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Papaya filled w/ blueberries & coconut yogurt 😋. Helps seeds & lilac blossoms sprinkled on top 🌸✨🍃 #papayaboats #coconutyogurt #lilacblossoms #spring

Spring is in full swing 🌱🌞 so I’ve been starting to eat more & more #gardentotable meals. Lots of garden greens & herbs in here, plus zucchini, avocado,

Basket full of fresh greens & herbs 🍃 from the garden... and a few edible flowers 🌷🌸 #spring #gardentotable #organicgarden #sunshinecoastbc

Fresh veggie & mango spring rolls w/ peanut dipping sauce 🥭🌿🥜 Rice paper wraps filled with lettuce, kale, zucchini, cucumber, mango, avocado, scallions,

Yummy homemade coconut cream w/ strawbs, papaya, & passionfruit 😋✨🥥🍨💕 Recipe for the coconut cream: blend 1 lb. young coconut meat, 1/2 to 1 cup plain

Happy first day of spring! 🤗🌿 Here’s a look at most of the seeds I’ll be planting this year. Almost all of the seeds here are ones I’ve grown many times

Made St. Patrick’s Day themed avo toast for lunch today 🥑🍀 Seedy sourdough toast topped w/ avocado, young curly kale, chives, fresh thyme, kale sprouts,

Rainbow winter salad for dinner yesterday evening! 🌈🥬🥑 Side note: did anyone else enjoy a whole day of no Instagram yesterday? It was a nice little break

Wild blacks, figs, & coconut cream 🍇🍐🥥 I’m really lovin’ this coconut cream lately... it’s so easy and quick to make, and if I have it with a bunch of

Fresh peaches & wild blackberries w/ the yummiest homemade coconut cream ever! 🍇✨🍑 Really simple to make, too! Just blend 1lb. young coconut meat, 1/2

Current obsession: Fresh collard green burrito wraps! 🌯💫 Who needs a tortilla when you’ve got huge collard greens? 🌱 This one is filled with quinoa, kale,

Autumn fruits giving me life!! 🍂🍎🍁 I always start me day with fresh fruit (ideally seasonal). High fibre, more vitamins than any other whole food group,

It’s the middle of November, the days are becoming so short, & last night was the first frost ❄️ ... but my little purple cauliflowers have survived the

Papaya n’ berry boats giving me life this morning! 😛💦 1 papaya, cut lengthwise, seeds scooped out, then filled with blacks and bluebs (or whatever berries

Look at these little beauties! They're called cucamelons 🥒🍉 has anyone else ever had these before? This is my first time growing them. I'd actually

Little bit of Desert King #figporn. 🌳✨🍐 Are figs vegan? This is a question I’ve been asked quite a few times... and the answer isn’t entirely clear.

Daydreaming about fresh ripe juicy summer figs. 🌞✨☁️ #desertkingfigs #desertking #figs #throwback

Sliced into the most delicious tomato I’ve ever eaten last night. It’s a ‘Mary Robinson German Bi-color’. Insanely good. Weighed 650 grams (almost 1.5

The cutest little zucchini rolls! 💗🌿 To make just take a medium sized zucchini, slice off a bunch of similar-width strips with a veggie peeler, add in

The wildfire smoke that’s been blanketing the province finally cleared yesterday and I was able to get some nice photos of my garden 🌱☀️🌻🌸 here you can

Freshly harvested “purple prince” 👑turnips. 🌿 Turnips are one of the crops I’m able to grow over winter in my coldframe greenhouse. ❄️ What would you suggest

Fresh garden veggie summer rolls 🌿🥒 Filled these rice paper wraps w/ amaranth leaves, lettuce, kale, cilantro, zucchini, cucumber, beets, & cabbage. Topped

I love using leafy greens as taco shells! 🌿🌮 Especially the “el dorado” variety of swiss chard, because it’s curly so it kinda wraps up around the fillings

I call this the “Solstice Bowl” and it’s flippin delicious! 🌞🌿 It consists of lettuce, kale, spinach, swiss chard, beets, avocado (peep my #avocadorose),

My Greek inspired vegan salad 🇬🇷✨🥒🥑 ... the last of this year’s basil & field cukes... and the tail end of the tomatoes (all my fave varieties made it

I take so much pride in growing my little watermelons. 🤗✨ They need a LOT of sun, warmth & nutrients... but they’re worth it!! 🍉 I’m growing the ‘Sugar

Mother Earth produces some pretty fascinating plants, doesn’t she? 💫🐉 My Dragons Tongue bush beans are done/over, but I gathered a few of the beans from

Mmmm! Homemade coconut yoghurt w/ fresh berries 🍇🌸 The yoghurt is really easy to make 🥥🍶 Just blend 1 lb. young coconut meat and 1/2 cup coconut water

I love a nutrient packed #vegan smoothie in the morning 💕 even in the middle of winter! Thankfully we’ve been having relatively warm and sunny weather

Fresh picked ‘Dragons Tongue’ bush beans. 🌱🐲 Ever seen or tried beans like this before? So flavourful and easy to grow up here in the #pnw. I like to