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I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself with this bright eyes ever. My eye color seem to shift sometimes depending on a lot of things.. do you guys experience

Been googling ”fun facts” all day and the stuff I’ve been finding is hilarious! Did you know that a snail can sleep for three years? Or that you can get


Whenever you give me coffee, this is the happy face I make! Obsessed with it and the lovely smell of it in the morning is THE BEST ☕️anyone else who loves

A round of hoops or just sippin’ coca cola at the court? I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️

Paid collaboration with Guess - What better way to greet summer than wearing an all white suit? @marciano #marciano #LoveGuess

A lil schhhnack 🥣 #BreakfastIsTheBest

I do love fries 🍟 wish all of these were mine..

BAHAMAS 16/01-19

I’ve seen that sharing food with your dog is the new thing but.. I’ve ALWAYS shared my food with my fellow doggo 🐶 I guess it’s like Andrè always tells

Tuesday treat me good

Did someone say FRIIIIIIDAY?!?

Hey there little bucket hat & hey there pretty cherry blossom

This thing about captions 😹 I’ve been trying for 15 minutes to find a good caption to this.. I mean, what do I write? “Hello there, little me, in the mirror,

Instagram VS Reality, for real. #BornWeird

Three little piggy’s 🐽

Making fun plans while eating croissants & drinking coffee ☕️🥐 #stockholm

Cherry boomerang with my bucket hat 🎩

Happy bean at the beach - my favorite place on earth. Where is your favorite place to be? Mine is like I said; the beach but also at home cause that is

Hello miniature me 👋🏽

Have you met my new best friend Elmo? He’s a rockstar!

The girl & her ocean🌙

I guess this is what dreams are made of ✨

Wishing you all the best Sunday you could have 💛✨ I woke up this morning with the sun shining through my window, made myself a big cup of coffee and then

Wish I looked like that rn but I’m stuck on the sofa with a stomach flue instead 👌🏽

Smiling with my entire face cause right this second this picture was taken I was dancing to Blood Orange, with my friend Michelle while the sun was setting

FEELING STRONG 💪🏽 I haven’t posted too much of my daily workouts ( videos and pictures) , my progress or from where I started and how! I think I’ve been

A lil’ appreciation to that lovely sunset a few weeks ago 🌅 is there something more beautiful than the sunrise/sunset? To see a new day begin? Nah.. don’t

Best part about Coachella: meeting your friends from all over the world again 💘