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× my passion is drawing × sell own original artworks #fid999etforsale × making IGtv videos 'n studying multidimensionality × in love with hip-hop

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Glowy skin is MY EVERYTHING 🤩 I love Glossier's aesthetic and message, but un-fucking-fortunately, I CAN'T buy their products in Russia 🌏🤑 only if I use special service that delivers it to me, but shipping's cost is very high *smiling thru pain* @glossier PlEaSe CoMe To RuSsIa, We NeEd YoU !!!! #fid999et

what is a talent? there are a lot of opinions what is this. some say this is a skill that u have since birth, onthers say this is a hard work on what u love to do. and the second opinion is the most popular nowadays, but mine is closer to the 1st one. why? we all live not the 1st life on this planet or even galaxy. Reincarnation, this is what works. I'll tell 'bout it a bit later. alright, Talent this is a skill which u had in past (parallel) life/s. so simple u know. You already know how to do this, you feel this is more likely to you, and that's easier to you. Even when children go to school, they understand better the exact sciences, or, on the contrary, the humanities. they have not yet come across them, but already something turns out better, and something worse. and sometimes (mostly people that incarnated on earth for a long time) person have a bright talent since birth, like drawing, singing e.t.c. but the fact is, most of us do something better and easier than others. #fid999etart #fid999etthoughts #talent #thoughts #whatistalent #art #illustrationportrait #illustration #academicart #academicsketch #sketchwork #messyskecth #mixedtechnique #sketchy #sketch #colorfulskecth #academicdrawing #sketchportrait

my vision. 🧞🦋 #бьютинабумаге #fid999etart #хештегнебледно #art #artwork #draw #drawing #illustration #portrait #weirdart #stylizedart #colorfulillustration #pdychoart #modernart #contemporaryartwork #contemporaryart #colorfulportrait #psychobeauty

gon tell me bout my blindness? FOR SALE:. 20$ 3,1x4,3" watercolor + brushpen + white gel pen⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🐊 DM to order 🐊 included worldwide shipping #fid999etart #fid999etforsale

can't hear u, I'm in my mind. FOR SALE:. 20$ 4,7x4,7" watercolor + brushpen + white gel pen ⠀⠀ 🐊 DM to order 🐊 included worldwide shipping #fid999etart #fid999etforsale #fid999etartbest

sorry, I just love my hair lol)) not sorry)⠀ btw I gonna become zero waste, 'cuz I think that's not that hard tho 💦👀 ⠀ #fid999et #selfiepic #whitehair #whitehaircolor #whitehairdontcare #whitehairgirl #revival #revivalmerch #aestheticselfie #tumblraesthetic #sunlight #sunny #goldenhour #zerowaste #goldenhourselfie


watercolor sketch of a random girl, btw u saw the sketch of her, i posted it already. Some time ago I hated watercolors, because I couldn't draw by 'em, that was really hard to me tho. But now, after courses, I LOVE watercolors! I love this light, semi-transparent colorful colors on the paper. my love 4ever 🤯💜🤩🤡 ⠀ #fid999etart ⠀

This is what you feel when you're jealous, I guess, never had this feeling. Honestly, I don't fucking understand how it works. Why are you jealous? For what? That you can't have or do smth? But it's only your life, and only you can change it. What's the point? My relatives and friends always say to me that some person do this because of jealousy (when I tell 'em about some situation in my life with people that hate me and talk behind my back) but I don't I can't fucking understand how it works?!???!? I'm always confused with this shit bruh #fid999etart #fid999etartbest #fid999etthoughts

If you have any ideas of videos that you would like to watch, dm me or comment! Thx for watching 🖤 Music - 11problem "DOUBLE DAMAGE" album

happy 'n tired artist 💤✨🌺 ⠀ ⠀ #fid999et ⠀ #whitehair #platinumhair #haircolor #blondehair #pinkhair #lavenderhair #lilachair #desk #deskorganization #artistsdesk #artistdesk #illustrator #artist #illustratordesk #artdesk #illustrations #selfie

i have a great story behind this picture bruh 😵 but I ain't gonna tell it in details, 'cuz it's too long - ⠀ my cellphone had 8% and then died. we couldn't find the right exit from underground. we didn't know way to the roof and how that building looks like. we were really tired and i had a huge folder with paper with me, 'cuz i just bought watercolor paper before going on the roof. the weather was sunny, but when we finally went on roof it rained! when we were trying to go on roof, where we climbed onto the roof, it seemed to us that there was someone and we wanted to escape, but fortunately there were only my friend and I. then my friend tore her jeans. when we were crawling back she tore 'em again! that was sick tho 🤣 #fid999et

that artwork i've been doing for several weeks, because i had no inspiration 'n motivation. I felt myself like shit, and i still feel this way occasionally. In that piece i put my own way of safety, i hope you feel it. and you can see this weird back, it shows how the past doesn't let me go forward and trying to make me stay in the swamp :( ⠀ ⛈️the best song to this pic - Boogie feat. Eminem - Rainy days⠀ 🤬actual inspo song was - Mosquit - spaceshipmyloveandme (soundcloud) ⠀ ⠀ #fid999etart ⠀ ⠀

creative process in my room such a mess! 🤹 #fid999et #creativity #artist #workingartist #creativeprocess #processdrawing #artprocess #processart #contemporaryart #academicart #mess #creativemess #artistroom #messysketch #20aliens #roominspiration #roomdecor #messroom #roomaesthetic

'crying 4 a baby' gouache 🎨👽 this girl supposed to has nose and be colorful, but when I started painting her my relatives started annoying me and that's what happened. She's green 'n blue and has no nose lol, also hair looks different than it was in sketch. I want this to be a part of meme #area51 ⠀ ⠀ #fid999etart #art #artwork #art4sale #artforsale #gouache #gouachedrawing #gouachepainting #gouacheillustration #illustration #portraitart #portrait #gouacheportrait #area51meme #area51art #portraitillustration #greenlady #alienart #weirdart #monochromeart #drawing #painting #psychodelicart #tripart #badtrip #dmttrip

can't live without drawing 🐺 #fid999et #fid999etwip

freestyle watercolor sketch, because I love colorfulness of watercolors 😍💗🤯 ⠀ I understand that I wanna be independent from my parents. earn money myself, live in apartment which is comfortable for painting, eat only what i want, pay attention only on my deals e.t.c. and that's VERY important to me rn, very! and I guess I gotta earn $ by selling my artworks #fid999etart #fid999etthoughts

a little watercolor sketch of fruits 🍈🍈🍈 ⠀ #fid999etart #fid999etprocess

I can't write anything right now, sorry, but I want to post this pic 🥩🐄🐮🍽️🚫👎⛔🙅‍♂️ #fid999etart

tell me who r u, and I will tell me who I am. But the problem is, you can't say who are you. #fid999et

yo, this artwork i made in 2017, that was interesting time - my first print ever! ⠀ i really want to people be interested in my art, but have to work hard to deserve it lol :)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • I sell this postcards "BLUE WOLF" for 10$ including worldwide shipping (size is A6) 🤡 you can DM me to order or ask questions, i'm always open to conversations ⠀ ⠀ very soon I will post a video of this print and you'll have ability to see how it looks irl ⠀ ⠀ #fid999etart #fid999etforsale ⠀ ⠀

aaaayyyyyyyyyyy, I've got 3 credits out of 3 on preparatory course in my future art college today. I'm excited , but from other hand, I'm rEaLLy sad that my course ends and I won't see my lovely teachers next 4 months((( But I hope I will pass the exam and will study here, 'cuz I feel this place is right for me, I love it very much, and my new friends are hella nice. Well, wish me good luck for the exam 🙏🤩🤪 ⠀ ⠀ #fid999etart ⠀

I feel that I can't exsist without art and espessialy drawing, it means literally everything to me. I started to like to draw in academic style from the time I got to pre-college courses. and I love to draw ideas from my mind since i fuckin' born. I started to like abstract and very stylised paintings. And now I also love exhibitions and all other different kinds of art. because art it's not only paintings 'n sketches, it's wider. ⠀ #fid999et #fid999etthoughts ⠀

just sketch of a random girl, I'm drawing one interesting pic now, but paper is awful or I used the wrong side idk. hope it'll come out not that bad as i expect 😖😖 #fid999etart

'knowledge spirit' this is a character that is an image of my essence, only more developed. It looks like Indian god, because I was inspired by gods such Shiva. Blue color shows perfection, deep wisdom and calmness. also i drew an energy accumulation of healing on palms and aura around head, and of course, third eye. This is a kind of Avatar, my perfect spirit. tell me in comments, what do you think, if it's possible to become an Avatar irl? #fid999etart

have you ever had lucid dreams? 🦋 #fid999etart

sketch for "can't hear you, I'm in my mind." wasn't pretty, but the final picture came out good tho 🦄 #fid999etart

In Russia education (i mean school) is senseless, because nobody cares about who u r, and what you want to do. Just go to school, learn subjects that are the same for everybody, do ur homework and get good marks. Then you're good enough to go to university. Of course not creative university. You have to go to study for non-creative work, because nobody needs art and it is not well-paid. That's what our government and most of people think. But I think it's bullshit #fid999et #fid999etthoughts