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Happy Saturday! Take a moment to stop and smell the roses, notice the sky and just inhale the fresh spring air! Photo by Scott Schisler

When your video gets ruined by a lawn mower but you try not to look annoyed 🤣 HAPPY FRIDAY ❤❤❤

LINK IN BIO Welcome to my safari camp 🦁🦏🐘 you're already viewing the wildest predator 😜 Photo by Scott Schisler

Who's against mosquitoes? Gotta get those chemicals good and ready! 🤣 No mosquito bites here 👍

LINK IN BIO What type of pose is this? What do you think I'm saying? Mmm...😈 📸Photo by Scott Schisler

Listen to those birds singing 🥰 did i mention that I love y'all 😍

Which do you prefer? Strong warrior woman or damsel in distress? I kind of like both roles ;) LINK IN BIO Photo by Scott Schisler

LINK IN BIO to see more 🔥 Location @luxuryvillaamalia Photo by Scott Schisler

Is it weird to wear shorts to the gym these days? Just wondering because as hot as it is I haven't seen anyone else wearing them???

When your talking and someone rudely interrupts you. Ever notice how many people have ADD these days? What's one of your biggest pet peeves? LINK IN BIO Location @luxuryvillaamalia Photo by Scott Schisler

Good morning! Photo by Scott Schisler #tuesday #

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! You know you're in the Caribbean at @LuxuryVillaAmalia when you have to wear sunglasses in the bathroom. @luxuryvillaamalia @luxuryvillaamalia @luxuryvillaamalia #caribbean #luxuryhomes #luxurytravel #islandlife #DanaHamm #fitness

photo by Scott Schisler

Nothing like American muscle & curves...Happy Friday ya'll! Have a safe memorial day weekend.🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 photo by Scott Schisler

Photo by scott Schisler

Good morning loves ❤❤❤❤ LINK IN BIO When you join please message me there 😈 #link #linkinbio #instavideo #video

The pizza boy is here. #ohio #cbus #DanaHamm #instavideo #video #whip

LINK IN BIO Do you wanna know how i really feel about Spring? What's your favorite season? Photo by Scott Schisler

Just think if you had to deal with my weirdness all the time...this is a typical ride to the grocery store. So...get in my truck already 😜 let's go break some laws. LINK IN BIO #dodgeram1500 #bikinimodel #green #DanaHamm #instavideo #video #donhenley #dirtylaundry 🎶Song: Dirty Laundry by Don Henley

Everybody loves a country girl ❤ and it's a fun day on the farm. Out enjoying nature and soaking up the warm before the rain. Which is your favorite truck? Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet? #ifyoucantdodgeitramit #video #instavideo #merica #dodgeram #countrygirl #fitnessgirl #DanaHamm

My first time splitting logs...this is so tiring but i wasnt too bad at it. After a few times i got my form right 💪

Anyone else addicted to Chick-fil-A's diet lemonade? Anyway, how's everyone's Tuesday?

Which pic do you like best 1, 2, 3 or 4? Full glass of milk or half glass? Your Monday is about to get a lot better. I just posted the entire series & video on my website LINK IN BIO Photos by Scott Schisler Location: @luxuryvillaamalia #sxm #stmaarten #islandlife #showertime #shower #fitnessmotivation #mondaymotivation #monday #bikinimodel #DanaHamm

Would you gladly eat it if I told you a pot of hot squirrel stew was on the stove? LINK IN BIO to see pic & vids too hot for Instagram Photo by Scott Schisler #countrygirl #overalls #blonde #denim #DanaHamm

What's everyone doing tonight? I'm hanging out with my members! LINK IN BIO to join the party Photo by Scott Schisler #link #yellow #swimsuit #DanaHamm

You know those people that just stand there when they hear music? I'm not one of them. So, what should the next song be for my follow up concert? I'm so silly... but never boring 😜 @ignite made me do it. @ignite @ignitesmodels #ignite #sponsored #ad #DanaHamm Song: Baller @liltroyog

LINK IN BIO - I'll be on all day chatting with my members! Photo Scott Schisler Location @LuxuryVillaAmalia

Have you guys checked out the newest merchandise at @ignite ? If not get on over there and have a look. I'm loving their CBD Oils it fits in perfectly with my fitness diet regimen. @ignite @ignite #ignite #sponsored #ad #DanaHamm Photo by Scott Schisler