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What’s everyone doing this weekend? I’ll be hanging in my backyard 😋🌳🌱

Good morning 🌞

❤️thank you❤️

I watched a video on how to do winged eyeliner this morning and I think I’m getting better.

Let me just lean over and get this

First place 🥇 @fashionnovamen

Comin through with the lean 💪😎🥳

I want to get to know you guys! Describe yourself using 4 words! 💪🧠👽💦💦

One with nature 🐦


Hello. I am here. I am present.

Let’s talk about hair volume....

I’m in heaven 😇

@fashionnovamen do you like picture one ☝️ or picture two✌️?


@fashionnovamen what do you think I’m thinking about

Thanks for my hair cut @fancypaulajaclyn ❤️💋 you know how to handle this wild mane

Have you guys met my twin? 🥴😌😜

Sunday bum day @fashionnovamen


What’s everyone doing today?


So pale I even glow in the light