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highly sarcastic I make really bad jokes 2nd (and only other) insta - @cubbixo 🇩🇪 New YouTube video⬇️

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This flower body suit was scratch & sniff!! Nah, I'm just 'pollen' your leg💐

I really like to wear silk robes..looks pretty 'slick' 🤣💕

This lemon dress is simple the 'zest' 🍋

This dress leaves little to the imagination but it gets right to the 'point' 😈

Some people can be 'Hell' sometimes good thing we are a match made in heaven' 👼😈

Went to this haunted mansion to look for monsters..found a ghost but the gang and I knew he was instantly lying..we could 'see right through him' 👻

Took this pic in my hotel room on portrait literally took so long I thought I was going to 'snap' 📸 Have to seen the newest YouTube video? Link in bio!

This top started professing its feelings to me..I said woah I like you and all but we just met..had to give him a good 'dressing down' 🙈

Had the joy of shopping for a new vaccum cleaner today! My old one 'bit the dust' 💨🤣

I've been working non stop I cant just " Leia-around" all day!🤣🙃

Who knew when I revealed my true form it would make me such a 'handsome devil' 😈

Trying to get caught up on all my laundry today..its a bit overwhelming feeling kinda 'Downy' 🤣

I went for a bike ride but the bike kept falling over..I guess it was two 'tired' 🚲

There will not be a pun on today's photo...Haha just 'kitten' 😸

My dryer broke last night..I'm so mad I'm seeing 'red' hit a little too 'Clothes' to home 😋

I had some tacos for lunch, spilled some on my pants and had to take them off..we've all 'bean' there 🌮🤣

Got all tangled up in this lingiere, be a 'strapping' young lad and help me out?😏 Check out my spread in @eliteonlinemag wearing @little_devil_creations 💕

This lighting makes me feel 'plum' perfect! 😈

A rare photo of me in pink! It was almost un'bear'able 🐻

It's been so cold lately I haven't really gone anywhere I feel so 'ice-olated'🥶

Dryer erase boards...'remarkable'🔥

I've finally admitted something to myself..'Ramen' love with you 🍜

I wrote a poem about tortillas, well it's more of a 'wrap' 🌯

Maybe one day I'll have a garden I just need lots of flowers I just havent 'botany' 🌻🌼🌺🌸🥀

Wore a stripped shirt out today I just really didnt want to be 'spotted' 🙈 ...Haha I'm sorry😋

#tb What's your favorite thing to eat around the holidays?! I love making bread I 'knead' it 🍞

What did the dad buffalo say when his son left the house? 'Bison' 😂

I was wearing stockings with this cat outfit and almost slipped down the stairs, no joke! It was almost a 'cat'astrophe😹

I bought you a hammer because I want to 'nail' you this Valentine's day!