottle so you get a crinkle and you get a squeaker! Both Ellie and Kato are obsessed (as am I). Did I mention the toys are super affordable and ship Amazon Prime? Happy human, happy pupper. Find the new collection on Amazon by visiting the link in my bio or stories! --- Giveaway #sponsored by @zippypaws, not affiliated with Instagram in any way. Winner will be randomly picked from all entries within 48 hours.

My favorite part of summer in Washington is the long days of sunshine. Sunrises around 5AM. Sunsets after 9PM. Admittedly, I miss nearly every sunrise. 😅 Are you a sunrise or sunset kind of person?

Nature finds a way.

When you tryin' to be a good boi but the noms are too yummy. @stellaandchewys freeze-dried recipes ( #sponsored) have been my go-to dog food for overnight adventures. I break the patties into smaller pieces, rehydrate with warmed water from our camp stove, then serve! Visit the link in my bio for a coupon to save on any @stellaandchewys purchase!

Flowers (and mud) look good on you, boy. 😘