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🌍 Digital content creator who travels the world 🇸🇪 🌴 📍 Currently in: Sweden, GOTHENBURG ✉️ FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: 📽MY YOUTUBE👇🏽

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Ocean eyes

In paid collab with @theofficialsafira // OMG! LAUNCH DATE IS GETTING CLOSER!! Whole collection available 27th of August - world wide at! Mark your calenders!!! Shit is going down! #safirabyangelicablick @theofficialsafira // photo by @claramorberg

Do I love the beach? Yes I do

Throwback to last summer in Sweden ☀️ can’t believe it’s here again!! Can’t wait for those warm nights, skinny dips, picnics, hanging out at the countryside and much more. Best time of the year in Sweden for sure 💓

Up and away we go! 👯‍♀️❤️👯‍♀️

Ocean eyes

In paid collab with @guess // Time for breakfast 🍊🥣 wearing a new fav t-shirt! This collection unites fashionable styles and sustainability created from eco-friendly material 👌🏽 YAS YAS YAS! #LoveGuess #GUESSEco

Dressing room action

A lil schhhnack 🥣 #BreakfastIsTheBest

Light was so good I decided to not edit these pictures at all - just straight from the camera roll ☀️ there sure is something with that Caribbean sun that makes everything easy I guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve seen that sharing food with your dog is the new thing but.. I’ve ALWAYS shared my food with my fellow doggo 🐶 I guess it’s like Andrè always tells me -“you like dogs more than you like humans”... YEP, that shit is true #sharingiscaring

Throwback to when me and Elmo had a date #datenight #sharingiscaring

Hey there little bucket hat & hey there pretty cherry blossom

From one day to another - (swipe) life can change quickly. I’ve got many questions these past days on what happened to me three days ago. So I’ll explain! First of: I’m ok! luckily. ❤️ and I’m so thankful for that! ——————————— I was in a bicycle accident ( 🚴🏼‍♀️). I was coming down real fast downhill when I suddenly hit a bigger rock and lost control over the bike, in panic pushed the front brakes making me fly like a mitten over the steering handle with my head first in the pavement. I didn’t wear a helmet and It all went black before I realized I couldn’t breath and what a great pain I was in. I was all by myself and in chock, screaming in pain. Luckily people walking by ran over to me giving me all the help they could. I’m SO THANKFUL for all the people helping me that day ❤️ can’t describe in words the love I feel for them. They gave me blankets, called the ambulance and talked to me, calmed me down and pet me on my cheek. Thank you ❤️ ————————— When I got to the hospital they did an x-ray on my body, went through all my body parts to see if everything was ok. Asked me questions and made clear that I was 100% ok. I’ve never met a better doctor than the one at Visby hospital. He really took this seriously. —————————- After getting the x-rays back, blood samples and checking that my entire body was working they didn’t find any harm done on my body. They told me they never seen someone so “unharmed” after what I’ve been through. I have had a guardian angel by my side that day. And I sure did. I was left with some scrapes on my body, pain in my head ofc and a bit of a beaten up hand. ——————————- I’m so lucky. And I’m so THANKFUL nothing worse happened. I’m just in a bit of pain ofc and need to take it easy for some time but it could have so much worse. Life is fragile and you should never take it for granted! And for now on I will ALWAYS use a helmet, ALWAYS. Anything else I stupid! Love ❤️


First day of Way out west - CHECK ✔️

VARBERG DIARY: Varberg has such a great place in my heart ❤️ my boyfriend is born and raised there and his family live there so we always stay with them for a week or two in the summer. I’m always longing for that week since it’s one of the best weeks I know during the year. We’ve just been to the beach, barbecued, sunbathed, night dips in the water and just been relaxing. I feel so blessed 🧡

In paid collaboration with @theofficialsafira // IT’S OFFICIAL!!! #SAFIRABYANGELICABLICK 💯🙌🏽🎉❤️ I’ve designed my own collection for @theofficalsafira and I can’t describe in words how proud and happy I am! I’ve been working on this for months and months and I’m so happy how everything turned out! Everything is in real silver and plated TWICE in 18k real gold! Quality is EVERYTHING. The collection will be available WORLDWIDE later this August at! SO STAY TUNED FOR RELEASE DATE!! This is going to be EPIC!!


My right hand 🧡

VARBERG ANALOGUE DIARY: I used an analogue camera during my vacay in VBG ( not the first pic tho) and I love how they turned out 🧡 DUBBEL TAP if you like them!

Gonna be honest with you, my butt hurt liked crazy while taking this pic 😂🤷🏼‍♀️🍑 but it sure was a great day


A lil throwback to last year at Gotland! So happy to be back for a whole Week ❤️💯 any recommendations to do and see while being here?

Way out west day 2 was 🔥 just like my glasses .. and my churros ofc😏

In paid collab with @guess / Back at my fav café in Stockholm wearing all @guess #loveguess