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👽 I'm just an extra extra extraterrestrial🙏 if you would like a doll or interested in a painting. message me 646-657-4504🙏

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sitting here ready and prepare for August. thank you so much for the support if you have one of my dolls or painting or some alien blood👽😆 I hope they are bringing you some Joy. Have a wonderful day today🙏

Sorry I thought I was going to go outside today. but it's starting to rain. I have to stay in and do other things 🙈poo😔

Mangoes and hot sauce🤗❤

Second pair of drop-crotch. I love them. Thank you so much Nisaa for the fabric Doc Martens and a hoodie and ready to hit the door😄❤ so much fun🙏

thank you Santiago🙏

Lord knows I needed some new pants 😂Okay my magical pants thank you Nisaa everything you taught me kicked in, like I was hoping. Now time for a fabric softener dye bath. sorry if I didn't get to your message but thank you for all the support guys and Lady❤🙏 have a good night🤗


The #DarkKnight #goddess of #Doomsday #destruction #sexuality #mothergoddess #Kali

They traveled in Comfort this morning in my brand new luxury size suitcase❤

Hey good morning everyone💕. I'm going to be at the Metropolitan Museum today with the dolls Not with paintings. But thank you for all the support with the paintings I'm trying to build them up so I can take them out to the street eventually😊🙏. Have a great day today💕 this one is about the story of my grandmother used to tell me💀😊

My friend came up with this story last night while crafting. Her father was a nomad living a nomadic life. custom to dirt and mud being around him in the places that he lived while traveling. when he had a daughter he named her Brūn. To him the name would keep her grounded. Brūn loves interpret dreams, and sing songs🤗🌸

Thank you Jackie🙏🤗🌸

Rest in peace❤🙏