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Big weekend mood: shrimp ceviche(ish) or salmon Alfredo! Which one are you making?! And remember, since this ceviche is made for #mealprep and will be

My 15-minute #postworkout #breakfast i just made on IG Story: sriracha grilled salmon + asparagus + cream of rice with garlic, onion & pinch of Parmesan.

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My 5-minute #breakfast quickie: 1/2 bagel + 1 avocado + 2 hard boiled eggs + 1 1/2 tbsp Dijon mustard + 1 slice bacon (leftover) + red onion + pinch of

Get the full recipe from / Receta en!

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You can only choose ONE 1-skillet recipe: (1) Taco chicken & rice; or (2) Cajun chicken, shrimp & rice! Stay tuned tomorrow for the Cajun recipe but comment

Facts of life: It’s tough to compete for birthday 🎂 love when it falls on Mother’s Day because there’s NOTHING like the unwavering love of a mother that

This is likely the most vulnerable I’ve ever been publicly. (Link in bio) It’s a strange feeling but I’m thankful for the chance to share more of my wellness

Flavor overload! Guess the number of ingredients in this simple 15-minute Moroccan beef couscous! Who’s ready for this recipe?! Boom. (traducción abajo) — Sabroso!

Getting ready for a great week ahead! Part of my food this week - spicy salmon & grilled asparagus. Who else is getting ready to chisel away at those goals?

Behind-the-recipe of 🥑 chimichurri: both the video and recipe were gambles. I had NEVER cooked on a salt block before shooting this video. It was a last-minute

Today’s quick & simple #lunch bowl: BBQ shrimp + sweet potato mash + grilled asparagus. Can you dig it? What are you adding/eliminating for your diet?

15-minute #lunch from IG Story: Cajun salmon patty (6oz) + 1/2 avocado mash + 1 soft boiled egg + 2 cups mixed green salad. Salmon seasoned using my FMC

Woke up craving a chicken sandwich, so... I’m team #NOmayo all day! I’ve never really liked it so it was easy to start using avocado instead. 5oz grilled

🙆🏾‍♂️ Any volunteers to make this one-skillet cajun-inspired chicken, shrimp & rice dish this weekend?! Full recipe and macros on Tag

Holding 15lb of pure spicy goodness. Who wants this 20-minute Cajun chicken, shrimp and rice recipe?! Boom. (traducción abajo) — Tengo 15 libras de alegria

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For mid-week #mealprep, turn those instant oats & protein powder into cookies! Cuz everyone has time for 🍪! Recipe in FMC Apps (iPhone/Android) and

Now that you’ve made both, you can only choose ONE: (A) Southwest shrimp & quinoa mix; or (B) Asian shrimp & quinoa mix! Both are so GOOD! Boom. (traduccion

Scallops and dairy free brown rice risotto with kale & mushrooms, about 50% less calories than the traditional recipe. Comment below if you can dig it

#BTS: One of us is actually busy writing recipes, and the other is supposed to be the Senior Creative Director and is asleep... 🤦🏾‍♂️ That’s why they

Guarantee this chopped salad will become a part of your #mealprep rotation! Recipe on site - Les juro que vas

Tag someone to TRY something new with you! Recipe - Etiqueta a alguien PROBAR esta receta rica contigo! https://f

Weekend brunch mood: avocado quesadillas. 😎 (drops mic) Get recipe from FMC App (iPhone/Android) or, then tag someone to make these with

Simple #breakfast: sweet potato “toast” + avocado + leftover grilled asparagus + smoked salmon + soft boiled eggs. I boil eggs in water for 4 minutes.

Success! Comment below if you want this BBQ chicken salad recipe with avocado 🥑 crema! 😱 If I only had a food truck... 😄 Team Salad or Team Wrap?! Boom.

As a kid I LOVED popcorn chicken from KFC! Great to know as an adult I can still enjoy the foods I ate growing up, but in a much more calorie-conscious

When it’s late and you’re craving tacos…🤔 Shaved Brussels + choice of lean meat (with seasoning) + ripe avocado. You’re welcome! 😂 Eating it inside the