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New book available for pre-order 09.24.19 | Gluten-Free | Video "A Cook's Remedy" | Seattle + Basque Country | |

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Picnic season is upon us. Afternoon at Alki Beach with @cloudybay and a basket full of summer fruits. #cloudybay #comesailaway #ad

Back home in the Basque Country visiting old familiar places and paying homage to ancestors. This forest church from 1617 where my dad used to take us as kids. Feeling all the spirits. 🖤

Yesterday @edibleliving and I cooked many incredible recipes from her new cookbook “Every Day Is Saturday”. Everything about this book is so thoughtful, practical, abundant and beautiful. Full of @gentlandhyers Evocative photography. Go out and get it. Cook from it for yourself and the ones you love. Thank you Sarah for putting so much good work into the world. 🖤

Can’t get enough of them.

Cherry season is upon us. I have partnered with @fredmeyerstores and @krogerco to develop two recipes featuring Washington cherries. A savory cherry and spicy green salad with sunflower seed-lemon vinaigrette and a cherry-strawberry oat crumble. Both of these recipes are gluten free and vegan. Enjoy!

This recipe for arroz con leche made with oat milk is on “Hungry Hearts: In Praise for Emotional Eating”. The new column on @the_fold_mag written by @antoniablue . Needless to say, full of nostalgia and emotion. This recipe in honor of my grandmother Miren.

Always trying to find the balance between simplicity, function and beauty.

Lady Emma Hamilton. In the garden.

Finally feeling like summer over here and realizing how beautiful our city is. Yesterday picnicking with @jelliottblake

One of the things I’ve been making the most for myself lately. Cold rice noodle salads. A bunch of thinly cut spring vegetables and mai fun noodles that take 2 minutes to cook. The trick is in having a hearty vinaigrette. This one was: 1 tbs tahini 1 tbs coconut aminos Juice of 1 lime 1/4 cup garlic olive oil Salt and pepper For the garlic olive oil. Heat the oil with thinly shaved garlic in a sauté pan over low simmer for about 5 minutes or until garlic starts to turn golden.

After the farmers market. Hang the garlic. Eat the cherries.

Last night. First outdoor paella of the year. Neighbors, baby hands, wishing it were not a school night. Finished with strawberry cake.

When nostalgia kicks in.... my grandmother’s flan is under way. I made this one with oat milk and added a couple more egg yolks to boost fat and creaminess. 🍮 Recipe will be in my upcoming book. 🥰

Back when we were covered in snow and I was experimenting dyes for @amazonhome . I made different batches and tested different ingredients and levels of acidity. The beauty is that each egg reacted differently. I still have the dyes in the refrigerator and hopefully will use them this weekend again.

I can’t even stand it. So excited for all the flowers to come. 💕

Our kitchen featured on @remodelista today as “Kitchen of the Week”. Read about our journey, budget and details on their site. Link on my profile. Kitchen design by @katiehackworth

Where I will be cooking for the next few years. Even the small fact that I now have a dishwasher feels like the greatest gift. My hands will be so happy. The light 💕 Kitchen design by @katiehackworth Cabinets by Lane Mathis

Next Saturday June 1st, I’ll be teaching a one-day cookbook photo workshop through the @photocenternw . I will share my experience and workflow on how to get yourself organized to photograph your own cookbook. Check out the details through link on my profile. On another note, this recipe is simple as can be. Pan-roasted apricots with a sprinkle of sweet dukkah. Heat a pan over high heat and sprinkle a thin layer of sugar on top. When sugar caramelizes, add the apricots cut-side down, a split vanilla bean and its seeds, and a squeeze of orange juice or a few drops of water. Cook for a couple of minutes until apricots soften and brown around the edges. Serve with dukkah, cream, crushed up meringue, crumble. The possibilities are endless.

Good morning from the new kitchen where everything is almost settled and this portrait of my aunt Aran my dad painted is front and center. Kitchen design @katiehackworth

Yesterday’s cake with rhubarb, almonds, olive oil and hazelnut crumble. 💕

New styling workshop added. Styling desserts for camera on July 27th on my studio in Seattle. We will be baking with all the summer fruits. Learn how to style tarts, ice cream and simple cakes maximizing texture. Using props and composition to translate story. How it all works for photography. Link on profile. 🌈

Those deep orange ranunculus are my favorite. Especially as they start to fade.

Giving leftover roasted carrots a second life by blending them with a touch of water and spreading the cream on sourdough toast, topped with shaved fennel, chive blossoms and a drizzle of olive oil.

How many photos of this corner can I share? Sunday morning was this.

Time to start making paletas. These ones from a couple of summers ago in Platanitos. I wish I remembered that name of the shop because they were incredible.

Meanwhile, while Seattle is under this freak winter vortex.... Experimenting with natural vegetable dyes for an upcoming shoot for @amazonhome . If you want to see some of the ingredients I used, posted a little sketch on Stories.

Embracing all of the feminine energies and flower power.

So excited to have @edibleliving in Seattle talking about and cooking from her new cookbook “Every Day Is Saturday”. She and I will be at @booklarder tonight at 6:30pm talking about cooking for family and friends feeling like it’s permanent weekend. Come see us! And tomorrow, we get to cook together in my studio.

All of the eggs for @amazonhome

Throwing all the crunchy spring greens together in a bowl with avocado and egg. Even for breakfast.