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🌿 Photos of my organic garden, & VEGAN, often home & local grown, whole food diet. 🌱 Businesses pls ask before regramming 🌻 Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada

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How beautiful is that colour?! ✨🔮 These are the “Russian Blue” potatoes I planted 10 weeks ago. 🍃 Have any of you guys tried blue potatoes before? ☀️ I got the seed potatoes from @westcoastseeds 🥔 #russianblue #potatoes #homegrown #organicgarden #gardentotable #sunshinecoastbc #russianbluepotatoes #mothernature

Look at these little beauties! They're called cucamelons 🥒🍉 has anyone else ever had these before? This is my first time growing them. I'd actually never even tasted one before today! I planted the seeds in April, and for a few months I was worried about them because the plants (vines and leaves) themselves are so delicate and break easily. I wasn't sure they'd make it... but they did!! And they're growing strong and healthy now! 🌿 #homegrown #organicgarden #cucamelon #mexicangerkin

Wild blacks, figs, & coconut cream 🍇🍐🥥 I’m really lovin’ this coconut cream lately... it’s so easy and quick to make, and if I have it with a bunch of fruit for breakfast it gives me lots of energy until late into the afternoon. 💪 Here is the recipe: blend 1 lb. young coconut meat, 1/2 to 1 cup plain raw cashews, 5 pitted medjool dates, 1/2 to 1 cup coconut water, & 1 teaspoon vanilla until smooth. Devour immediately! Or put in fridge it will keep overnight, but no longer. Otherwise store it in the freezer! #rawvegan #healthybreakfast #yummy #wildblackberries #coconutcream

Fresh peaches & wild blackberries w/ the yummiest homemade coconut cream ever! 🍇✨🍑 Really simple to make, too! Just blend 1lb. young coconut meat, 1/2 cup cashews, 1/2 cup coconut water, 5 dates & 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth 🍶🍥 store extra cream in fridge overnight, or freezer for longer storage 😊 #vegan #homemade #coconutcream #wildblackberries #peaches

Current obsession: Fresh collard green burrito wraps! 🌯💫 Who needs a tortilla when you’ve got huge collard greens? 🌱 This one is filled with quinoa, kale, lettuce, cucumber, chioggia beets, fresh tomatoes, sundried tomatoes, chives, calendula petals, avocado & a squeeze of lime juice 🌿🥒🥑 #collardwrap #burrito #collardburrito #veganburrito

I grew foxgloves 🦊 from seed this year, for the first time ever. 🍃 They abundantly grow wild where I live, so I never felt the need to sow my own in the past, but through @floretflower I discovered a soft peach coloured variety I had never seen before, so of course I had to order some seed. These beauties are called “dalmatian peach”, and they’re so delicate and lovely 🍑 #organicgarden #foxgloves #dalmationpeach #digitalis #growfloret #sunshinecoastbc

Papaya n’ berry boats giving me life this morning! 😛💦 1 papaya, cut lengthwise, seeds scooped out, then filled with blacks and bluebs (or whatever berries you fancy) ✨ I’ve heard papaya seeds are poisonous ☠️🚫 but I’ve also seen lotsa things online about the health benefits of eating papaya seeds. 🤷‍♀️ Anyone have any experience either way with them? 🌿 #papayaboats #wildberries #vegan

Fresh veggie & mango spring rolls w/ peanut dipping sauce 🥭🌿🥜 Rice paper wraps filled with lettuce, kale, zucchini, cucumber, mango, avocado, scallions, chives, red cabbage, pea shoots, & violas. 🌸 #springrolls #veganspringrolls #vegan #whyimstillvegan #vegansofig #vegansofssc #vegansofvancouver #fwx #canadianvegan #vegansofyvr #vegansofthescc #vegansofssc #bestofvegan @bestofvegan #feedfeed #feedfeedvegan @feedfeed.vegan #f52grams #wholefoods #healthy #whatveganseat #yourdailyveganfood #edibleflowers

Healthy vegan waffles anyone? 🌿 I bought a waffle iron a few weeks ago and I finally got around to making waffles this morning. 🤗 Drizzled wild blackberry sauce on top w/ fresh blackberries, coconut cream & violas. 🌸 #veganwaffles

Little bit of Desert King #figporn. 🌳✨🍐 Are figs vegan? This is a question I’ve been asked quite a few times... and the answer isn’t entirely clear. Here’s the story: Female wasps crawl into *some* figs (before they’re ripe) and in doing so looses her wings. Once inside she lays eggs. When the eggs hatch the baby wasps, who have wings, are able to leave the fig. The adult female, however, cannot and eventually dies. By the time the fruit is ripe for picking and eating by humans/birds/deer etc., enzymes inside the fig will have broken down the wasps trapped inside. The end. . Obviously I eat and enjoy figs, and I consider them vegan. Some ppl don’t. . At the end of the day figs can’t live without these wasps, and these wasps can’t live without the figs. ♻️ . @happyhealthyvegan have a great YouTube video on the subject, which I’ll post in my bio right now!

Refuelling after a mtn bike ride w/ a nutritious smoothie bowl! 🍃🍌😛 Perfect for a hot day like today! ☀️ it’s already 24°C (75°F) and only 10am! ✨ Recipe as follows: add 4 frozen bananas broken apart into thirds or quarters to food processor (or high speed blender); then add 1 cup frozen raspberries and pulse/mix or blend until smooth. Top with fresh, sliced strawberries, dehydrated sliced strawberries, pomegranate seeds, & dried mulberries 💕🍯 Tip: if your having trouble getting your smoothie to blend or mix, add a splash of coconut water or nut/seed mylk. 🌸 #vegan #smoothiebowl #eattherainbow #plantbased

Papaya filled w/ blueberries & coconut yogurt 😋. Helps seeds & lilac blossoms sprinkled on top 🌸✨🍃 #papayaboats #coconutyogurt #lilacblossoms #spring #vegan

So for the past few years, & especially this past month, I’ve noticed via my Instagram “analytics” 📈 (the stats on each post) that only about 10,000-20,000 ppl see each of my posts, & the percentage of my actual followers who see my posts is about 7-9%. While this is disheartening, as I’d love for at least half my followers to see my posts, I’ve come to terms with the fact that this is just the Instagram is going to be now. And quite frankly it isn’t fun anymore. If I want my posts seen I’d have to pay 💰 Instagram to advertise my post or pay for bots to like & comment on my posts to get it pushed to the top of this absurd algorithm. Neither of which I want to do. So, I’ve decided to just say “f*ck it”. I’ll post whatever I want, whenever I want, and stop caring if I’m posting at the specific time of day when my Instagram analytics tells me is the ideal time for me to post (because that’s when most of my followers are “online”). I don’t care anymore if only 10k ppl see a post. I don’t care if I get 500 likes, when just a few summers ago I was getting 2000-4000 on average. I realize that likes & comments are somewhat superficial, and that I shouldn’t care, but in 4 days I’ll be celebrating 6 years of having this account, and for the first few years it was FUN. I worked hard to grow my following through creating unique content and interacting with followers, and it was really FUN! Not to mention extremely healthy, mentally and physically, for myself. The sentiment I hear from close friends and fellow Instagram “influencers” (don’t get me wrong, I’m a very smalll time influencer, I know my place in this IG world) is that it’s not fun anymore. People are frustrated. People want it to go back to the way it was before Facebook purchased IG. Sadly we realize that’s not going to happen, and the push towards paying to have posts seen seems to be the trend that will continue to get worse and worse. So, I’m still here, still making vegan food and growing plants and foraging berries and photographing everything, still posting, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be doing this. I am trying to... { continued below ⬇️ }

Just finished making this raspberry & wild blackberry coconut-cashew cream cake! It's soooo delicious 💗 the recipe is from @fullyrawkristina (look up "strawberry shortcake" on her YouTube channel). I just swapped the strawberries with frozen raspberries for the layers & put fresh blackberries on top instead of strawbs! I also used coconut milk instead of almond milk 😉 #vegancake #rawvegan

I've started harvesting these purple cauliflower! 🌷🌿 they're so pretty so I had to get a photo w/ one of them. . I wanted to write a bit about comparison on social media. I get a lot of comments and dm's telling me I have a "dream garden" and a "dream life". People saying they wish they had my life. While I definitely DO have a pretty dreamy garden 🌻🌱🌺🍈 my life is far from perfect. Like everyone else, I have hardships. . How often do you scroll through someone's photos and wish you could look for like her/him or had enough money to live the lifestyle they live (or portray)? I catch myself doing it every now and then, and nothing good ever comes from it. Comparison is the thief of JOY. . So I'd like to start sharing more about my life... my ups and downs. My struggles. Most of which are all health related (mental disorders, chronic pain in one of my organs). I just want my followers, you guys 🤗💗 to know that I'm relatable, I'm human, I'm not living a perfect life. Far from it. But I eat healthy, and I can take nice photos of the food I make, and I have a garden and the time and help needed to look after it... so that's the part of my life that I do agree would be #goals! ☺️ . What are your guys thoughts on this topic? And would you like for me to share more about my personal life on here?i

Good morning everyone! I picked some wild salmon berries this morning, then cut up 3 ataulfo mangos and a few strawberries for breakfast. Salmon berries, which taste nothing like the fish by the way, are native to the pacific north west and are ripe for a few more weeks. If you ever have a chance to try some I highly recommend it! 🌿 #sunshinecoastbc #salmonberries #wildberries #nature

Sliced into the most delicious tomato I’ve ever eaten last night. It’s a ‘Mary Robinson German Bi-color’. Insanely good. Weighed 650 grams (almost 1.5 lbs!) 🍑 Would you guys like me to post a video of me cutting into it? 🔪 #organicgarden #maryrobinsonsgermanbicolor #tomatoes

I'm obsessed with blueberries! These "Elliot" blueberries are the lovely variety that ripens later in the season than the others I have. Always a nice treat at the end of summer 😊 #organicgarden #blueberries #sunshinecoastbc #vacciniumelliottii

Avo toast w/ seasonal #gardentotable toppings: baby kale, amaranth sprouts, chives, fresh thyme 🍃 + squeeze lime juice, black pepper, & salt. ✨ @lone_wolf_bakery “seeded sourdough” bread 🍞 #avocadotoast #vegan #avotoast

It’s the middle of November, the days are becoming so short, & last night was the first frost ❄️ ... but my little purple cauliflowers have survived the night and gosh they look beautiful! 🔮 this is my first time sowing cauliflower late in the season (late August) and as I lay in bed last night about the fall asleep I suddenly thought “oh no, there’s definitely going to be a frost tonight... do cauliflower survive frost?” 😬 but it was too late for me to get out of bed and go out and harvest them all, so I just hoped for the best 🤞 and this morning I learned that YES, cauliflower do indeed survive frost. 🤗. 8 years into this gardener/farmer life and I’m still learning. It will be a lifetime of learning, I think 🌱☺️ #purplecauliflower #cosmic #organicgarden #graffiticauliflower #homegrown #westcoastseeds #pacificnorthwest

The cutest little zucchini rolls! 💗🌿 To make just take a medium sized zucchini, slice off a bunch of similar-width strips with a veggie peeler, add in baby lettuce, alfalfa sprouts, mango, avocado, julienned carrot and beet, then roll up! 👍 Cilantro, roma tomato, and baby kale are yummy additions too 😊 If the zucchini is sliced thin enough it will stick to itself and the roll will stay together. ✨ #zucchinirolls #gardentotable #vegan

Autumn fruits giving me life!! 🍂🍎🍁 I always start me day with fresh fruit (ideally seasonal). High fibre, more vitamins than any other whole food group, & full of energy to fuel your day. Just make sure you eat enough! 😊 Added bonus: since fruit have such a high fibre and water content, they’ll keep your intestines happy (the healthy bacteria in our gut loves to feast on whole food fibres, especially the ones in fruit) so meals like this will keep you “regular” 💩🤗👍 I don’t normally post many health tips on here, but I’ve been eating this way for over 5 years now and I feel qualified and confident in recommending this after so many years thriving with these types of breakfasts 💪💗 #fruitisfuel #vegan #autumnfruits #eattothrive

The wildfire smoke that’s been blanketing the province finally cleared yesterday and I was able to get some nice photos of my garden 🌱☀️🌻🌸 here you can see some of the beautiful dahlias blooming... ‘Yvonne’, ‘Cafe Au Lait’, and one other I forget the name of. You can also spy the little cabin I’m building and hopefully moving into soon in the background 🤗 #dahlais #organicgarden #yvonnedahlia #sunshinecoastbc

Fresh garden veggie summer rolls 🌿🥒 Filled these rice paper wraps w/ amaranth leaves, lettuce, kale, cilantro, zucchini, cucumber, beets, & cabbage. Topped with calendula petals, and a side of a spicy sesame dipping sauce 🌶 #gardentotable #springrolls #summerrolls #ricepaperwraps #vegan

Happy first day of spring! 🤗🌿 Here’s a look at most of the seeds I’ll be planting this year. Almost all of the seeds here are ones I’ve grown many times over ~ tried & tested varieties that I know I can grow well, and that taste amazing. A majority of my seeds come from @westcoastseeds, who many of you already know are my fave seed supplier. 🌱😊🌻 #spring #seeds #westcoastseeds #organicgarden #homegrown #sunshinecoastbc

Another beautiful morning! ☀️ Fresh picked blueberries, wild blackberries, & some really juicy figs for breakfast.

I love using leafy greens as taco shells! 🌿🌮 Especially the “el dorado” variety of swiss chard, because it’s curly so it kinda wraps up around the fillings 😊 I filled these ones with diced cucumber, zucchini, red onion, cherry tomatoes & avocado... squeeze of lime on top, & a few edible flowers. 🌻😛 #swisschard #gardentotable #tacos #vegan

Lovin’ these sunny summer mornings... 🌞 Fresh figs & wild blackberries w/ the most delicious coconut cream 🍇✨🍐 & a few sweet lil violas 🌸 Recipe for the coconut cream is as follows: Just blend 1lb. young coconut meat, 1/2 cup cashews, 1/2 cup coconut water, 5 pitted medjool dates & 1 teaspoon vanilla extract until smooth 🍶 store extra cream in fridge overnight, or freezer for longer storage 😊 #vegan #homemade #coconutcream #wildblackberries #figs #desertkingfigs #edibleflowers

I call this the “Solstice Bowl” and it’s flippin delicious! 🌞🌿 It consists of lettuce, kale, spinach, swiss chard, beets, avocado (peep my #avocadorose), chives, homemade peanut sauce (if you want the recipe let me know in the comments!), and fluffy white quinoa ✨ plus a couple edible flowers. 🌼🍃🥑 #solsticebowl #eattothrive #gardentotable #vegan #healthy

Made St. Patrick’s Day themed avo toast for lunch today 🥑🍀 Seedy sourdough toast topped w/ avocado, young curly kale, chives, fresh thyme, kale sprouts, viola petals, salt + pepper, & a squeeze of lime juice 🌿🍞✨ Delicious! 👌 Bread from local bakery @lone_wolf_bakery 👍 #gardentotable #avocadotoast #vegan