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Daddy | Hubby | Car Junkie! 😜🤪🤙🔥 Car enthusiast by blood. Page dedicated to cars, family, and friends - - - - - @northeast_driversclub

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Heat so bad you throw up signs for no reason ! 😂awesome pic by @werks_am @cjcady01 @gtr_ed @northeast_driversclub @kline.innovation

Some Red Bank morning fun. @redbankcc @cliffbarany @cjcady01 @rossyenisey @wheelgoonz @northeast_driversclub

Top up ass down. 😜 getting some Kline goodies. @cba_autoworks @kline.innovation @northeast_driversclub

My baby girl getting her hair did by auntie ranelle @ranellemybelle @artemissalonnj

Prepping for r8 day 8/8 at 8. Chris at cba autoworks has his hands full tonight ! @nedc_joe @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_jason @rossyenisey @tennitown @cjcady01 @kline.innovation

I’m sorry sir but you’re going to have to wait in line. Lol 😂 @cba_autoworks @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_joe @nedc_jason

Me: I’m bored. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Velos: I got you 😉

The gated life. @northeast_driversclub @nedc_jason @gtr_ed @nedc_joe @cjcady01 @cliffbarany. 📸: by @thedefinedlifestyle

Little clip of the cruise to Top Gear. @nedc_jason @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @cjcady01 @cliffbarany @mclarenauto @lamborghini @audi @nedc_joe

titanium is sooo 2018, inconel is where it’s at ! It even comes with its own seat ejection button 😜Can’t wait to hear this 😎😎🤯 @kline.innovation

Sky’s the limit. Especially when you’re driving topless ! @northeast_driversclub @cjcady01 @cliffbarany @gtr_ed @nedc_jason @nedc_joe 📷 by @thedefinedlifestyle

The carbon looks sick in the sunset @thedefinedlifestyle , @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_jason @cjcady01 @cliffbarany @nedc_joe

Crikey, a rare siting of the r8 in the wilderness sneaking up on its prey ...🐯🦁🐅🐆 #27ward

Like father like daughter #daddysgirl @northeast_driversclub @missyesc

Some late pics from #r8day setup by @nedc_joe and crashed by the one and only @nedc_jason 😂 Awesome event at @townaudi

Getting a wash and ran into @topteamonearth sexy 488. @onyxelitedetailing @tavejm @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_jason

Awesome pic taken by @thedefinedlifestyle , @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_jason @nedc_joe @johnvmascarinas

I swear these cars seem to follow me everywhere ! I go to my boys 30th and boom a Bugatti. @iamdaveg @jdeluxe247 @r_sturchio_ @_rocco__ @northeast_driversclub

Bath time courtesy of @onyxelitedetailing @tavejm ! @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @werks_am @cjcady01 @nedc_joe @nedc_jason

Dropped the 8. You think I should stick with the raked look or drop the rear even with the front ? @northeast_driversclub @cjcady01 @werks_am @nedc_joe @gtr_ed @cliffbarany

Awesome charity event with the North Brunswick Police! @northbrunswick_pd @werks_am @gtr_ed @the_nemesis @tavejm @northeast_driversclub @interstatemotorsport @topteamonearth @cjcady01

You can’t spell sexy without a SV, wait a minute... whatever close enough @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @redbankcc @lamborghini

Awesome pic @werks_am took at the North Brunswick police charity event. @northbrunswick_pd @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @cjcady01 @cliffbarany

Senna waving goodbye as she leaves. So polite ! @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @redbankcc @mclarenauto

Pictures do not do this color justice. Good lord this is a sexy car. @tavejm @onyxelitedetailing @northeast_driversclub

Fresh off multi step paint correction and ceramic coating. @onyxelitedetailing did an awesome job! Paint looks like glass now 😎 @tavejm @werks_am @gtr_ed @northeast_driversclub @nedc_joe

We at the zoo cause there’s a Panda here ! @bc @northeast_driversclub @gtr_ed @nedc_jason @nedc_joe @werks_am @cliffbarany