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I love art. And family.Don

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The Genie.. if you could have just one wish what would it be.Id like at least 20 wishes. 🤔🤔 Don

Waiting for the Kids to Hatch.... i wonder if people from other worlds have large Familys. I know in are family one of are members had 12 children. Don 😊😊😎😎

Lost Island.. ya know i really wonder if they discovered all of the islands in the fast oceans. Maybey theres some out there with people that have never been seen. Hum i wonder. Don🤔🤔🤔

The Lizard People. Sneak peek 2. Its amazing what some people will do for entertainment 🤔Don

Far know im always thinking about different worlds what would they be like,ya know like the people or the other forms of life on them so heres a glimpse of my imagination. 😎😊 Don

Far away..Don sneak peek 😎😊

WATCHERS Part 3..finished could you imagine if you had the ability to watch the world .i wonder what that would be like with no Tv...😎😊Don

THE ROOM......Have you ever been in a house and for some reason you dident want to go in a room that gave you a creepy feeling that made your skin get goosebumps.. And somthing told ya DON'T GO IN THAT ROOM... I HAVE..🤔🤔😎

This painting is called Under Water, it's not a pour painting. It is done with a single brush from start to finish Don😎😊

THE WATCHER'S....This painting is Dedicated to the Millions of Children Male and Female, that aren't given the right too their First Breath, they are taken up instantly to those who love them.they are the WATCHER'S....The Children go from death too life for they are Blessed. And the WATCHER'S Day And Night are always Watching... Don😭😎 #angels

Bad ..mood. this is my painting that i painted in a bad mood. Normally im pretty happy go the name of this painting. Bad mood😊😊😎

Vacation Getaway.finished... Boy looks like a quite place too go for some R and R wonder if thet have cell service.... Don 😎😎😊

Watchers part 3 #angelpaintings. Sneak peek. Don😎😊


Guarding the Islands ...Don😊😎😎

Come with me little theres somone very special, that wants to meet you. Finished. Don😎😊

Going Home... Don😊😎😎

THE WATCHER'S..finished. Don😊😎

THE THINKERS....Some people can think way beyond others, some times its awesome, and other time's its destructive to our world....Don 😎😎

Smelling The Flower's... Don 😎🤗 it's done

Were From Earth...Don 😊😊😎

Vacation Getaway. Sneak peek..Don😎😊

Arizona South West Skys. #southwest art. Since i live in Arizona i get to see alot of Skys like this, enjoy. Don😊😎😎

Hey your too close to the water.....Don😎😎😊

My own beach..another sneak peek. Don😊😎

My own Beach... Finished Don 😊😎😎

Life is just like a Puzzle full of piece's some are hard and others go altogether easy. Don 😊😊😎

Tbe Hunter...sneak peek. Don😊😊😎

The begging of my new painting.Don😎😊

INFINITY..sneek peek..Don😎😎