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Such a fun morning with the @accessoriescouncil and so many inspiring women aka B.A.B.Es (badass business executives) gathered around the table!

Almost happy hour... detox margs @nomadicnosara ☀️ who wants the recipe?! #cfdctravel

Excited to share the recipe for my go-to glow matcha with @iamwellandgood for when I'm on the go! No day is the same, and I'm often running around the

Peaceful morning pool dips @nomadicnosara 🍉 🌴 ☀️

Spending a few days in this magical spot @nomadicnosara - more details on stories 💫 #cfdctravel

Girls brunch - vegan caesar’s all around 💫

Feeling so grateful to be surrounded by so many incredible women in life + a very strong team of women while building, esp on #internationalwomensday

The Future Has No Limit! ⚡️truly how I feel after kicking off our pop-up today @projectbyequinox 👊🏼🎉 thanks to everyone who came by today

Perfect pour 🍵 finally rolling into iced matcha season! Or maybe just mentally preparing for my trip out west this week 🥰☀️ #CleanMarket

Happy place - mezze of salads @gjustabakery ✨

Happy place @gjustabakery - Mediterranean breakfast + gluten free bread ❣️

Quite possibly the best thing ever after a long day (and the easiest too)! ❤️ topped with flaky salt, superfood everything spice, red pepper flakes, and

BONE BROTH 101 ✨ I’m sharing my recipe on the site today, plus some of the major benefits. I love enjoying a cup every morning with avo + eggs (or these

Thank you @dannyseomag for featuring me and as one of your Shopkeepers! What a wild ride this has been over the past 6 months, but I wouldn’t

Coffee meetings are my favorite meetings 🥰 #snowday

Otis has officially been home 3 weeks! Now that he has adjusted, we've started him on clicker training (has anyone else done this?!) but he is more interested

Fall chia pudding ❤️ base is 1 cup plant milk, 3 tablespoons chia seeds, dash of vanilla and your preferred sweetener to taste. Top with whatever your

Welcome to your forever home, Otis! ❤️ We are SO happy to have this sweet guy in our lives! ❤️ • • Thanks to all the hard work that @truenorthrescuemission

#cleancart Stocking up on all my plane + sun necessities before heading west tomorrow - spf, snacks, collagen, face oil, matcha, cbd bath bombs! ✨

BONE BROTH ⚡️ making my broccoli-cheddar soup and using some leftover homemade bone broth! Do you make bone broth at home?! Raise you hand if you’d like

Vote for what you believe in🥇I’m about to make the drive back into Brooklyn to cast my ballot - every one of our voices matter! Get to the polls if you

Dreaming of warmer weather today but warming up with an infrared sauna, hip hop class @soulcycle and a double matcha extra hot! 🍵 🍵 Until

Sunday lineup ⚡️ today I’m ordering The Pines (mango, pineapple, coconut milk, turmeric, ginger) with a probiotic and blue majik booster

Paleo tartines FTW 🍠 This idea is borrowed straight from my fav store @erewhonmarket... sweet potato toast piled high with sauteed kale, crispy shiitake

Blue majik, golden immunity, matcha latte + goji berry adaptogenic lattes! 💙💫 these ritual recipes are made with @califiafarms nutmilks and spiked with

CBD dream latte from might just be the thing you need to get through the holidays.. slash recover after! We’re open until 3pm today, closed

Road trip ready 👊🏼 I think @courtstreetgrocers will be my new go-to whenever I’m headed out of town (and staying in town for that matter). ‘Yam and cheese’

IV DRIP & CHILL 💉 Regular IV drips @nutridrip have helped me keep up my energy and focus during the last few months of launching a new startup. Have tried

So excited is officially SOFT OPEN! Come on by to check out our cafe with functional lattes and superfood smoothies, our smart supplements

New recipe for ‘pad thai kelp noodles’ made with a delicious @SunButter sauce and packed with lots of fresh veggies + a super seed avocado. Recipe link