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• Yoga Instructor based in Paris living life • forever a Yoga student ✌️ • Practice with me online @yoga_connect • Here to inspire and be inspired 🤸

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I usually don't promote veganism or vegetarianism or any other diet and I barely share what my diet looks like and to be honest before this past Monday my diet was greek spinach and cheese pies 🍕🧀 lots of feta and tomatoes lol and before that my diet was like any average person with the only exception that i don't eat meat and that being a personal choice but that's whole other story, anyways what I really wanted to share with you guys is that I've started a new diet called a intermittent fasting meaning that I eat whatever I want to eat during a time period in the day and when that's over I'm fasting only water or tea or coffee being my source of intake , I'm really enjoying it I feel a boost of energy and what I love about this diet is that your not limited to any foods I always advice eat a balance diet but if the need for cookie comes by then by all means you can ! Lol 😅 and thats what's incredible dieting doesn't not have to be boring or deprivation to your bodies intake Has anyone tried intermittent fasting before? I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences with it good and bad .. okay shoot! 📷by @amelietahiti

I've decided to live the moment without judgement. every action every breath every intention each and every day wether in life or on the yoga mat is perfect the way it is even when others actions might seem negative through our own eyes , keep in mind that that person is doing their best at that given moment and the same vice versa #nojudgement 📷 @tatianayoga #yogi #foodforthought #homepractice #malasana #squatvariation #yoga #yogaphoto #yogateacher

Want to learn how to do this ? Then come by in class to find out explaining the alignment what is strengthened, the necessary steps to physically and mentally prepare for this and muscular engagement via a IG post will not do it justice sure the photo looks pretty and all but results come with open mind and a intelligent approach, Catch me in the studios this weekend , tomorrow @yujyoga_studio 7eme 11h @parisyogashala Shala 12h45 15h15 Sunday @ommstudioparis 11h @makemeyogaparis 12h30 17h #chinstand #yogaoutdoors #yogapants #yogapose #yogaphotography #yogapractice #yogaprogress #yogaretreat #yogastudent #yogateacher

Looking into flying pigeon pose ? Here's a quick flow and core exercise that can help prepare, to spice things on the 2nd round (2nd video) try hovering the ankle over the knee in figure 4 for an extra challenge while maintaining external rotation of the thigh bone. Enjoy the reggae yogis and keep on practicing. Let me know your experience with flying pigeon in the comment section below are you working on transitions from it or are you working on it as is. Peace ✌️ #yogavideo #homepractice #flyingpigeon #flowyoga #coreyoga #selfpractice #ekapadagalavasana #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone #yogaforlife #yogaformen #yogafun

Last week was pincha work I got a new video igtv it's a pincha warm up targeting core shoulders and hips that I taught throughout the week this past week some of you might recognize it .. 🙏🏼😄 hope it's of inspiration! Remember to practice your inversions safely use a wall or a spotter if your fearful of falling And let your journey be joyful and not rushed or forced by yourself or others. Peace and love ✌️❤️ 📷 @tatianayoga #creativeyoga #flowyoga #pinchamayurasana #igyogi #igyogateacher #igfit #

When I think back and see from a 3rd person perspective the trainings/ workshops I have taken to further my understanding of yoga I see lots of positives and whatever lacked in one training was balanced by something else, but thinking back after my first training if there was one thing that I felt was missing was learning how to put a class together like the art of sequencing putting pieces together and threading them to make one seamless experience is not easy and I think all yoga teachers can attest to this, but even after this I never rushed it I knew it would come and after mastering one thing after the other things began to fall into place my creative side was sparked but other methods inspired by fellow teachers and now I am happy that I can create class content easily with intelligence of the body mind and breath. If you happen to be at a point where you feel you need that next level training, a specific experience focusing on something that is of passion to you if the timing is right jump right at it my fellow yogis take your practice meditation teaching skills to the heights you know you can achieve, if your looking for a Paris training on a sequencing module check out the link in the bio description for more info module starts next Sunday there's still time and space to sign up. #yogastudent #yogateacher #artofsequencing #healthybody #healthylifestyle #igyoga #igyogafam #igyogacommunity #instayoga #inspired #inversion #inversionjunkie #learnyoga #namaste

I'm usually not the one to post many yoga quotes but when I do l😄..... gotta love this one “Throw your hair in a bun, downward dog like a boss, and handle it.” — Anonymous And I'm not only saying that because I too can throw my hair into a man bun 😄

Where ever you take me It's been lovely teaching yoga by your side sitting by your side fighting then 5 mins later making up, taking risks by your side it's all a part of the process ... Keeping it simple il go with you wherever just lead the way... #yogaduo #yogacouple #igyogis #accroyoga #happylife #healthylifestyle #yogis #paris #amorgosgreece #yogateacher #yogini #yogavacation

Teaching from a balanced place ~ Like anything too much of something can be over the top.. too little well we might be judged as incapable or lacking .. finding balance in life is hard as it is but also managing yourself as an educator of the body or healthy living coach is also just as challenging, I've come to realize that there are some educators of the body that are very technical and precise with bone ,muscle , actions then there's some that are more as I like to call it "FLUFFY" with the language 😅 perhaps a good story teller, spiritual someone who can mentally bring you places in Asana that a more technical and physically driven teacher would, both have their benefits and personally I'm trying it find the balance between both , we can all use alittle bit of both but I think naturally we are inclined more or less to one or the other depending on we are and I just wanted to say that that it is okay.🤗😉

I really thought this was worth sharing the lesson today "Instagram Vs real life" so yea i almost fell on my behind today photo shooting around @aegialis_hotel_spa but hey what's life without alittle danger am i right ? Behind every beautiful photo there is a funny story ! What's yours ? Seriously swipe to the right your bound to get a giggle 🐒😄 @tatianayoga thank you for capturing this moment #yogabloopers #yogaretreat #greece2019 #crowpose #armbalances #yogi #vinyasaflow #yogisofig #creativeyoga #igyoga #yoga4growth #yogapractice #yogaflow #myogamyadventure #armbalance #balance #love #yogaforlife #yogaflow #asana #yogalifestyle #yogafitness #yogafam #yogamotivation #yogainspiration #yogalife #yogateacher

Yoga retreat alert ! Only 2 spots left for our may 2019 vinyasa flow retreat in Greece , I'm super excited to go back to @aegialis_hotel_spa this spring it's always a joy and extra fun to teach Asana throughout the week long stay there. Hit us up DM email website if your interested @tatianayoga @alexavilayoga #yogateacher #yogaretreat #greece🇬🇷 #yogi #beachyoga #asana #funkyasana

Looking for the weekend? This way please, Wait it's Sunday night ? Lol yoga has taken me out of of the norm literally from the inside out to the point that my everyday life has been flipped , so yes Monday is the new Sunday ... at least for me, being an independent has many perks but also many sacrifices like Sundays while families are together couples brunch, I'm running up down the city teaching my 3 classes, with only a small break in between where I usually go to a cafe to create a playlist send emails and create content etc.. I can't practice with the teachers I want when ever I want because chances are I'm teaching at the same time myself and finally when my day off arrives I usually just want to sleep late eat healthy and unhealthy (things😅) at times both ! But anyways life is about learning how to balance and I'm still learning Are you off on Monday and is Monday the new Sunday ?? Let me know below ! @tatianayoga📷

Okay I'm Gona open up for a moment, no matter how confident I may look like or sound like deep inside there always alittle bit of doubt I think we all have that in different levels  and it's a part of being a human, how we manage that is a whole other discussion but anyways today I felt alittle drained mentally  and physically that even when i got on my mat today to create content I was lacking confidence add on few issues in my private life things can pile up over time also there is only so much I can give as a yoga teacher, husband, friend and all that comes with being a human living in this modern society things can take a hit. if your going through this or had in the past , this is how i cope with it. Not everyone will love me appreciate me or enjoy what I have to bring to the table but that's okay because there is a vast amount of others  on the other side that do. GIVE TO RECEIVE makes for good karma, learn when to slow down even if it means letting someone down they will thank you later.. how do you cope with it ? #motivation #yogapractice #yogapants #instayoga #yogateacher #yogalove #yogagram #yogajourney #yoga #yogaaday #yogaeveryday #instagram #yogapose #yogadaily #yogainspiration #pose #yogachallenge  #yogalife #yogaeverywhere

Is mobility the new way to approach our practice? is contraction of our muscles a new way to decompress afterwards? can everything we know as it is in it's original form be flipped and open a new way to practice I sure think so @actionhiro thanks alot for the amazing progressions and new range of motion I've managed to tap into. @tatianayoga📷 #yogateacher #yogi #aloyoga #yogaflow #mobility #yoga

In my classes I often talk about the transferring of weight from point A to point B and wether we've realized it or not the intelligence and awareness of doing that is in us in simple things like chaturanga dandasana (the action of bringing the shoulder heads above the fingernails before bending elbows) or crow pose are perfect examples of that, the success and understanding of this is essential for our practice specially for those of us that are looking to expand into arm balances and transitions , yes engaging core and body alignment are very important but what good is perfect alignment if we aren't able to feel lighter in our poses that's what will take us into our crows , side crow , eka padas etc... That has been my breakthrough in my own practice what about you ? How did you feel when your able to lift off into your favourite arm balance or inversion?

Settling down ~ 10 years ago I would have never thought I would be living in Paris running a successful business as a yoga teacher /dream job 😀 be a home owner before the age of 30 and be happily married surrounded by people who care and give love and support to me Thanks to all who make part of my community in my home base wether it's showing up on the mat every week or joining in one of my yoga retreats or even streaming my online content with @yoga_connect Sorry to keep it corny but it's true aim for your dreams and don't stop until the goals are fulfilled

When's the last time you let someone give you a hand or rather a leg ?? 🤸 after all Giving is receiving If you given alot lately perhaps it's time to receive as a believer in karma i strongly believe our actions in the present impact our future and good deeds come back to reward us yet I've also come to understand that At times actions taken ourselves for ourselves are much needed to find balance in our life DM if your ready to receive more this year yoga retreat spots are still open for Greece 1 -8 of may and Bali 17-24 August 2019! Are you receiving? #myyogajourney #myyogalife #perfectlyimperfect #practiceandalliscoming #practicedaily #practicemakesprogress #practiceyoga #selflove #spreadtheyogalove #strongyogi #strength

Greece and particularly @aegialis_hotel_spa has been our home base for yoga retreats since 2015 every year this retreat is fixed in our calendar , next year's dates are 28th of april to 4th of may, but those of you that want to get out of the European continent @tatianayoga and I have Bali this upcoming August planned dates are 17th to 24th DM either one of us for more details Scroll through the gallery for some sweet moments so far in our current Greece trip #yogi #yogateacher #yogagram #yogainspiration #yogaislife #yogalife #yogalifestyle #yogalooksgood #yogalove #armbalanceaddict #asana #asanajunkie #fityogi #flexible #healthyyogi #healthylifestyle #igyoga

This month of march is the beginning our small and humble 15hr teacher training , @marine_parmentier and myself will be sharing all that we are passionate about in our teachings and it starts this month march 24th and 31st for a two part module on the art of sequencing followed by alignment and advanced Asana. There's still time to enter link is bio my IG friends ! #yogatraining #paris #mirzyoga #handstand #yogaflows #yogasequence #yoga #igyogis #healthybodyhealthymind #yogateacher

Thank you Paris for another lovely year I really hold you dear in my heart, the teaching experience and people I've met in the time you have provided for me has been priceless. You won't see me in Paris for the rest of the summer yogis and friends but if you'd like to stay in tune with some of my classes I have lots video content with @yoga_connect check it out ! and don't forget to share your stories with me I love seeing your experience online as much i as I do in person , wishing you all a great summer 🏖️ 📷 @manon_yoga merci pour la Photo

Been off the grid since last Saturday night spending family time with @yogacat_naturopathe @tatianayoga but now I'm back with you my IG friends happy to see you back on the mat this week and if we haven't met yet come say hi! I also wanted to take time to say thank you to all my online yogis who practice with me online with @yoga_connect it's been so nice to receive your messages and Instagram stories and hear your positive feedback let me know what other types of class content you would like to see me teach more of the people shall get what the people want 😉 See you in the comments section! #onlineyoga #igyogateacher #vinyasa #wildthing #flipdog #yogaaday #yogaflows #onlinecontent #yogaconnect #yogisofinsta #worldofyoga #vinyasa #yogagoals #yogagram  #yogainspiration #yogaislife  #yogalife #yogalifestyle

I've always bene somewhat of lonesome soul independent and allthough that can be good in some ways it can also be negative in another. speaking, hanging out and getting to know others is important in our lives but when your stuck with a negative influence it's hard to move forward, so basically what I'm saying allthough may sound corny is Surround yourself with those who help uplift not with those who bring you down , I had a great morning with @jerome.blg practicing dylan Werner's true strength flow then meeting up with amazing hand balancers @tatianayoga @thehelm4n and his crew @adalberto.fernandez.torres thank you so much for your handstand tips so helpful, Muchas gracias! Inspiration is everywhere around you find it and stick with it! It can only push us to be better work harder and meet some amazing human beings along the way. #yogamotivation #yogamovers #handbalance #training #yogi #movement #bodyawareness #workhard #instayoga #inspiration

Life in the island of stromboli is the most authentic lifestyle I've ever experienced, the energy of the active volcano continuesly sending out smoke and surprising me with its power and sound is incredible, I woke up at 7.30 this morning for a quick yoga warm up followed by a 10 min meditation session I must admit it felt the most unique even If I've been through the same process elsewhere in the past there's something different the aura it's energy it's old school ways of the population and it's preserved nature all make for a unique experience. Could this be my next yoga retreat location ? How does life on a tiny island with an active volcano sound to you? 🇮🇹 Would you dare? #stromboli #mensyoga #fullsplits #yogisofig #rooftopyoga #traveling #yogi

Day 1 of the our yoga retreat has come to an end guess what we did ? Yoga, sunshine, greek food and tomorrow? Well... repeat of all the above 😄🤸 what y'all think about that? @amelietahiti @natalouyoga @manon_yoga @carolinerondet @yogacat_naturopathe @carolinetaylor06 @marion_d.c @tatianayoga

Okay if you've taken my class in the last couple of days you've seen and felt these movements , it's functional movement exercises I threw into and incorporated into the flow of asanas it's a very interesting way to move and honestly I really like it , it helps me tap into range of motion I didn't exactly knew was there or could even perform. The goal of these type of exercises is to promote proper alignment, mobility, stability and longevity , I'm definitely hyped up about throwing more of this stuff in class so more people get to understand it. This flow was inspired by @actionhiro thanks and nice hanging with you dude ! #functionalyoga #yogaflows #hips #newflow #paris

When you pay extra attention to detail 😉 Alittle late to the party but thank you @kindleggings @yogagivesback @yoga_with_kat @knitspirit @tatianayoga @urbansportsclubfr @lamaisonnomade @leyogascope @yoga_connect And everyone else who was there supporting the good cause i hope everyone's effort makes a difference for the better 📷 @anakaphotos #yogi #yogaassist #yogafestival

Hip mobility anyone ? Tune in this weekend for some serious hip work I'm exploring full frog pose something that I don't do myself very often but happy to bring to you via intelligent and creative sequencing that will bring a breath of fresh air the usual yoga routine. Come check me out ! Tomorrow @caeloyoga 12h45 @ommstudioparis Saturday : @yujyoga_studio 11h @parisyogashala 12h45 15h15 Sunday @ommstudioparis 11h @makemeyogaparis 12h30 17h 📷 @merithein

Here's an interesting way to hold on to a side fence 🐒 Inspiration ~ can be found via ourselves our self discovery, it can also come from other people's work, deep inside we all have a role model we look up to no matter how small or big "they" or "it"can be. Where do i get my inspiration from? i have to say it's an mixture of many different people many places and myself a combination of all that creates and brings the creative side in me which was never an easy part for me to tap into. Where do you draw your most creative inspiration from? 📷 @tatianayoga @dylanwerneryoga Thanks for the inspiration! #motivation #yogapractice #yogashorts #instayoga #yogateacher #yogalove #yogagram #yogajourney #yoga #yogaaday #yogaaddict #yogafit #yogaeverydamnday  #yogaeveryday #yogapose #meditation #yogadaily #yogainspiration #pose #yogachallenge #yogalife #yogaeverywhere #yogafun

Turn the sounds on ! 🎶 moving meditation of the day happy Thursday y'all Hope this post and post like this keep on inspiring us #flowyoga #yogaflow #yogisofig #parkyoga #paris #louvrepyramid #louvremuseum #vinyasa

Thanks to all the yogis who participated in yesterday's post winners will be announced in the upcoming days , big thanks to @kevita_europe for making it possible , in the mean time keep practicing wether is peacock downdog or meditation stay shining ! #peacockpose #homepracticeyoga #igyogis #yogachallenge #igchallenge #asana #yogafans #kevitakombuchas #yogaphoto #mensyoga