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Cleansing my soul in Bali 🖤 @mondayswimwear @theungasan @theluxenomad #theluxenomad

Post beach nap sleepy face 🐒 @mondayswimwear

When your headphones match your suit 💕 @urbanistalife

Next level beach day at @sundaysbeachclub 🖤 @theluxenomad @mondayswimwear

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Heaven is a place on earth in Bali 🌴 @mondayswimwear @theluxenomad @theungasan

Summer came early this year 🌴 @theluxenomad @theungasan @mondayswimwear #thatvillalife #theluxenomad

What’s your favorite thing to do in Bali?! I need some new recommendations 🐒 @theluxenomad @theungasan #theluxenomad #thatvillalife

Bali, I’ve missed you so much✨ Thank you @theluxenomad for setting up our dream trip. @theungasan @mondayswimwear #theluxenomad #thatvillalife

Bali nights 🖤 @andjela @theluxenomad @theungasan #thatvillalife #theluxenomad

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Back in Bondi 💕 @hotelravesis

A candle can’t burn without fire 🖤 @jetluna

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Yours 🖤 by @jetluna

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Animal instincts 🐆 @andjela Hair color by @colorbymattrez #andjelagirl

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