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I love art. And family.Don

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Were From Earth...Don 😊😊😎

Going Home... Don😊😎😎

My Two Worlds. The bottom world represents the world we live in the one that constantly keeps us busy and chained down. The top world is the freedom to escape the the chains of life through are freedom of expressing are selfs through are art.😊😊😊😎Don

The Lady and the Leprechaun. Sorry guys the first picture was not good this is showing the true colors.Don

The Clutches of Life

My Evil Twin.. have you ever heard the saying my Evil twin did it? Wrll what would it mean if the Evil twin was innocent. 😊😊😊😎Don #abstractpainting

THE THINKERS....Some people can think way beyond others, some times its awesome, and other time's its destructive to our world....Don 😎😎

Hey your too close to the water.....Don😎😎😊

Clones. #Artists_Worldly. Its amazing with the technology we hav in this day and age they can clone people and animals.and also Robotics,they have the Technology to Create lets say Terminators. What do you think.Don 🤔🤔😎

Material World. Don #contemporaryart

The Wanderers a family of cat people looking for a new home.Don😊😊😎

Ladies Night

Tbe Hunter...sneak peek. Don😊😊😎

Subzero. Don. Oh that looks cold 😎😃


A Mothers love. In the center of the painting is a child with downs syndrome.the mother and the other two kids are very protective of the child.the road on the right is where the mother falls because she so tired she can't. Keep going.the road on. The leftis where she picks herself up and keeps going to take care of her children. She is always last.She always treats them equally. When she guves to one child she gives to them all.she never lifts one child above the other.the square's about represents the years of her life towards raising her children.She trully fit's the words.A Mothers A Mothers Love.Mothers day is coming to all the Mothers that. Fit this description. Happy Mothers day this painting is dedicated to you. From Don the artist.😊😎

Life is just like a Puzzle full of piece's some are hard and others go altogether easy. Don 😊😊😎

Going Under... 😎😎Don

Born to be a princess. Pen art

Guarding the Islands ...Don😊😎😎

The twisted mind of a artist. 😊😊 Don #abstractpainting

Broken Hearted

Lets Dance.. #artistsoninstagram #art #galleryart

The Candlelight

LETS DO THE TWIST. #artgallery

Who is your Shadow?. We all give off a shadow in the right light.but what kind of a impression do you leave for others too see.Don😊😊😎

THE WATCHER'S....This painting is Dedicated to the Millions of Children Male and Female, that aren't given the right too their First Breath, they are taken up instantly to those who love them.they are the WATCHER'S....The Children go from death too life for they are Blessed. And the WATCHER'S Day And Night are always Watching... Don😭😎 #angels

Lost Island.. ya know i really wonder if they discovered all of the islands in the fast oceans. Maybey theres some out there with people that have never been seen. Hum i wonder. Don🤔🤔🤔

WATCHERS Part 3..finished could you imagine if you had the ability to watch the world .i wonder what that would be like with no Tv...😎😊Don

There is peace in Solitude