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Had the joy of shopping for a new vaccum cleaner today! My old one 'bit the dust' 💨🤣

Got all tangled up in this lingiere, be a 'strapping' young lad and help me out?😏 Check out my spread in @eliteonlinemag wearing @little_devil_creations

There will not be a pun on today's photo...Haha just 'kitten' 😸

Trying to get caught up on all my laundry today..its a bit overwhelming feeling kinda 'Downy' 🤣

I've been working non stop I cant just " Leia-around" all day!🤣🙃

I went for a bike ride but the bike kept falling over..I guess it was two 'tired' 🚲

I had some tacos for lunch, spilled some on my pants and had to take them off..we've all 'bean' there 🌮🤣

My dryer broke last night..I'm so mad I'm seeing 'red' hit a little too 'Clothes' to home 😋

I was wearing stockings with this cat outfit and almost slipped down the stairs, no joke! It was almost a 'cat'astrophe😹

Dryer erase boards...'remarkable'🔥

It's been so cold lately I haven't really gone anywhere I feel so 'ice-olated'🥶

I've finally admitted something to myself..'Ramen' love with you 🍜

Wore a stripped shirt out today I just really didnt want to be 'spotted' 🙈 ...Haha I'm sorry😋

A rare photo of me in pink! It was almost un'bear'able 🐻

Been doing a lot of work on the 'web' lately 🕸🕷

This lighting makes me feel 'plum' perfect! 😈

I wrote a poem about tortillas, well it's more of a 'wrap' 🌯

What did the dad buffalo say when his son left the house? 'Bison' 😂

This is my cat Hooper, Hooper does basically everything with me, my life would be a 'cat'astrophe without Hooper❤😻

I bought you a hammer because I want to 'nail' you this Valentine's day!

What do you call a bee from the USA? USB 🐝

Maybe one day I'll have a garden I just need lots of flowers I just havent 'botany' 🌻🌼🌺🌸🥀

Today I didnt accomplish much to be honest but I got out of bed and put a robe on..the 'snuggle' is real sometimes 💖

#tb What's your favorite thing to eat around the holidays?! I love making bread I 'knead' it 🍞

Made a delicious corn dish today took a long time but.. zero 'shucks' given 🌽

Did you hear that the number Zero is dating again? Yeah, hes looking for the 1! ☝️ The way I'm sitting in these pics it almost looks like I dont have

There was a math problem I was stuck on today good thing I had my calculator with me though..I can always 'count' on it!

I took a duck makeup shopping..she just put it on her 'bill' 🦆

I did this look for you wearing this much pink was almost to much for my soul to 'bear' 🐻

Where did the banana learn to read? At 'Sundae' school🍌 Full body pic or selfie?