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• Yoga Instructor based in Paris living life • forever a Yoga student ✌️ • Practice with me online @yoga_connect • Here to inspire and be inspired 🤸

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2 years ago I came to Bali for the first time to host a yoga retreat and immediately felt a deep connection to the culture, it's  people and landscape.. 2 days ago I landed in Bali and again for my 2nd retreat here and the feeling hasn't changed I don't know of its the yoga  presence here or the delicious food or for the fact I may or may not look like a Balinese boy haha let me know  in the comments if I could be pass for a Bali dude ! But seriously  I'm beyond happy to be here and share my teachings with all 14  yogis who joined me here for a week long  vinyasa yoga retreat. 
Hope your having a fulfilling day peace and love yogis and friends✌️🐒😃  18 августа 2019 г.
For the sake of creating shapes because why not... To inspire and be inspired that's what this is all about....  11 августа 2019 г.
I remember this photo from my last day of teaching yoga  in Paris snapped by the wonderful @manon_yoga since then there's been lots of time to rest, reflect work, announce a few events in the near future  etc.. but  non of that would of been possible without resting mentally and physically, since this photo I've gone to South of France had lots of wine because yogis can drink too 😉 I've gone to swim at a  lake and the beach ,  ate delicious French food travelled to an Italian island with an active volcano went on a boat trip had my first real Sicilian cannoli , had dinner while lava was blowing not far  up above me and am hoping to experience my first  pizza from Naples tomorrow, not bragging just trying to say that we must make the best of the opportunities that arise to us now and when things get hectic that's life telling you to take trip somewhere where it's quiet where you can breath fresh air, somewhere where you can disconnect to reconnect , my summer isn't over my yoga retreat in  Bali and time in Corsica loom on the horizon and I can't wait to share what I go through with you all. Let me know what your doing this summer by the way it doesn't have to be yoga ? But it can totally be yoga 😃✌️ 8 августа 2019 г.
wishing you all a great day 
flow inspired by @diceyoga I remember taking this class with him live  at @yogaglo in LA  that once I saw it on the website  I had to revisit the fun movement 7 августа 2019 г.
I feel like everything has two parts wether it's conflict there's always two sides to the story or a happy memory from two  different people who lived it differently. This idea of duality also makes its way into our yoga practice well.. at least in my yoga practice , what once was driven with too much power or too much softness now has a dual balancing effect, as people I feel like we are constantly trying to find our balance in life and as well as on the mat,
at times we fly high at times we reach our lowest other times we are just in the middle and staying there is damm hard don't you agree ? 
but one thing's for sure duality will make things right as long you  open your mind to the idea that  even though you are one person your full of a duos within  that makes things feel just right when you hit the sweet spot. 📷 By @tatianayoga
 6 августа 2019 г.
Life in the island of stromboli is the most authentic lifestyle I've ever experienced, the energy of the active volcano continuesly sending out smoke and surprising me with its power and sound is incredible, I woke up at 7.30 this morning for a quick yoga warm up followed by a 10 min meditation session I must admit it felt the most unique even If I've been through  the same process elsewhere in the past there's something different the aura it's energy it's old school ways of the population and it's preserved nature all make for a unique experience. Could this be my next yoga retreat location ?  How does life on a tiny island with an active volcano sound to you? 🇮🇹 Would you dare? 
 3 августа 2019 г.
stromboli early morning core yoga practice 3 августа 2019 г.
so happy to that I took my  first trial dive in the cote  d'Azur Big thank you to nausicaa plongée for the perfect and safe  experience , @guichardferretti and co you guys are great teachers ! enjoy the video 1 августа 2019 г.
yoga with a sprinkle of modern movement by the way this is not mine it's been inspired by other amazing yogis blended with my own touch that's the beauty of yoga what was old and classic becomes new and creative here's to the evolution of yoga flows 
peace and love my dear yogis and friends 30 июля 2019 г.
T-shirt or no to shirt ? I know the Instagram photo junkies will definitely go for no t-shirt but I like my handstand alignment on the shirt on photo Vs the no shirt photo what do you think ? In any case i though both  were worth sharing   29 июля 2019 г.
some highlights from my recent trip in the south of France Enjoy ..will try to share more videos like this this summer next up stromboli , Bali and Corsica can't wait.,🙃 27 июля 2019 г.
So here's a tip that has changed my handstanding practice dramatically, one of the most common ways to approach handstand is the L shape hop or pike  during vinyasa flows, it's how most people first encounter handstanding I remember when I first started out I would gaze towards the tip of my fingers causing me to PLANCHE WAY TOO MUCH, also  the weight poured way too much into my wrist. If this sounds familiar to you here's some quick tips that could change your starting position before take off *Make sure you warm up wrist hamstrings and core ! 👐

1,as demonstrated in the video start  from standing splits then step standing foot back a step and  fix gaze in between the wrist rounding your upper back like a hunchback (very important)

2. Stack shoulders over wrist 
3. When hoping engage legs plug-the thigh bone  of the bottom leg into its socket (square hips ) 
Enjoy the moment of balance 
It could take you 1 our 10 try's to get a balanced moment but it's totally worth the hard work. 26 июля 2019 г.

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