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Banana and chocolate bread recipe from my first cookbook. This time with cacao shells we got in India from @masonandco_chocolate . For my workshop students.

I’m thrilled to be a judge for the first recipe contest by the Consortium for the Protection of the Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. To enter the contest,

How many photos of this corner can I share? Sunday morning was this.

Torta Margherita from @emikodavies new book Tortellini at Midnight with a large mound of macerated strawberries. Gluten and dairy free. Now wondering,

Where I will be cooking for the next few years. Even the small fact that I now have a dishwasher feels like the greatest gift. My hands will be so happy.

Almost time to roast some cherries. 🌈 it’s supposed to be a warm weekend in Seattle. Happy Friday.

On my way to work at @pikeplacepublicmarket

Good morning from the new kitchen where everything is almost settled and this portrait of my aunt Aran my dad painted is front and center. Kitchen design

Vegetables for breakfast - my recipes and photos for @gffmag . This toast with cashew cream and poached rhubarb and others on my stories and their sit

Back when we were covered in snow and I was experimenting dyes for @amazonhome . I made different batches and tested different ingredients and levels of

Early morning light in the kitchen.

I can’t even stand it. So excited for all the flowers to come. 💕

Last year’s raspberries and this spring’s rhubarb into a crumble that could work for dessert or a sweet breakfast. The crumble is simple with almonds,

When nostalgia kicks in.... my grandmother’s flan is under way. I made this one with oat milk and added a couple more egg yolks to boost fat and creaminess.

The mandatory annual rhubarb tart. Made with GF puff pastry (I know I say this a lot but that recipe in my book too) and just a bed of almond flour.

Beautiful things to treasure. This Bella linen dress by @avionclothier that I will wear for years to come. That neckline. That back. 🖤 Photo by @vals

Throwing all the crunchy spring greens together in a bowl with avocado and egg. Even for breakfast.

Some of my favorite things stacked on top of each other. GF sourdough toast, cashew romesco, roasted radishes and pea shoot in sunflower seed vinaigrette.

All of the eggs for @amazonhome

Today’s GF sourdough boule blew my mind. 💕

The best crudité plate and fries in Seattle at @queencity_seattle . Sun is out, patio open... and a glass of txakoli rose. AND I got @local_trove . I mean...

Peony tulips on my counter ✨

Pretty much everything I want to eat right now.

Meanwhile, while Seattle is under this freak winter vortex.... Experimenting with natural vegetable dyes for an upcoming shoot for @amazonhome . If you

Kitchen update. Cabinets and windows nearly finished. Island to be painted next; a slightly darker blueish-green-grey with a maple butcher block. Appliances

After being in bed with a fever all weekend, I encountered this beautiful tulip magnolia tree on my way to the studio. Thank you.

Spring in the studio 💕💕💕

The easiest and fastest way to stew rhubarb. Slice about 10 ounces of rhubarb stalks. Place in pan. Squeeze in the juice of 2 oranges and about 2 teaspoons

This simple asparagus, fennel and kale soup I made today with what was leftover in my studio fridge. Seasoned with cumin and a piece of kombu. Just water

The cherry blossoms this morning 💕💕💕