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Skye Tessa Camilla Davan Mills 🥰 Born in the pool at home yesterday afternoon. The most powerful, surreal, totally extraordinary moment. Beyond grateful to my husband for being a hero, the best support I could have ever imagined, our midwife and doula for making us feel so safe and supported and @kghypnobirthing for the inspiration, wisdom and guidance she shared, which empowered us more than I can explain ❤️❤️❤️ We’re completely in love 🥰

Last Friday night we went on a date with this little angel in my belly, this Friday night I’m wearing an adult nappy, maternity bra and breast pads, and I’ve got Skye on my belly 😂 So much change in seven days, and couldn’t feel more grateful or happier about it 🥰🥰🥰 The soreness is starting to ease up, it feels like everything is healing and my energy is really starting to come back too. It’s not the sexiest look around but I couldn’t feel more comfortable in my own skin right now 🙏🏼

Baby Mills coming in August ❤️❤️❤️😱😱😱🎉🎉🎉✨✨✨🤰🏻🤰🏻🤰🏻We’re completely over the moon and just feel like the luckiest people in the world 💖

Skye 🥰 After Matt’s mums funeral last year we went up to a little village next to the Isle of Skye on the West coast of Scotland called Plockton. Tessa, Matt’s mum, had been going there to go walking around Skye every year and our visit was so so special. We fell totally in love with Skye and said if we ever had a daughter that’s what we’d call her in memory of his mum, a few months later we got pregnant and the name just felt perfect ❤️Cannot wait to take her up there! Pic by @honestlynewbornphotography

Happy Monday from my milk drunk little pal 🥰 Monday mornings looking so very different right now, we’re just going so slow, no pressure to go anywhere or do anything until we’re ready ❤️

This is basically all we’ve done for four days now and I’ve literally never ever been happier. Currently wearing an adult nappy, breast-pads and a v sexy maternity bra, and honestly never felt better about myself. In total awe of my body, what it’s done in the last nine months truly feels like a miracle and I know it needs some time to heal, so I’m listening to my midwifes advice of trying to stay in bed for the first week whilst everything starts to heal and feeling beyond grateful to my mum and sister who have come and cooked for us non-stop, so the two of us have just been eating delicious food in bed and getting to know each other. Matt has been phenomenal, he’s been back in the office the last few days looking after everything at Deliciously Ella, while we’re looked after by my family. Skye is heaven, she’s inherited her mums obsession with eating and her dads incredibly chilled personality. She’s all about the boob and milk-drunk sleeps. I’m feeling really good too, still sore and can’t really walk/waddle much further than the bathroom, but emotionally in the best place of my life, feeling a sense of completeness that I can’t explain. We’re just feeling so incredibly lucky and grateful for every second. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude for everyone’s support, thank you for all the beautiful well wishes ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Almost 24 hours of total bliss 🥰 Haven’t slept for a second but never ever been happier ❤️

Happy two weeks Skye 🥰 The last two weeks have been the most intense, emotional, incredibly perfect, totally life-changing time. Everything feels so different, but our world feels so complete and I can’t really imagine what life was like before. It took me a couple of days to believe that we had a little daughter, I was on such a high and in such shock that she’d arrived safely in the world and that I’d given birth that I couldn’t sleep, I was just buzzing and buzzing. We’re slowly settling into our new way of life now though, lots of milky cuddles, slow walks in the park, a million episodes of Friends and such heavenly family time, as well as milk stained bras, feeling a little like a cow at moments, sleepiness, a sense of being overwhelmed, plus a couple of nighttime wobbles as we figure out breastfeeding. There’s so much to learn but I’m truly loving it, even more than I expected to. I’m mostly off work, I’m doing all our social media and a couple of emails everyday but otherwise just absorbing myself fully in Skye and soaking up the magic of the moment, feeling more and more like her mamma everyday. Just totally in love, and SO grateful for all of your support - everyone’s messages the night I said we were struggling with feeding meant the world, so nice know we’re all in it together. I cannot handle this squishy little face, she’s too much, and this is the position we spend 90% of our time in and hopefully will spend the rest of the month in as we continue to get to know each other 🥰🙏🏼❤️ Pic by the lovely @honestlynewbornphotography

17.17 last Saturday she shot into the world, 17.17 this Saturday we took her into the outside world for the first time and had a little cry about what magic the last seven days have been 🥰 Best week of our lives by a million miles ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ P.S matts trackies were the only thing that fit over my nappy 😂😋

38 weeks 🥰 I’ll be going semi-offline from today. I feel so incredibly grateful to be carrying our little girl and cannot wait for what this summer is going to bring. Honestly I’ve slightly struggled with figuring out how to balance listening to my body, taking the time my baby needs and my career, and today I recognise that the balance needs to shift for a little while. I love my job more than I can say, I love being in our office, I love our team, I adore our mission, purpose and community, and truthfully Deliciously Ella is a part of my soul. Starting a business takes everything you’ve got, we’ve taken loans against our house, invested every penny we’ve earned, taken risk after risk and literally put all our mental and emotional energy into it. In many ways my career has defined me, Deliciously Ella, has taken me from sickness to health, it’s given me purpose and passion, it introduced me to my husband, my first team member became one of my best friends, I’ve spent everyday connected to it since 2012 and it’s truly been the centre of my life. As a result I slightly struggle with the concept of not being able to support Deliciously Ella fully, of not being there to answer all of you guys (I’ve always run our social media on my own), as well as a sense of missing out on the action as we have so many exciting plans over the next few weeks and months, and a fear of not being needed in the same way once I go back. I don’t know yet how long I’ll take off, but more than anything I want to find a way to bring my new role as mother and my role in Deliciously Ella together, because I want to do both to the best of my ability. I’m hoping our daughter will love Deliciously Ella as much as me and Matt do and she can come to work with us, just as Austin does. Our team will be taking over the posting and replying on our social media for the next few weeks, I’ll pop on and share what I’m up to and let you know when she’s here safely, but they’ll keep you inspired with recipes, ideas and all our exciting news. I know I could go totally offline, but I’d miss everyone too much, so this balance feels perfect for us and for now just to say thank you and see you soon ❤️

When I started Deliciously Ella I was at my lowest. My self-esteem was at rock bottom, I felt alienated and lonely following a really challenging period of illness. As I started my blog I was blown away by the sense of community, of sharing passions and ideas and the support that came with it. Last night your love and support truly brought me to tears. The sense of love from this community was nothing short of extraordinary, it made our hearts burst and knowing we’re bringing a baby into the fold of such wonderful people is the most beautiful idea. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and please just know that this community sits at the heart of Deliciously Ella and we’ll forever work to inspire, share useful content and hopefully give back to you in the way you give to us. Thank you for creating such magic ✨ We love you, Ella, Matt and the bump ❤️❤️❤️❤️ P.S if you’re looking for an extra boost of happiness today tune into today’s podcast episode, it’s all around happiness around the world and what we can learn from other cultures to enrich our lives 🙏🏼

Three years married to this angel today ❤️ and 25 weeks pregnant with our baby 🤰🏻We met for coffee after my dad introduced us, I came home and told my friend Annie that that’s the kind of guy you marry, he asked me out and we moved in together a week after our first date, said I love you two weeks after that, got a dog two months later, engaged the next month and started a business right after that. We were married a year after we met. All I can say is when you know you know. Everyone thought we were mad, but we just knew it was meant to be. I’d never believed in a soulmate before but he’s absolutely it and I truly feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be married to him ❤️

Hello 28 ❤️ Celebrating my birthday feeling happier, calmer, more grateful and more excited about life than I’ve ever been. Overwhelmed with appreciation for my husband, my family, our growing bump, our family at Deliciously Ella, my girlfriends, our work, our mission to change the world and to each and every one of you. I never ever saw my life turning out as it has, I never thought plants would make me this happy, I never thought I could love and be loved in the way that I am and that I do and I never thought I’d have the confidence to push myself in the way I have. Learning every year that you have no idea what’s to come so the only way to be happy is just to be, to replace expectation with appreciation and learn to fully live in the moment. This was last weekend doing exactly that, nakedly soaking up the sunshine, feeling our little girl kick and enjoying every second of life ❤️❤️❤️ Maybe a little nude for insta but I snapped it to remind myself of this moment of total bliss, which is so special, and let’s be honest there’s no reason to hide our bodies, I’ve felt that more and more with every day of growth and change in my pregnancy 🥰

This hero just smashed the London marathon in memory of his mum. Almost exactly a year after she passed away he ran 26 miles for @thebraintumourcharity because right now brain tumours take away more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer, and less than 20% of brain tumour patients survive beyond five years of their diagnosis. If every single one of us gave a pound today we’d raise over a million for this cause, so if you have a second to donate just a pound it would mean the world to a lot of people, the link is in our bio ❤️❤️

Homemade chocolate, peanut butter stuffed dates with sea salt 🙏🏼🎉 Best snack for my non-stop hunger, breastfeeding really does make you ravenous 😂 Recipe from the app 🥰

The family is growing! New baby, new nut butter balls 🤰🏻🥰 Introducing our raspberry and cashew nut butter balls(my fave!) and our apple, cinnamon and almond nut butter balls, both launching next week. We want you guys to be the first to try them, so we’ll send five you of you a box this week before they hit shelves, just comment below and let us know if you want to be the very first 🎉 UK only ❤️

24 weeks ❤️ Loving feeling her start to wriggle and kick more each day. Loving pregnancy yoga with my friend @mind_body_bowl. Love hypnobirthing and the visitations and breathing that go with it, @kghypnobirthing has completely changed our whole perspective on birth and I’m genuinely excited about it now. Ina May’s books are game changers too, please read them too if you’re pregnant, they’re incredibly empowering. Feeling really calm, way more energised and really enjoying this part of pregnancy. Slightly struggling to find any clothes that fit though and my boobs are growing at the most extraordinary rate 😂 That knocked my confidence a little the last few days, as I just didn’t feel like myself but after a pep talk from Matt last night and a gorgeous pregnancy yoga class this morning I’m back feeling 🤰🏻❤️🙏🏼 again 💕

Matt’s extraordinary Mum passed away last night. She was lying in Matt, his sister Jess, and their Dad’s arms, as they told her that she would live forever in the centre of their souls. I’ve never seen love like I have since becoming part of this family. Tessa was the warmest and kindest soul, she welcomed me so generously into their family, and no matter what she has achieved in her life - and she achieved an extraordinary amount - I know her family are the thing that made her most proud. They were the complete core of her life and I’m honored to be part of it. Thank you for giving me Matt, Tessa, and for teaching us all so much about love, kindness, optimism and courage. The bravery you showed this past year was like nothing I have ever seen and I will be inspired by it every day of my life. Matt carries every bit of your goodness, drive, compassion and love, and I’ll look after him forever. xxxx

Suns out, bumps out & we just hit three million listens on the podcast 🤗💖🤰🏻🎉💃✌🏻 We LOVE doing the podcast, so that support means the world. It’s such a refreshing medium, I love that it has nothing to do with imagery and instead just focuses on honest, helpful conversation. Our three values at Deliciously Ella are to be useful, to help people live better and to make veggies cool and our aim with the podcast and the topic is we cover is to really support those first two goals. Hope you’ve been loving it so far, off to record the next episode right now 🥰

Sickness to health. I have never shared a before and after of anything, Deliciously Ella isn’t about aesthetics, but I’ve spent all day looking at this and wanted to share - the first image is something that I’ve never really showed anyone. It’s quite literally sickness to health. My mum sent me the pic on the left this morning as a joke to show how much more pregnant I looked then, it’s from 2011 when I was undergoing months of tests in various hospitals and was so sick. It was how I looked almost all the time in 2011/2012 when I was really ill, it was so swollen and painful and made me so insecure, I felt as though I’d lost control of my body totally and was so scared as to what was happening to me. The heart issues, dizziness, chronic infections, chronic fatigue and the rest was just as bad but you couldn’t see it, I could see this all the time and it constantly reminded me of what a dark place I was in. I swallowed cameras, had tubes stuck down my throat and all the rest of it to see what was going on and we never really understood this part of the illness, except that it was connected to the issues I was having with my autonomic nervous system and postural tachycardia syndrome, which caused all sorts of other pains and issues. The picture on the right is me 20 weeks pregnant, having been lucky enough to get pregnant really quickly and finally in control of my health seven years later. There was nothing magic here, just learning to look after my body through plant-based food, nourishing meals, yoga, meditation, finding a sense of purpose and invaluable help from a nutritionist @alicemackintosh_nutrition, probiotics @symproveyourlife, much more sleep plus a whole lot of time, patience and self-love. I’ve never shared anything so personal before but god I’m proud of myself for pushing through the darkest times in my life to allow myself to get to the happiest time of my life and I share this because honesty is important and I know a lot of our community have done or are currently struggling with their health, so here is my journey and I’m sending you all so much love ❤️❤️❤️

Celebrating an incredible start to 2019 today with our phenomenal team today. Every 30 seconds someone buys a nut butter ball. We have over 43,000 distribution points in the UK & Ireland. We’ve launched over 25 products in three years with nine more coming this year. Proud is such an understatement and taking the day to celebrate the people that have made it happen just feels amazing. Building a business with a mission to make a difference is everything to us. We’ve spent almost every second of the last few years working, we’ve had all kinds of ups and downs, days when we felt it was all over, problems we didn’t know we could solve, countless criticism and people who thought we were mad or couldn’t do it, there have been a lot of sleepless nights and worries - starting a business isn’t easy - but every second has been so worth it. We’ll be launching into the US later this year and are working on our plans for Germany too. It’s all go this end and I couldn’t be prouder to be bringing our daughter into the Deliciously Ella family, who really mean everything to us. There aren’t anywhere near enough female founders in the world and I want to be a great example to her, she’ll be coming to work and being part of this adventure with us. And we’re so so grateful to everyone one of you guys too for encouraging us and being part of everything 🤗🥰 We celebrated @belmondlemanoir today, who now offer a vegan tasting menu, which just shows how far this space has come and we’re all feeling so inspired after such a feast!

We’re 37 weeks today, which means she’s officially fully cooked, her head is engaged and she’s thinking about when she wants to come and meet us 🥰 Bursting with excitement, feeling a little heavy and slow (last week saw some serious cankles and leg swelling) but yoga is helping me with the aches so beautifully. Everything is rounder, juicier, riper and seems to be changing by the minute, people keep asking how much weight I’ve put on and I have no idea - my midwife hasn’t been weighing me, I’ve been eating whatever my body wants and just being really kind to myself. I have the upmost respect for my body for what it’s been doing, it’s magic, and I’m promising myself that from next week I’ll stop and just 😴 as we wait for her❤️ Right now enjoying a quiet evening with Austin eating pasta and chocolate buttons in the sunshine and listening to today’s podcast. It’s the second to last episode of the podcast season 3 and I hope it will give you a real boost, it’s on the concept of happiness as a choice, finding ways to control the tens of thousands of thoughts we have each day. It’s with the completely brilliant @gelongthubten and he leads us through a little meditation at the end, which Matt and I have done each morning for the last week and just love ❤️❤️❤️ Happy listening 🥰

Walking the bump 🥰 33 weeks and growing by the second! I’ve been spending a few days at my mums, I was exhausted and feeling so run down at the end of last week, so escaped down here for some quiet, lots of dog walks, great food, sourdough experiments, book writing and bump growing ❤️ Starting to slow down a little as I get nearer to her arrival, which feels 🙏🏼🤗

35 weeks 🥰🥰🥰 Feeling so good, really calm and just beyond excited. I’ve been doing a lot of hypnobirthing relaxations and meditations, yoga and anything to ease me out of my go go go mindset 😂 Slowly wrapping up projects so I can take some time out when she arrives, and we’ve got just four episodes left of this season of the podcast! Today it’s all about food and mood. Is there a proven link between our diets and our mental health? Could our diets be connected to the rise of anxiety and depression? Are there foods that boost your mood? Can we really eat for happiness? How does your gut health play into your mental health? We’re joined by @proffelicejacka, who gives us a clear insight into the most recent science, definitively answering whether there is a proven link between diet and mental health and separating myth from fact. We look at all the key questions above, as well as the role of our gut and our immune system, the relevance of pregnancy nutrition, the extent to which what we eat as children can impact on us later on and answer all your questions on sugar, caffeine, supplements and alcohol. It’s one of my absolute favourite episodes yet and really hoping it’s helpful for you too! P.S thank you to my gorgeous friend @mind_body_bowl for the best pregnancy yoga class and this snap ❤️

Rainy Friday night, lentil and tomato spaghetti with paprika, cumin, garlic and carrots 🌱🙏🏼 From the app, such a good batch cooking recipe too - the lentil mix freezes so perfectly, and is delicious in jacket potatoes or with quinoa and roasted veggies ❤️

Obsessed with tomatoes at the moment, they’re just so good at this time of year. I left the house for the first time today because I wanted to stock up on them from our local farmers market so much - I also persuaded Matt we should go in the early stage of labour too as I’d want good toast options after 😂🥰 On sourdough here, which is the other reason I wanted to go to the farmers market this morning and at the start of labour, because you can’t beat great bread with balsamic, fresh basil and capers for a simple bruschetta 🌱 Recipe from our app 🙏🏼

Babymoon heaven ❤️ Soaking up the last day of our last holiday as a two, ten weeks until we’re three 🥰💖🤰🏻🎉 Never ever been so excited for anything 🙏🏼 P.S I’m so sorry that I haven’t answered my direct messages this week, just needed some time offline and that takes me 2-3 hours a day 😘

One of the proudest moments of our journey yet... we’re coming to America!!! 😋 We decided to launch in the US when we were in LA in March and I can’t believe it’s really going ahead 🎉 Matt's in LA at the moment making plans for our launch in October and I’m bursting seeing his pictures, and just couldn’t be prouder of him. His passion, optimism and drive has pushed Deliciously Ella so much further than I could have ever imagined, he’s given us all the confidence to aim higher and push further with our mission of making vegetables cool and our community feel a little healthier and happier. We’ve always wanted to bring Deliciously Ella over to the US, it was a goal from day one - I love it there, wrote our second book in LA and it’s where I get a huge amount of inspiration from. Matt went to university in America and spent seven years living in Florida and Texas (it’s why Austin is called Austin!) So we’re over the moon about this, beyond excited to spend more time with you guys over there and proud beyond belief of the next steps that we’re taking together. As always, it’s your support and enthusiasm that has got us to this point and given us the confidence to turn a dream into reality, so thank you thank you thank you ❤️ Here’s to nut butter balls in the USA 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 We’re also working on plans for Europe, more coming soon!

Best breakfast after a pretty sleepless night 🥰 Porridge made with coconut milk topped with a sliced banana, loads of peanut butter, hemp seeds and dried mulberries 🥳 Using porridge oats so that it cooked v quickly and I could get back downstairs to feed 😂❤️

Ever since I got ill in 2012 my biggest insecurity has been people thinking I’m boring. Boring for spending a year of my life in hospital and in bed rather than uni parties, boring for not being able to go out, for stopping drinking, for following a whole foods diet and not always eating the same things, for not staying out all night, for declining rounds of drinks and so much more. Making a change to my lifestyle in order to manage my illness terrified me, I struggled between wanting to get my mental and physical health back and wanting to fit in with everyone else. Ultimately I chose to live in that vulnerability, embrace the fear, find a way to be happy being different and accept myself for who I am but it hasn’t been easy and those insecurities definitely didn’t vanish overnight. Today’s podcast is focused on this concept of identifying when we need to make a change, how to embrace the fear and vulnerability in order to live our best life. The story is told through one woman’s journey through alcoholism and addresses all of the above. I’m really excited to hear what you think. It’s open, honest, challenges our desire to always fit in and I hope it’ll give anyone struggling a little with insecurities a boost ❤️❤️❤️ I’m currently re-listening on my walk into the office and feeling 🥰 On iTunes, Spotify etc now and big thank you @unexpectedjoyof for being such a fab guest 🙏🏼