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Since 1927. "There is no limit to beauty, no saturation point in design, no end to the material" - Salvatore Ferragamo

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Самые хайповые публикации Salvatore Ferragamo (ferragamo)

Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart visit camp aesthetic at the #MetGala. Cole is nattily dressed in a sleeveless oxblood tailored suit with exuberant raffia flower embroidery paired with a vicuna leather shoestring for a bowtie and orange suede chelsea boots by #Ferragamo #FerragamoMetgala

Lili Reinhart is stunning at the #MetGala in an aqua silk faille creation with large campana sleeves and sweeping trail, paired with tailored shorts reinterpreted for evening dressing and metallic stilettos. The custom-made look by #Ferragamo is sewn entirely by hand and took a total of 120 hours to construct #FerragamoMetGala

A unique collection of exotic patchwork bags adorned with a refined #gancini clasp #FerragamoPS19

Elevated Elegance : the luxuriously crafted elaphe mules placed upon the classic F wedge heel for a heightened sense of glamour #FerragamoPS19

Hero Fiennes-Tiffin walked the #FerragamoSS20 runway, exuding the exceptional flair and confidence of the multi-faceted Ferragamo man

Add an elegant touch to casual day-chic with a Vara bow adorned bucket bag that has tons of statement appeal #FerragamoPS19

There is nothing like unboxing a fresh new pair of sneakers. #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Introducing Ferragamo Creations: a limited-edition footwear collection based on the original patents of Salvatore Ferragamo from the thirties to the fifties. The new 'Sustainable Thinking' exhibition celebrates the forward thinking of our founder as he designed with natural materials with sustainability in his mind. Originally designed in 1955, discover the new Babilonia sandal with the Sustainable Thinking exhibition in Florence from April 12th 2019 – March 8th 2020 #museoferragamo #sustainablethinking

A charming iteration of the classic front-flap bag adorned with a heritage-inspired tropical scarf print from #FerragamoSS19

Dazzling in the yellow Varina. #FerragamoHoliday #PatchworkOfCharacters

Calling all sneaker heads, the new #Gancini sneakers are fire  #FerragamoSS19

Created with sustainable materials, the limited-edition Ferragamo 42 Degrees sneaker makes its debut with a rainbow strip to pay homage to the classic Rainbow wedge of Salvatore Ferragamo. Explore the Sustainable Thinking exhibition in Florence from April 12th 2019 – March 8th 2020 #museoferragamo #sustainablethinking

The ultimate Icon is the Vara Rainbow. The iconic Vara takes us to another level with the Rainbow treatment. A sure head-turner.  #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Hello sunshine yellow, we’ll take you this Holiday season. #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

A charming little flap-bag with fresh flora prints blooming into a full-fledged spring obsession #FerragamoSS19

Creative Director Paul Andrew and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin at the #MetGala. Hero is dressed in evening overalls in black washed duchess satin with a tailored jacket cut in black Scottish wool and satin details worn over a shade pleated poplin tailored shirt by #Ferragamo.

The fresh new #FerragamoStudioBag in an energizing shade of blue makes for the perfect spring accessory  #FerragamoPS19

Set yourself apart with a practical #Gancini duffle bag. Your perfect travel companion

The red Varina is a foolproof classic for any holiday party. #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Model and 70s icon Maye Musk carries the impossibly sophisticated new #boxyz bag with characteristic flair

Elizabeth Debicki is a vision at the pink carpet of the #MetGala, dressed in a peony silk faille empire gown with an exaggerated bow paired with elegant opera gloves #FerragamoMetGala #MetGala

Accessories are taking over the spotlight with two Ferragamo classics. #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Gifting is here and we’ve got that perfect gift for the man on your list.  #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Celebrating 40 years of Vara - a timeless icon from the House of Ferragamo that continues to enchant and entice in its simple elegance. Tamu McPherson shines bright with the new glitter Vara pumps. Discover a new chapter every month, to follow Vara on its journey as a modern classic #FollowVara

The constantly evolving Vara pumps get an urban update with black slingbacks and a gold accented bow #FerragamoPF19

Classic styles and timeless icons with rich Italian heritage. #FerragamoHoliday  #PatchworkOfCharacters

Priyanka Chopra is a stunner on the cover of @instylemagazine, dressed in a single-breasted jacket embellished with water lilies and chains motif from the #FerragamoPF19 collection.

Reinterpreting contemporary elegance with the timeless Vara, in a striking new iteration in glitter embellished with the distinctive bow and gold logo plate. Discover a new chapter every month, to follow Vara on its journey as a modern classic #FollowVara

New faces herald new energy. Hero Fiennes-Tiffin joins the #PatchworkOfCharacters crew for a dynamic #FerragamoAW19 Creative Director: @paulandrewprivate Photographer and Director: @harleyweir Agency: @lairdandpartners Stylist: @jodieabarnes Models : @hero_ft @liyakebede @yorgelismarte @sola5532 #JonasMason

An emblem of style and elegance, the ultra versatile Studio Bag is an absolute icon from the house of Ferragamo #FerragamoPF19