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Day of Reality. I’ve been scrolling thru my photos yesterday and then today morning thinking what is worth it to be posted. For a beautiful shot, for something

Never stop to learn things.🌿 I love design, I love art, love architecture. 📖✨ And having no university education doesn’t mean you don’t have to study or

Excited to come back to Bulgaria soon to our simple lifestyle at least for a short time. To go hiking every now and then whenever we want to, drinking

When face is changing so much depends on hair style and hats and make up!🙃♥️ How’s your Monday? Excited to see new GOT episode😬😍 До отъезда осталось всего

It’s been aaaawiiiiilleee since I’ve been showing my photography work and being honest I’m just forgetting to post it. I’ve been promising myself to show

We are creating world arounds us by ourselves. We are listening ourselves, taking time, learning about ourselves and finding our flow every day.✨🌿💛🌿✨ Пришло

May 1st! Only one month left before summer starts! What your plans are? How do you feel?💛 Вот и начало мая! Совсем скоро начнётся лето - новый сезон, новые

Comment “Spring” in your native language. Весна [vesná] 🌸✨ Making plans for spring-summer and have to buy my tickets soon! I’m going to Moscow first in

I am here for you. Such important words and a feeling. I can’t explain how many times I’ve been going thru hardest and most painful moments in my life

My girls and their wild eyebrows. Is that a compensation that I almost don’t have mine ?😆🙌🏼✨ #darasketching

With Full Moon passed I’m feeling much lighter now finally catching up with creativity. Feeling strong in the core of my being which is always been giving

To babysit these creatures was so fun and I realized how much I’ll be missing them! Cats are fun especially when kittens and when there are so many of

Time to refresh my studio @darathebrand moodboard with new styles and photos soon. Can’t wait to shoot new pieces soon with our fav girl in Moscow. It’s

Working on things to make it happen and keeping it with no rush. Always trusting my heart taking things as a step by step unfolding process. Even with

You guys are here and there (in my other account) everywhere. I appreciate so much that you are following my story thru years! I took a nice detox year

Feeling like a hurricane of emotions during this Full Moon. Second Full Moon in Libra in a roll.. all about balance and justice for ourselves. Let’s do

Me reflecting on past few years imagining my heart and spirit been like.✨🌿✨ О чем мне хочется говорить и рассказывать? У каждого автора есть любимые темы.

Stepping into a new stage of my life: new dreams, new plans. Thank you Saturn return (I hope you know what you dining) for caring about my heart and my

Can’t wait for summer road trips and to hug my friends around Europe. That will be such a healing time for me.✨🌿💛🌼✨

Spring is always here in your heart, just think about it and it will bloom the most beautiful flowers with every heartbeat.✨🌸🌿✨ #daraontheroad

Earth Day is EVERY DAY. It’s not about “a trendy topic” anymore. Shit is different now and we can’t keep ignore it. We are observing last drops of patience

Testing new @darathebrand samples this week wearing it here and there how cosy and comfortable they are. So far I don’t want to take them off. First 3

I can’t wait for summer with all the grass and wildflower and praying I’ll be able to travel to some new places, to see new wild trails, old beautiful

I want to draw more again doing it as an everyday practice. Your guys advises about “how to deal with a break up” were fun and sweet to read and many of

When you are getting tan and becoming kinda orange on photos.😬 Having a heavy week between communications, life changing decisions where to go and what

Working on new clothing pieces and one-of-a-kind jewelry for @darathebrand inspired with a spring. First time in my life I’m working with light fabrics

Two years around the sun together @alephgeddis. Learning and growing, exploring and questioning.✨♥️✨

So happy to be here with my bestie and to kinda disconnect with Mercury Retrograde’s buzzing energy. Feeling sensitive this time and it’s a perfect moment

I can’t wait to come back there! 🏡🚀 Today my friend asked me: “What you can teach about?” And I’ve got quiet.. I remember how long time ago I’ve been teaching

When friend is catching you on your camera. Last week in Japan, sad to leave and excited to go home in the same time.✨♥️✨ #35mm #daraontheroad