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Raise your hand if you are ready for the weekend and some @netflix 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ | #decoraid |

Geometric walnut tiles give this powder room a futuristic look. | #decoraid |

A reclaimed wood bed frame gives this master bedroom a masculine touch. | #decoraid |

A Blue accent wall emphasizes the @horchow two piece Percussion framed art, focal point of the dining area| the Seno sideboard from @article | our mid-century design project | #decoraid #interiordesigner |

By demolishing several downstairs walls, we opened up the floor plan of this airy duplex, which allowed us to create two distinct common spaces: a living room where the family could gather around the television, and a library nook, for reading. | #decoraid #duplex #interiordesigner |

No matter how hard The world may seem, You still deserve the Sweetest dream. | our #one57 project |

Meals and memories are made here. | via @parvinsharifi | #decoraid #kitchen #kitchendesign |

Lighting under the cabinets illuminates the Carrara marble backsplash. | #decoraid |

A quality sofa lasts a lifetime. | the Jasper Sofa from @roomandboard | #decoraid |

There's something to be said about symmetry when looking to make the best use of space in a small room | #decoraid

Beautiful Sundays 🌿 | #decoraid #interiordecorating #sundaydinner |

They say it's about the journey, not the destination - but with a staircase like this, it's totally both. | #decoraid |

A comfortable chair is the most hospitable piece of furniture one can own. | by @charmossny | #decoraid project |

Whatever your style, our designs can make it happen. | #decoraid |

A sun-drenched room fitted with a repurposed door headboard... Sundays have never been sweeter | #decoraid

A bench and tabletop made of reclaimed wood gives this dining room a dramatic texture. | #decoraid |

If you only have mirrors for checking yourself or your fabulous outfits, you definitely don’t have enough mirrors in your life! Most rooms can benefit from a mirror glamour, as most lives can benefit from the extra sparkle. 🔗 for more mirror decoration tips. | #decoraid #mirrorgram #decorativemirror |

We've got that Friday feeling. | #decoraid |

The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters. | by #AudreyHepburn | #decoraid |

South Beach style is about capturing the breezy summer spirit of Miami. With lots of sparkling white, rich textures and other pale neutrals applied to the major surfaces, this Miami project appears airy and open. | #decoraid |

Pineapples anyone? | #decoraid #bathroomremodel #bathroomdesign |

The eyes, those silent tongues of love. | by Miguel de Cervantes | via @martha_dachshund | #decoraid

Sitting pretty today. | #decoraid |

Art is a harmony parallel with nature. | by #PaulCezanne | #decoraid #harmony #artistsofinstagram |

This useful chair is not primarily for sitting. It is more like a piece of sculpture in the shape of a chair. | #decoraid #oddchair |

A reflective wall material makes this small bathroom feel elusively expansive. | #decoraid #bathroomremodel #interiordecorating |

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery, Today is a gift, That is why they call it the “Present”. | by #eleanorroosevelt | #decoraid #tuesdaymorning |

Maybe one of the most unforgettable vanities we've ever seen #inspiration | #decoraid

To bring a small space to life we stuck with clean symmetry #decoraid

Purple and gold bedding add an unexpected pop of color to the space. | #decoraid |